Top 156 Video Game Names for Boys and Girls

Top 156 Video Game Names for Boys and Girls

The commercial birth of gaming technology can be traced back to 1950. The mobile technology boom and the rise of streaming platforms have further revolutionized the industry and made it mainstream entertainment. Thus, pixel-powered colorful superstars have super-spies, brawlers, arch-villains, and redoubtable heroines who have become memorable and appealing in their way. Video game character names are convincing, funny, and unusual enough to inspire parents looking for the perfect name with suitable meanings. Read on to find your favorites that can make your child shine out in the crowd.

Naming a child can be a difficult task for most new parents. Instead of making it a stressful experience, you can choose perfect names for babies based on the specific category of themes. Once considered a fringe hobby for teens, Video games have permeated every aspect of social life, forming a new worldwide media subculture, including baby names. Modern innovations and interactive interfaces facilitate multiplayer games to create a community actively involved in networking, indulging in electronic sports and online competitions that offer a fun escape from the harsh realities of life. Apart from a good plot and fun gameplay, a good video game design requires solid and engaging character development. These good and evil forces represent whole platforms, and entire genres have become familiar to millions of players.

Needless to say, that the hearty plumber, battle-worn grunt, or cute farmyard animal of the older or latest versions of video games have made franchises become cultural icons and emblems of their respective eras. Love them or hate them, they represent the gaming universe that ignites fantasy and strikes fear among its players. Characters in computer games are attributed personalities based on their appearance and behavior. As an interpretation of their names can affect a child’s personality, parents must remember to choose names after careful thought.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or newbie, these incredible video game names can be a great source of inspiration for your baby girl or boy.

75 Best Video Game Baby Boy Names with Meanings

In case you’re expecting a baby boy and are keen on selecting a name of a gaming legend, this carefully assembled list of boy video game names can pay homage to your hobby and come to your aid.

1. Adonis

Adonis Otogari is a fictional character from the video game Ensemble Stars. This Greek name means exceptionally ‘good looking,’ ‘handsome.’

2. Akira

Akira in Japanese means’ bright,’ ‘clear,’ ‘ideal,’ and ‘the sun’ in Thai. Akira Nishikiyama appears in the Yakuza game.

3. Akuma

Akuma is a Japanese name, which means “devil” or “demon,” and it’s often used in reference to a powerful and fierce character. In the video game world, Akuma is a popular name for a villain or boss who players must defeat in order to progress. With its intense meaning, Akuma makes a bold and memorable choice for a baby boy.

4. Alucard

Alucard appears in the Castlevania series and means’ forever lasting’.

5. Alyx

Alyx in Greek means’ Helper; defender’ and ‘of a noble kind’ in its Germanic origin.

6. Ash

Ash is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise and means “happy, blessed child” and “ash tree town” in English.

7. Balrog

Balrog means “Demon of Might” in Sindarin. He is the boxer in Street Fighter II.

8. Banjo

Derived from the Kimbundu word mbanza, an African string instrument modeled after the Portuguese banza, Banjo Kazooie is a series of video games that feature Banjo.

9. Billy

This English name means “resolute protection.”

10. Blaze

Blaze is the protagonist of Blaze and The Monster Machine. This English name means ‘torch,’ ‘bright,’ and ‘flame.’

11. Bowser

The Norman greeting beu sire means “good sir” or “fine sir.” He is the main antagonist of Nintendo’s Mario franchise.

12. Cahir

Cahir is a unique name of Welsh origin and it means “battle king.” In video games, Cahir is often used for a strong and noble character who fights for justice and protects the kingdom. With its regal connotations, Cahir is a fitting name for a little prince who’s destined for greatness.

13. Cecil

Cecil Harvey is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy IV. Derived from the Welsh Seissylt, Cecil means “sixth child.”

14. Claude

Claude is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III. It means “lame; enclosure” in French.

15. Cloud

With its light and airy feel, Cloud is a great choice for a baby boy who is full of energy and enthusiasm. It means ‘free spirited’ and ‘versatile’ while in the video game world, Cloud is a popular name for a hero who wields a sword and battles against evil. This name is a perfect balance of fun and strength, making it a great choice for a video game baby boy.

