Top 150 Nicknames for Hannah & Their Meanings

150 Nicknames for Hannah & Their Meanings

Why call your beloved baby by their full name when you can make up something quick and communicate that you care about them? Nicknames are the shortened forms of the given name that can be extremely versatile and fun at most times. Sometimes you can even add the chopped prefix or suffix, or insert a noun or adjective to enhance the sentiment and cutesiness of a pet name. A formal name is thus less personal than an informal or a nickname mostly used in private settings. It is used when writing for professional or academic purposes and does not use contractions. Choosing nicknames, however, often defy logic or rational thinking. They’re meant to express your affection for your beloved child. The two-syllable length of Hannah is perfect to differentiate it from the middle name before introducing a person to the last name. The combination of them all makes this name very versatile yet unique.

Nicknames are a form of endearment and can be used to express the intimacy of the relationship with our child. Nicknames may or may not always make sense at all. We must be careful that any nicknames we keep are not awkward, embarrassing, or disgrace your child. When it comes to finding suitable nicknames, there are plenty of flattering choices for a simple and sweet name like Hannah. Cute nicknames for Hannah can express your affection perfectly. This traditional name with a beautiful biblical story behind can have endearing nickname options to go with it. Hannah is a predominantly female name among the Christian-speaking countries of the world.

Meaning and Origin of Hannah

Hannah is a romanized form of the Hellenized Hebrew name Channah which means ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’ Made by root words “h-n-n,” Hannah can be translated as “God has favored me.” Even though this Hebrew name has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent decades, its root can be traced back to the Bible. Hannah was the name of Elkanah’s wife and mother of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament. Hannah consisted of the admirable quality of being persistent, which lends this character a certain degree of reliability. Used in Christianity and Judaism, this classic name continues to wow parents with her winning mix of biblical roots and a gentle voice. The masculine version of Hannah is Hanniel, which is not as common as its feminine counterpart. Being free of excessive syllables or frilly fluff, this simple and beautiful name has easy spelling and pronunciation, making it very popular.

The modern spelling ‘Hannah’ has evolved from the Puritans during the 16th and 17th centuries. Hannah is a common name for girls with Anna as its more popular short-form originating in Greek and Latin languages used worldwide. Hana, Hanna, or Chana are some of its spelling variants that can be substituted for the name that have roots in Arabic, European, and Asian languages. The Greek and Latin version of Hannah is the famous Anna. Being a part of palindromic given names like ABBA, ADA, ANNA, BOB, ELLE, EVE, OTTO, AOITOA, ESEESE, LERREL, NEVEN, ODDO, and VYV. HANNAH sounds cool yet timeless in her elegance. As the world goes around, the meaning of Hannah too changes in the different cultures of the world. The Japanese translation of Hana is flower blossom. It means ‘bliss and happiness in Arabic, moon in ‘Albanian,’ ‘one’ in Korean, and Hana means craft or work in Hawaiian. Today, Hannah has historically been a female name that gained familiarity with frequent appearances in television and movies over the last 20 years.

Nicknames for Hannah

Nicknames are modified variations of a person’s real name that are mostly hidden from the public eye. Outsiders may not want to hear or understand how much you love your apple-dumpling-pumpkin-squash-bunny-teddy-bear-boo-bear-hugs-and-kisses bundle of joy. Nicknames come in all shapes and forms, but the ones you call your little baby are always special. They are a reflection of the relationship that you share with your child. Though all babies get official names, cute nicknames tend to be more adorable, and they stick through the childhood into adulthood. These names often have a story behind them that are shared among family members. Nicknames are not intended to make kids feel embarrassed. They are an additional name that highlights the specific likes, dislikes, habits of a child. It is not necessary for a nickname to have any particular meaning or be serious. They can be creatively conceived to tickle the funny bones and ensure your child chuckles whenever you call out to them. In fact they’re an indicator of your care, warmth and protective love towards your child.

