80 Creative Names For Boys & Girls

Choosing a baby name is a daunting task, and these days parents consider a lot of factors before deciding upon one. For some, the meaning of the selected name is essential, and for others, names inspired by celebrities. Most parents prefer to pick a name for their baby boy or girl that is different and has a bit of creativity in it. These names are inspired and drawn from the field of music, art, design, fashion, or literature. We have compiled a comprehensive list of names for baby boys and girls that are creative and yet surprising in some aspects. Evaluate and pick one for your baby.

Creative Baby Names For Boys

1. Abdual

It comes from the Arabic name ‘Abdul,’ which refers to a creative person who is helpful and independent in thoughts and deeds.

2. Ace

Well, it may sound like a nickname for many, but this cool baby boy’s name is different. It means ‘one who excels.’

3. Adwin

This African origin name means ‘artist or individual.’ This cute sounding name will be ideal for your baby boy.

4. Ajantha

It is the name of a famous Buddhist cave in India. The name has a spiritual essence to it and is commonly referred to as creativity.

5. Amantra

It is an Italian name for baby boys. Bring the traits of versatility and creativity to your child with this name.

6. Andreas

This Greek name for boys comes from the name ‘Andrew.’ The name refers to a person who is brave, manly, and creative.

7. Ansel

It is a German name meaning ‘God’s protection.’ It is a name that sounds chic and creative.

8. Arlen

It is a Gaelic origin name that is pronounced as ‘AR-len.’ It refers to a person with an analytical and creative mind.

9. Awden

It is a nice name for parents who love poetry, as W.H. Auden was a famous American poet of the 20th century.

10. Avahul

You want your baby boy to grow as an imaginative, creative, and charming individual. It refers to a person who cannot be defeated.

11. Arrow

It is a creative name that may not be very common these days. It is an English name that refers to a projectile fired from a bow.

12. Amedeo

It is an Italian name for boys. The name is associated with a famous painter and makes a recommended creative name.

13. Badih

It is an Arabic word that refers to a person who is creative and witty with words. The name means ‘able to improvise.’

14. Baldeep

It is an Indian word that means ‘lamp of strength.’ A person with this name is creative and idealistic.

15. Dekle

It is an English baby name that refers to a leader. It means ‘a person with numerous creative talents.’

16. Delancey

It is a unisex name and is also a place in France. It means a person who is unique and creative in traits.

17. Finn

It is a Scandinavian origin name that refers to ‘fair, white and creative.’

18. Gravadain

The name refers to a person who loves to explore the world and try out new things all the time. The person is creative and has a unique approach to life.

19. Hendrix

It is a name that stems from Henry. It is German origin name and popularly associated with the solo guitarist.

20. Jim

Here is another pick from popular creative boy names. People with this name are helpful, adventurous, and creative by habit.

21. Jinadev

People with this name are full of energy and creativity. It means ‘victory of the lord.’

22. Jojo

If you want your boy to be full of high inspirations and courage, then it will be the right choice. People with this name are creative and original.

23. Jourdon

People with this name are the ones with leadership qualities. They grow up as individuals who are creative, courageous, and brilliant.

24. Karter

It is a perfect name for baby boys and is spelt with ‘k’ and not ‘c’, and this makes it more fun and creative.

25. Leonardo

It is a Spanish-Italian origin name that means ‘brave lion.’ For centuries this name was associated with the Italian painter, scientist, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

26. Lionel

It is a popular name in English and French languages. It is a Latin word that means ‘young lion.’

27. Maverick

It is an American name that means ‘independent and creative.’ The name was made famous by Tom Cruise in the movie ‘Top Gun.’

28. Miles

It is a Latin name that is popular in England. It means ‘solider or merciful.’ It is another choice for a creative name for baby boys.

29. Nasappa

If you are looking for innovative boy names, then this will be the right choice. It refers to a person who is energetic and creative.

30. Oxford

Now here is a name that is ‘different’ by all standards. This English origin name is well known the world over as the famous University.

31. Oudia

Here is another name that is unique and has a distinct sound to it. It means a person with a good imagination and creativity.

32. Orang

Are you searching for a name for your baby boy that refers to intelligence and creativity? Orang is a good choice.

33. Picasso

The name is of Spanish origin, and you can try the ‘Pablo’ as well as the derivative.

34. Prince

It is a Latin name, and it means ‘a royal son.’ It was also the name of a popular and creative singer who sang the famous song ‘Purple Rain.’

35. Roald

The name is of Norwegian origin, and it means ‘famous ruler.’ It refers to a person who is ‘creative and famous.’

36. Rihon

Here is a name that is steady in popularity all these years. It signifies a person who is creative and restless.

37. Riordan

It is an Irish name that means ‘little royal poet.’ The bestselling author in America, Rick Riordan, is the famous name bearer.

38. Sebastian

The name comes from Latin, and it means ‘revered.’ It is also the name of the twin brother of Viola in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

39. Thor

It is a Norse origin name that means ‘thunder.’ Parents who are huge pop culture fans will love this creative name for boys.