16. Cortez

Cortéz is a Spanish or Portuguese name derived from the Old French meaning “courteous” or “polite.” Cortez appears in TimeSplitters 2.

17. Corvo

Corvo comes from the Italian “Corvo,” or Latin “Corvus,” meaning “raven.” He appears in the Dishonored series.

18. Cullen

Cullen has an Irish and Gaelic origin and means “good-looking lad; handsome.” In Irish, it means ‘holly tree.’

19. Dante

Dante appears in Devil May Cry. It comes from the Italian name Durante, which means “lasting, enduring.”

20. Desmond

Desmond is an Anglicization of the Irish Deas-Mhumhna referring to “man from south Munster.”

21. Devlin

This name of Irish and Gaelic origin means “fierce courage” or ‘brave.’ He is the main character in The Saboteur.

22. Drake

Drake is a fictional character of the Uncharted video game series. It comes from the Old English byname Draca, meaning ‘snake’ or ‘dragon.’

23. Duke

This Latin name means ‘leader.’

24. Eddy

This character from the Tekken series has an English name that means “wealthy spear or protector.”

25. Edward

In its Old English origin, Edward means ‘wealth,’ ‘fortune,’ or ‘prosperous’ and wear, meaning ‘guardian’ or ‘protector.’

26. Ezio

Derived from Greek “aetos,” Ezio means “eagle.” Ezio is a character in Assasin’s Creed.

27. Faust

This Latin name means “fortunate, enjoying good luck.”

28. Feilong

The Chinese dragon name Feilong combines fei meaning “fly; flying; hover; flutter” and long “dragon.”

29. Fulgore

Fulgore is a character in the Killer Instinct series. A variant of Italian ‘Folgore’ or Fulmine, Fulgore means ‘lightning’ in English.

30. Garrett

Derived from Germanic Gerhard, Garrett is composed of elements gÄ “r or gār (meaning ‘spear’) and hard (‘brave,’ ‘hard’ or ‘strong’). Garrett appears in the game series Thief.

31. Gouken

Gouken is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series. It comes from the Japanese word “Gōken,” meaning ‘Strong Fist.’

32. Gray

This Old English name means “gray-haired” or ‘grey-bearded.’ He is a fictional character in Metal Gear Series.

33. Guy

Guy means “guide, leader” in French. He appears in Final Fight.

34. Hajime

Hajime in Japanese means’ beginning’.

35. Harvey

Old English and Old French name means “eager for battle; strong and worthy.”

36. Haseo

Haseo in Japanese means’ terror of death.’

37. Haytham

This Arabic given name means “young eagle” or “young hawk.” He appears in Assasin’s Creed.

38. Ike

Ike in Hebrew means “laughter” and is a character in Fire Emblem.

39. Illidan

Illidan Stormrage appears in the Warcraft series of video games. It means ‘the damned’ in Albanian.

40. Iori

Iori in Japanese means “hermitage, retreat.” Iori is a character in ‘the King of Fighters.’

41. Isaac

Derived from the Hebrew Yitzhak, Isaac means “one who laughs” or “one who rejoices.” Isaac appears in Dead Space.

42. Jace

This Hebrew diminutive of Jason means “the Lord is salvation.” It means “healer” in Greek.

43. Jack

Jack means “healthy, strong, full of vital energy” in its Celtic origin. It means ‘health’ in Welsh. Jack is a fictional character in the video game series Mass Effect.

44. James

This classic boy’s name comes from the Hebrew name Jacob and means “supplanter,” ‘one who follows.’

45. Jin

This Japanese name means ‘Tenderness,’ “Gold” in Chinese, and “Truth” in Korean. He appears in the Tekken game series.

46. Joel

Joel means ‘Yahweh is God’ in Hebrew.

47. Kanji

Kanji is a Japanese name, which means “writing characters,” and it’s often used in reference to a character with a strong connection to the written word. In video games, Kanji is a popular name for a wise and knowledgeable character who serves as a mentor or guide to the player. With its thoughtful connotations, Kanji is a great choice for a baby boy who’s destined to be a wise and learned adult.