Most times, nicknames are metaphors formed by picking just sounds or alphabets found in the name and other rhyming sounds. Funny nicknames for Hannah add an element of fun and quirkiness to a formal name. Here are some adorable nicknames for Hannah that may make your little one feel extra special:

1. Hannah Hunnie

This name refers your child to be as ‘sweet as honey.’

2. Holy

This religious virtue name of Jesus as an object of formal devotion.

3. Hannah Panda

Reffering your child Hannah as a lovable bamboo-eating wooly creature can be fun.

4. Hannah Banana

Giving your child a pulpy fruit name may be a way to honor the fruit they like most.

5. Ha Ha

This exclamation of surprise can be a way of addressing your child named Hannah.

6. Hanna

The omission of H in the ending of the name with the same spelling ‘favour’ but a different name.

7. Hanns

This alternate spelling of Hannah with a ‘s’ at its end gives it a short form but same meaning  ‘God’s favour’.

8. Han-a-land

Hana means ‘flower blossom’ in Japanese while in Arabic it means ‘bliss’. So this name can refer your child as a land of your happiness.

9. Hanny Pants

Hanny means ‘Grace’ in American origin and Pants give it a funny touch.

10. Annie

Annie is a Hebrew name meaning ‘gracious one’.

11. Han Han

The double Han doesn’t take away Han’s Scandinavian meaning God is gracious.

12. Hannie Bear

You can always address your child as a cuddly and adorable bear with this animal nickname.

13. Hansbonanas

Hans can be added to Bonana that can be a variant of bonanza referring to a large bounty.

14. Nan

Nan may have originated with the affectionate phrase Mine Ann or My Nan which in English means ‘Grace’.

15. Ann

Ann is a form of the Latin name Anna meaning ‘God has favoured me’.

16. Ana

This short and sweet nickname is the Latin variant of the English Anne which means ‘Gracious’ in Spanish.

17. Nah Nah

Nah is a transliteration of a Chinese surname meaning ‘blue’ or ‘indigo plant’. This nickname reinforced by the double words.

18. Hanny

Hanny in American means ‘grace’. Hanny is a diminutive of the name Johanna meaning ‘God has favoured me’.

19. Han

Han in Scandinavian means God is gracious. It can be a German variant of the Hebrew name John.

20. Hanners

Hanners is derived from Anglo-Saxon Haine which means ‘Dwells in the hedged enclosure.’

21. Hosannah

This name is a Biblical expression for praise of the lord.

22. Anna

Derived from the Hebrew word Ḥannāh or ‎Chanah, Hanna means “grace” or “favor.”

23. Hannie

Hannie is a Dutch diminutive of the name Johanna, which comes from the Hebrew name Yochanan meaning ‘God has favoured me’.

24. Hanny Toodle

Toodle is derived from a geographical locality ‘of Totehill,’ or the look-out hill in all parts of England. Hanny means ‘God’s favour’.

25. Hannah-lou-li-lo

Lou refers to a renowned warrior in French, while this nickname adds melody to the name Hannah.

26. Hannah Lou

Lou in French means “renowned warrior”. Hannah is attached to Lou to form this nickname.

27. Hymn

Hymn derives from Greek (hymnos), which means “a song of praise”.

28. Hannah Love

This nickname is essentially an expression of your love for your child.

29. Helen

This Latin name means ‘bright’. It could also have derived from the Greek selene, meaning “moon”.

30. Nany

Nanny is a variant form of Ann which means ‘God has favored me”.

31. Hanna Munchkins

Hanna is attached to Munchkins which comes from the German word Männchen, meaning “mannikin” or “little figure”.

32. Hani

Hani in Arabic means “carefree” & “happy” or in Hawaiian “To move lightly; to touch”.

33. Nana

Nana is a short variant of Anna that means ‘grace’ in Hebrew.

34. Noah

Noah comes from the Hebrew “Noach” which means “rest,” or “repose.” This sweet yet strong name appears as a revered Biblical character.

