Top 55 Girl Names Starting With Bri

55 Girl Names Starting With Bri

Congratulations! Amidst all the celebration and elation for the newfound member of your family, you and your partner might be fussing over which name is perfect for your little princess! When it comes to names, every parent has a different thought, some prefer names that are common and easy to pronounce. While some of us prefer names that are unique and unheard of; some are so fascinated with another character, be it an actor or some other role model that it inspires us to go with that name! So, here we present you with 55 classic baby girl names that start with ‘Bri.’

55 Girl Names Beginning With Bri With Meanings

Below mentioned are the baby girl names that begin with Bri!

1. Bri

The origin of this cute and classic name is not clear, some claim it to be Irish, some Celtic, and some Gaelic! However, the name is short, sweet, and stands for someone who is high, noble or exalted!

2. Bria

Another variant of the name Bri, Bria also is an Irish cum Celtic cum Gaelic origin name. It means noble.

3. Briah

This cute and short girl’s name stands for ‘a woman of huge strength.’

4. Briahna

Briahna has a tint of elegance and a modern-ish vibe. The name means ‘a strong and high woman.’

5. Briahnna

This girl’s name stands for ‘a strong, noble lady.’

6. Brianna

A strong Celtic origin name, that is the feminine version of the name Brian. The meaning of the name Brianna is ‘someone who is strong and fierce.’

7. Briallan

Sounding similar to brilliance, the name Brillian means ‘a noblewoman from the hill.’

8. Briallen

A sweet Welsh origin name that means ‘a primrose.’ The name promises to spread pale yellow sunshine during early spring!

9. Brian

This name fits well with both genders and sounds pleasant to the ears. It means ‘noble’ and ‘high.’

10. Briana

Briana is a cute girl’s name meaning ‘a noblewoman who lives in the hills.’

11. Brianagh

A long variant of the name Briana, the name stands for ‘a noblewoman from the hills.’

12. Brianda

This Spanish origin name sounds exotic to ears! Don’t you agree? Brianda means a person who is noble. Make sure that you pronounce it correctly bree-AHN-dah.

13. Briann

This classic Celtic origin name although unisex is more common with girls! The name Briann suggests someone who is of strong build.

14. Brianne

Brianne is quite a popular name among parents. It means ‘she is ascending.’

15. Briannah

Again, a Celtic origin name, Briannah is someone who is strong and fierce! A cute nickname of Bri would sound well with this one!

16. Briannika

This unique and wonderful-sounding girl’s name means ‘she has great strength.’

17. Briannon

If you are looking for a name that reflect brilliance and success, Briannon is an ideal choice. The name means ‘she is on her way up.’

18. Briar

An English origin name, Briar means ‘a thorny patch.’ The cute name Briar Rose will surely remind you of the fairy tale romance of the Sleeping Beauty!

19. Briauna

A slightly twisted variation of Brianna, Briauna is an Irish origin name. Briauna means strong and noble.

20. Brice

This peppy and cool girl’s name means ‘swift’, ‘noble’, and ‘ambitious.’

21. Bricheve

A slightly unconventional name, Bricheve is an English name! Bricheve means ‘to receive a blessing.’

22. Brichheve

Brichheve is a bold and strong choice meaning ‘to be blessed.’

23. Brichtiua

This name is perfect for parents looking for a unique name for their daughter. Brichtiua is an old English name for girls and means ‘bright.’

24. Brichtled

Brichtled is a British origin name, that’s not very common these days. So if you want to go for a name that will make your daughter stand apart from the crowd then go ahead, this one is for you! The name means ‘hardworking.’

25. Brichtrede

A Scottish origin name, Brichtrede which means ‘bright and strong.’ This name was once common in all of Scotland and Britain!

26. Bricia

All the way from Spain, this exotic name is perfect for cute baby girls! Bricia means ‘a very strong woman.’

27. Brida

A cute Irish origin name meaning ‘a woman with great strength and courage.’

28. Briez

Sounding similar to breeze, the name Briez means ‘gentle wind.’

29. Brighid

Brighid is an Irish origin name that was derived from the word bright which means ‘power, strength, vigour and virtue.’

30. Brion

Brion is a beautiful baby name with loads of oomph to it. It means ‘noble’ and ‘strong.’

31. Brit

This beautiful and playful name would bring a wide grin on anyone who hears it. Brit means ‘spotted’ and ‘freckled.’

32. Brittany

Once a popular name, Brittany means ‘from Britain.’ A cute nickname of Britt will go well with this name.

33. Brittainy

A British origin name that’s a classic variation of the name Brittany.

34. Bridget

A classic Irish origin name meaning ‘one who possesses immense power and strength.’ This name is quite popular in German and Scandinavian countries, due to the popularity of Saint Bridget of Sweden.

35. Bridgette

Bridgette is a Gaelic cum Irish origin name meaning ‘an exalted one.’ Bridgette is a cute feminine name that would be perfect for young baby girls!

36. Bridie

Derived from the famous Irish origin name Brighid, Bridie means ‘the one who possesses immense strength and power.’

37. Brie

A classic Latin cum French origin name that means ‘marshland.’

38. Brieana

An exotic Celtic origin name that means ‘a woman who possesses extreme strength.’

39. Briegh

A cute and feminine Irish cum Gaelic origin name, that means ‘high or noble.’

40. Briella

There is something about Italian names! If you agree then you would love this one too! A classic Italian origin name meaning ‘God is my strength.’

41. Brienda

Quite an unconventional name for a girl, Brienda means ‘an open one!’

42. Brienne

A cute feminine name that comes from Celtic origin! Brienna means ‘a noble-born lady who possesses great strength.’

43. Brier

A cute English name that essentially means ‘a lady like a small rose with prickly thorns.’

44. Brietta

An English cum Gaelic origin name meaning ‘a thorny bush of wild roses.’

45. Brigette

An exotic French origin name meaning ‘strength.’

46. Brighton

If travelling places fascinate you then why not name your daughter after one? Brighton is the name of a village near the bridge in Britain!

47. Brighde

A classic feminine name that sounds refreshing as against the other popular names! Brighde means ‘a powerful and strong woman.’

48. Brina

A cute Irish origin name that means ‘a noble one.’ Brina would surely remind you of the popular name Sabrina!

49. Brinda

An Indian origin name that means ‘of the basil plant.’

50. Brioni

Brioni is a sweet name that originates from the beautiful country of Greece. Brioni in Greek is the name of a flowering vine that is used in folk medicine.

51. Britne

A British origin name that means ‘from Britain.’

52. Brilane

An English origin name that essentially means ‘one who is from Brigham Lane.’

53. Brinley

An English origin name that means ‘burnt meadow.’

54. Brilynn

A cute feminine English origin name that means ‘a woman who shines bright.’

55. Britt

A classic Scandinavian origin name, meaning ‘exalted.’

Hope you find the name that’s perfect for your daughter from the above list!

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