48. Kano

This boy’s name of Japanese, African origin means “the god of the waters.”

49. Kefka

Kefka in Japanese means’ clown god’.

50. King

This English name means ‘monarch.’

51. Kratos

Kratos in Greek means’ Strength’.

52. Leon

Part of the Resident Evil franchise, Leon, means “lion” in Greek.

53. Leoric

Originating with the mad King Leoric in the Diablo game franchise, this English name means ‘He is like a Lion.’

54. Link

Link is a simple yet powerful name has been a staple of the video game world for decades. It means ‘connection’ and ‘empathy’, in video games it’s often used for a hero who must travel through dangerous lands to save the world from evil. With its adventurous connotations, Link is a great choice for a baby boy who’s ready for anything life throws his way.

55. Marcus

Ancient Roman pre-Christian origin comes from Etruscan Marce, referring to ‘the god Mars.’

56. Mario

Mario is a boy’s name of Spanish, Italian origin means “Mars.”

57. Max

Derived from Latin- Maxmillan, this boy’s name of German, English, Aboriginal origin means “greatest.”

58. Maximo

Maximo is a Spanish name, that means “the greatest,” and it’s often used for a powerful and confident character. In video games, Maximo is a popular name for a hero who must overcome obstacles and defeat enemies to save the day. With its powerful meaning, Maximo is a great choice for a baby boy who’s destined for greatness.

59. Nathan

Nathan in Hebrew means “gift of God.”

60. Noctis

Latin “Noctis” means ‘of the night.’

61. Parappa

Parappa is a quirky name that means ‘paper-thin’ or ‘something that easily fits in’ and it is taken from the popular video game “Parappa the Rapper.” In the game, Parappa is a hip-hop loving pup who must rap his way through various challenges. With its fun and playful connotations, Parappa is a great choice for a baby boy who’s full of energy and personality.

62. Rayman

Related to the Spanish name Ramon, the meaning of Rayman is ‘form of Raymond’ or “Guards wisely.”

63. Rufus

Rufus means ‘red-haired’ and is a short and sweet name that is often used for a quirky and quirky character. In video games, Rufus is a popular name for a comedic sidekick who provides some comic relief. With its lighthearted connotations, Rufus is a great choice for a baby boy who’s always up for a good laugh.

64. Ryu

Ryu means ‘dragon’ in Japanese. Ryu Hayabusa is the protagonist in the Ninja Gaiden series.

66. Scorpion

Derived from Old French scorpion, Italian Scorpione, or Latin Scorpius, this name comes from the Proto-Indo-European root(s) ker- meaning “to cut.”

67. Shepard

Shepard refers to a ‘sheep herder’ and belongs to the lead character in Mass Effect.

68. Squall

Squall means ‘sudden change in weather’ or ‘a short-lived commotion’, it is a unique name that is often used for a brooding and mysterious character. In video games, Squall is a popular name for a loner who must come out of his shell and work with others to save the world. With its intriguing connotations, Squall is a great choice for a baby boy who’s destined to be a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

69. Tidus

Tidus is a Japanese name, which means ‘sun’. It is a charming name which is inspired from the popular video game “Final Fantasy X.” In the game, Tidus is a cheerful and adventurous hero who travels through time and space to save the world. With its adventurous connotations, Tidus is a great choice for a baby boy who’s always ready for a new adventure.

70. Vyse

Vyse is a unique name which means ‘someone who resides near geographical boundaries’, taken from the popular video game “Skies of Arcadia.” In the game, Vyse is a daring and adventurous hero who travels the skies in

71. Wolf

Wolf is a strong and powerful name which is often used for a wild and adventurous character. In video games, Wolf is a popular name for a hero who must harness his animal instincts to save the world. With its fierce connotations, Wolf is a great choice for a baby boy who’s destined to be a force to be reckoned with.

72. Xayah

Xayah means “sincere” or “honest” in Turkish.