40. Zackery

It comes from the Hebrew word ‘Zekharyah,’ which means ‘God has remembered.’ The sound and the feel of the name is truly unique.

Creative Baby Names For Girls

Creative Baby Names For Girls

1. Aaliyah

The name has an Arabic origin that means ‘high or exalted.’ It is the feminine version of Aali. There may a slight variation in the way it is spelt.

2. Abra

Another name that sounds soft and sensitive, Abra, is derived from the name Abraham. It is a creative name for your baby girl.

3. Anais

It is a unique and exotic girl’s name. The French-born American novelist and diarist is the name bearer.

4. Aria

It is a name with the dual origin both in Italian and Hebrew. The name has a musical feel to it, and it refers to air that denotes a melody.

5. Armelle

It is a Celtic origin name. The sound of the name is different and appealing. You will be proud of picking a name that pretty and creative.

6. Ariana

You can also associate this name with the pop icon Ariana Grande. The name has a Greek origin, and it means ‘very holy.’

7. Brynlee

Here is a name that is rather uncommon, and that is its appeal. It refers to a person who is artistic, talented, and sophisticated.

8. Bronte

The name has a Greek origin, and it means ‘thunder.’ It is also the surname of the three novel-writing sisters.

9. Beatrix

Here is a German name for your baby girl that means ‘blessed.’

10. Cybil

Here is a cool name for a baby girl that means ‘soothsayer.’

11. Calliope

Here is a name that is creatively inspired form music. It means ‘beautifully voiced.’ Calliope was one of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology.

12. Cerulean

It is a unisex name that is more popular for baby girls. It refers to a shade that falls between azure and a darker sky blue.

13. Daisy

This name sounds adorable and makes a creative name for a baby girl. It is trendy and exciting too.

14. Electra

It is a Greek name for baby girls that means ‘sparkling.’ The name can be a brilliant choice for your little princess.

15. Elia

It is a common name in Hebrew, Italian, and Zuni. It means ‘God has answered.’

16. Everly

Although it is a unisex name but is more preferred for baby girls and it makes a creative choice. The name refers to being healthy and brave.

17. Eden

It is a Hebrew name that means ‘paradise.’ The name will gather all appreciation from family and friends.

18. Etta

It is a French moniker that means ‘keeper of the household.’ It is a creative girl’s name.

19. Fleur

The name has a French origin, and it means ‘flower.’ There is a probability that this name may not be heard of in your community.

20. Gaia

The name comes from Greek mythology and refers to earth goddess or universal mother. She was the mother of Titans and Cyclopes.

21. Georgia

It is a feminine form of the masculine name ‘George.’ The name sounds lush and vibrant.

22. Hadley

This British name means ‘heather meadow.’ It is a popular name that everyone will love.

23. Harper

Originally the name referred to a person who played the harp. The name became trendy after a few famous name bearers.

24. Ianthe

If you are searching for a floral name, here is it. It refers to a purple flower.

25. Isla

The name has a Scottish origin and refers to a river in the region. The name has quite a few famous names, bearers.

26. January

This name has a distinct appeal and will suit your daughter the most.

27. Juniper

Parents looking for a name that is fashionable and yet classic, then Juniper will be a good option.  It is a Latin name that means ‘evergreen.’

28. Keats

The name has an English origin. The famous poet is the name bearer, and it suggests a few more names that you may consider like Eliot, Lorca, etc.

29. Kesey

If you are looking for a name that is creative and literary, this name will emerge as a preference. It means ‘brave in battle.’

30. Lulu

This name has an American Indian origin, and it means ‘a bunny.’

31. Mae

Here is another one from the list of cute creative names for girls. It is a derivative of ‘Mary.’

32. Musetta

It is a feminine French name that means ‘little muse.’ It is also a form of dance and an antique musical instrument.

33. Nova

Here is a name that sounds fresh and energetic. It refers to a star that suddenly increases its brightness and then gradually fades.

34. Nettles

It is the name of British origin and also the name of the place there. Here is another original and a different name for baby girls.

35. Ocean

For the parents who are nature lovers and searching for a creative name, this will be the right choice. The name signifies ‘vastness and might.’

36. Perla

It is a Latin name that means ‘pearl.’ It is a beautiful name for your baby girl.

37. Simone

It is a Hebrew name that is popular in English speaking cultures. It means ‘one who hears.’

38. Stella

Stella is a Greek name that means ‘star.’ Your daughter will love this name as she grows up.

39. Zadie

It is another one from the list of innovative girl names. It is an English name that means ‘princess.’ In Greek mythology, the mother of Zeus is Zadie.

40. Zandra

Zandra is the feminine form of Alexander. It means ‘defender of mankind.’ The name is rarely heard and has an element of creativity to it.

So, this was the list of most creative names for your baby boys and girls. These are names that draw admiration from all.

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