73. Yoshi

Yoshi is a name of Japanese origin which means ‘respectful’ and ‘good’. It is a cute and playful name taken from the popular video game “Super Mario Bros.” In the game, Yoshi is a friendly and helpful dinosaur who helps Mario on his adventures. With its charming connotations, Yoshi is a great choice for a baby boy who’s always up for a good time.

74. Yuri

Yuri means ‘farmer’ in Russian and ‘Reason,’ ‘Lily,’ or ‘Village’ in Japanese.

75. Zidan

Zidan is a unique name having an Arabic origin and it means “abundance.” In video games, Zidan is often used for a powerful and wealthy character who uses his resources to help others. With its generous connotations, Zidan is a great choice for a baby boy who’s destined to be a philanthropist and a friend to all.


75 Perfect Video Game Baby Girl Names with Meanings

The female protagonists are becoming a part of a growing trend in video games today and becoming masterpieces of character design. This awe-inspiring pool of Video game names for girls can help new parents looking for beautiful and creative names for their little angel.

1. Ada

Derived from the German name Adelaide or Adalheidis, its root word adal means “noble.”

2. Aerith

Aerith is the Japanese transliteration of the English word ‘Earth.’ Aerith Gainsborough is a lead character in Final Fantasy.

3. Alma

Alma in Latin means ‘nurturing soul.’

4. Annabella

This Spanish name means “loving.” It may have come from Hebrew Anna, meaning ‘grace,’ and French belle, meaning ‘beauty.’

5. Aqua

A short form of Aquamarine, aqua- comes from Latin, meaning “water.”

6. Athena

This Greek mythological name is derived from the city name Athens. Athena was the goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, mathematics, and courage.

7. Auriel

This name of Latin origin means “gold.”

8.  Ayame

Ayame is a Japanese name meaning “iris”, referencing the character Ayame from the video game series “Tenchu”. A sweet name with a touch of mystery, it makes for a perfect female video game name.

9. Bayonetta

A bayonet is a blade adapted to fit the muzzle end used as a weapon in close combat. Stunning Bayonetta from “Bayonetta” video game stands out by killing both angels and demons.

10. Billie

Billie is the cunning and deceptive assassin in the Dishonored series. Derived from the Old High German name, Willahelm means ‘resolute protection.’

11. Bonnie

This Scottish name means “beautiful, cheerful.”

12. Brigitte

This French name comes from the ancient Irish Brighid and means’ strength or exalted one”.

13. Chandra

This traditional name of Indian origin means ‘moon.’ Chandra Nalaar appears in Magic: The Gathering.

14. Chloe

Chloe in Greek means “young green shoot.” She is the goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter.

15. Ciri

A variation of Spanish Cira or Greek Cyrilla, Ciri means “mistress.”

16. Clementine

This French feminine version of Latin Clement means ‘mild, merciful.’

17. Cortana

Cortana means ‘halo’ and is a name inspired by the AI character in the “Halo” video game series. A unique name for a tech-savvy baby girl.

18. Daena

A variant of Old English, Dana, Daena means “from Denmark.”

19. Daisy

This fresh and energetic English name for flowers means ‘day’s eye.’

20. Daphne

In Greek mythology, Daphne was the nymph daughter of Peneus, a river god. It means ‘laurel tree’ or ‘bay tree’ in Greek.

21. Darlet

Darlet means ‘unique’ and ‘rare’, it is a name referencing the character Darlet from the video game “World of Warcraft”. A rare and spunky name that’s sure to stand out.

22. Elena

This pan-European version of Helen has roots in Spanish, Italian, Slavic, and Romanian languages. It comes from the Greek word Helene, meaning “torch.”

23. Ellie

Derived from the Hebrew element ‘el’ meaning ‘god’ and ‘or’ indicating light, Ellie in Greek means “Shining light.”

24. Epona

Epos means “horse,” and the suffix “-ona” means “on.” Epona was the Celtic goddess of horses and appeared in “The Legend of Zelda.”

25. Etna

Etna means ‘fun’, ‘quirky’ and ‘playful’, referencing the character Etna from the video game “Disgaea”. A playful and quirky name that’s perfect for a fun-loving baby girl.

26. Eva

Eva is the Latin form of Hebrew Eve, meaning ‘life.’

27. Felicia

Felicia in Latin means ‘lucky.’

28. Freya

A supporting character in the video game ‘God of War,’ Freya comes from the Old German frouwa, meaning “lady.”

29. Hildegard

Hildegard in German means ‘comrade in arms’.

30. Ivy

Ivy came from the Old English word ifig and was considered a symbol of fidelity by ancient Greeks.

31. Jaine

Jaine appears in the game World of Warcraft. Jaine in Hebrew means’ gift from god’.

32. Jaheira

Jaheira is a Middle-Eastern name which means ‘strong’, ‘unique’. It references the character Jaheira from the video game series “Baldur’s Gate”. A strong and unique name with Middle Eastern roots.

33. Junko

Junko is a fictional character in the Danganronpa series. This name means ‘obedient’ or ‘pure’ in Japanese.

34. Kairi

Kairi in Japanese means’ sea’. She is the main female character in Kingdom Hearts.

35. Kassandra

Kassandra appears in Assassin’s Creed. It means ‘she who fills men with love’ in Greek.

36. Kasumi

Kasumi is a ninja in the Dead or Alive series. This Japanese name means ‘mist.’

37. Kat

Kat is the diminutive for Greek Katherine, meaning ‘pure.’

38. Kirsten

This name is of Scandinavian origin and means’ follower of the Christ.’

39. Kitana

Kitana is a name which means ‘skilled in the martial arts’. It is a popular name referencing the character Kitana from the “Mortal Kombat” video game series. A classic and elegant name with a touch of martial arts flair.

40. Lara

Lara in Russian means’ protection’.

41. Liara

Liara in Hebrew means “beautiful star” or “my light.” Dr. Liara T’Soni appears in the Mass Effect games.

42. Liliana

Derived from the Latin word ‘lilium’ or ‘lilion,’ meaning ‘lily’ in English, Liliana means ‘pure’ and ‘innocent.’

43. Lucina

Derived from Latin lucus meaning “grove” and lux “light,” Lucina means ‘grove’ or ‘light’ as per Roman mythology.

44. Mei

Mei in Chinese and Hawaiin means ‘beautiful.’

45. Mercy

Mercy in English means’ compassion’.

46. Mileena

Mileena is a character that appears in the video game Mortal Kombat II and means “love, warmth, grace.”

47. Mona

This name of Irish and Gaelic origin means “noble or aristocratic.”

48. Morrigan

Morrigan in Irish means’ phantom queen’.

49. Navi

Navi in Hebrew means ‘to name.’

50. Nilin

Nilin is a name of Sanskrit origin and it means ‘peaceful’. It is also a unique name referencing the protagonist from the video game “Remember Me”. A unique and memorable name with a futuristic vibe.

51. Peach

Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom in the Mario franchise

52. Pearl

This magnificent name comes from the English word pearl, a complex, roundish object produced within the soft tissue of a living, shelled mollusk.

53. Phoenix

This Greek name means ‘dark red.’ This character appears in the Japanese video game series Ace Attorney.

54. Raiden

This Japanese name means “thunder and lightning.”

55. Rayne

Rayne is a name of Scandinavian origin, which means ‘counsel’ and helpful friend’. It is a standout name referencing the protagonist from the video game series “BloodRayne”. A spunky and rebellious name that’s sure to turn heads.

56. Regina

Regina in Latin means ‘queen.’

57. Reiko

Reiko in Japanese means’ pretty child’.

58. Rikku

The Japanese Rikku is one of the lead characters of the “Final Fantasy” video game series. It means ‘land,’ or ‘continent.’

59. Rinoa

Rinoa is a name which means ‘fantasy’ and ‘magic. As a name, it references the character Rinoa from the video game “Final Fantasy VIII”. A sweet and gentle name with a touch of fantasy magic.

60. Rydia

Rydia means ‘sophisticated’ and ‘fire’, referencing the character Rydia from the video game “Fire Emblem”. A unique and sophisticated name with a touch of fire.

61. Rynn

This diminutive of Katherine is an English form of Greek name meaning ‘pure.’

62. Sakura

Sakura in Japanese means’ cherry blossom’.

63. Samantha

Samantha in Hebrew means ‘told by God.’

64. Shantae

Shantae means ‘playful’, referencing the protagonist from the video game series “Shantae”. A fun and playful name that’s perfect for a baby girl with a sense of adventure.

65. Sora

Sora in Japanese and Korean means’ conch shell’ or ‘sky.’

66. Taki

Taki is a fun Japanese name which means ‘falling water’. It references the character Taki from the “Soulcalibur” video game series. A strong and unique name with a touch of Japanese heritage.

67. Tira

Tira means ‘village’ in Hebrew and is derived from the Norse God Tyr, the god of war and justice.

68. Tristina

Tristana is a classic name which means ‘dynamic’ and ‘sensitive’. It is a standout name referencing the character Tristana from the video game “League of Legends”. A confident and charismatic name that’s sure to make a statement.

69. Valentine

Jill Valentine is a fictional character in the Resident Evil video game. Valentine comes from the Latin word Valens, meaning “strong and healthy.”

70. Vanille

Vanille is a name that means ‘aspirational’ and it references he character Vanille from the video game “Final Fantasy XIII”. A sweet and gentle name with a touch of fantasy magic.

71. Vella

This American name is a variant of Bella, meaning ‘beautiful.’

72. Wynn

Wynn appears in “Dragon Age.” This Welsh name means ‘Fair, White, and Blessed.’

73. Yennefer

Yennefer is a name which means ‘strong’ and ‘confident’. It is a popular reference to the character Yennefer from the video game series “The Witcher”. A strong and confident name with a touch of magic and mystery.

74. Yuna

Yuna means ‘moon’ or ‘night’ in Japanese.

75. Zelda

This name of German origin means ‘Gray Battle’ or ‘Strong Woman.’

5 Gender-Neutral Video Game Names For Babies

As video game culture continues to rise, it’s not surprising that parents are looking for unique and creative names inspired by their favourite games. Here are 5 gender-neutral video game names that are perfect for your baby.

1. Alex

Alex is a name of Greek origins which means “defender” or “helper”. In the world of video games, Alex Mercer from Prototype is a popular reference. This name works great as a gender-neutral name for a future video game fanatic.

2. Hainly

Hainly as a name is a unique spin on the word “hail”, which means “greeting of respect.” It’s also the name of the character Hainly Abrams in the game Mass Effect Andromeda. This name will give your baby a cool and unique touch, perfect for a future video game character.

3. Jayce

Jayce is a name which is derived from the name “Jason” and means “healer”. In video games, Jayce from League of Legends is a well-known character. This name is perfect for a baby who will grow up to have a healing touch, not only in the gaming world but also in real life.

4. Raven

Raven as a name is inspired by the bird of the same name and means “secret”. In video games, Raven is a popular character in the Tekken series. This mysterious and dark name is perfect for a baby who will grow up to be a master of secrets and tactics, both in real life and in the gaming world.

5. Samus

Samus as a name has Greek roots, which means “to learn”. In the video game world, Samus Aran from the Metroid series is a popular reference. This name is perfect for a baby who will grow up to be a lifelong learner, in real life as well as the gaming world.

6. Sunny

Sunny as a name means “cheerful and bright.” In video games, Sunny Emmerich from Metal Gear Solid is a popular reference. This name is perfect for a baby who will bring happiness and brightness to everyone around them.

All these names are great gender-neutral options and will inspire your baby to be the hero in their own story, both in real life and in the gaming world!

Characterization in video games has come a long way. Writers have shifted from stereotypical 2D action heroes, offensive caricatures, clumsy sidekicks, exaggerated and hypersexualized women towards painting stronger characters that make players empathize with their dilemmas. Hence, naming a child after a video game character can motivate them to take an interest in playing them. It can also teach them high-level thinking skills, act as a stress-relieving mechanism and enhance problem-solving abilities. There is also a potential that they will emulate characters who shape their personalities in the future.

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