35. Hinny

This chic nickname meaning ‘favour’ is a perfect way to call your daughter.

36. Hazza

Hazza in Arabic means “Delight; Pleasure”.

37. Nina

Niña means “little girl” in Spanish. It’s a Russian short form of Antonia or Anna and derives from the name Ninos, the founder of the Greek city Ninive.

38. Sarah

Sarah rhymes with Hannah and means ‘noblewoman’ or ‘princess’ in Hebrew.

39. Hurricane Hannah

Your super active child can be correctly referred to as this nickname referring to the tropical storm.

40. Hannah Bug

This petite nickname refers to your child to as a tiny baby.

41. Hanaki

This surname of Germanic origin is a patronym of the name Ano or Heinrich, meaning “child of Anno/Henry”.

42. Hannalisa

This nickname refers your child to the beautiful painting of Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

43. Han Solo

This nickname refers to the Star Wars character Han Solo. Solo means alone.

44. Hottie Hannah

This nickname suits an attractive child best.

45. Hannie Doll

This nickname reminds you of your child as a cuddly and pretty doll.

46. Heaven

This nickname pays tribute to the Lord who’s gifted you a lovely child.

47. Hazel

Derived from the Old English hæsel, this captivating nickname is derived from the name of the nut tree.

48. Halley’s Comet

This unique nickname makes your child as rare as the comet.

49. Honolulu

This energetic nickname refers to a “sheltered harbor” or “calm port” in Hawaiian.

50. Hula Hoop

This comical name for Hannah refers to a stout person who is too lazy to work out. Hula Hoop is an exercise hoop that got its name from the movements made while spinning one swiftly around the body to Hawaiian hula dances.

Unique Nicknames 

Here is a list of some adorable and unique nicknames for your girl. Have a look at them:

1. Anne

Anne is a mixed-origin baby girl name that ranges from Anne Franke to Anne Hathaway. The English name Anne, an anglicized version of the French name Anna, means ‘grace’. 

2. Hanku

Hanku is a masculine Japanese name. It does not have a specific meaning nor is a very common name. 

3. Hanna Munchkins

With the meanings ‘favour,’ ‘grace,’ or ‘God has graced me with a child,’ Hanna is a feminine name of Hebrew origin. Munchkins is a name given to a small child or someone you love. 

4. Hannah Bear

The name Hannah is of Hebrew origin for girls. It is a slang term for Channah, which means ‘favor’ or ‘grace’. Bear is of German origin meaning ‘strong and brave bear’.

5. Hannalisa

The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl name Hannalisa is ‘He (God) has favored me’.

6. Hanna-lou-li-lo

Hanna-lou-li-lo is a nickname derived from the Hebrew name Hannah, which means ‘favor’ or ‘grace’.

7. Hanniball

The meaning of the boy’s name Hanniball, which is of Phoenician origin, is ‘grace of Baal’.

8. Hannie

The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl name Hannie is ‘He (God) has favoured me’.

9. Hanny girl

Hebrew in origin, the name Hanny for girls means ‘He (God) has favoured me’. Hanny girl is a nickname. 

10. Hanzy

Hanzy is an African name that means ‘God’s gift’.

11. Hattie

Germanic in origin, Hattie is a name for infant girls. Hattie, a popular nickname and first name that means ‘home or estate ruler,’ is derived from the name Harriet. A medieval English name version of Harry and Henry is Harriet.

12. Heath

The gender-neutral British moniker Heath became common for those who resided on or near a moor. Heath is the name of a vibrant plant and a term used to describe an untended ground where wild shrubbery thrives.

13. Hen

The meaning of the name Hen in the Bible is grace, tranquillity, and rest.

14. Hendrix

Hendrix is a unique name that may be used for either gender and has a real rock star vibe. Jimi Hendrix, a guitar legend who captivated the globe in the 1960s with his brilliant musicianship, inspired this trendy given name. It comes from a name that means ‘estate ruler’ in German and Dutch.

15. Honu

The name Honu is a lovely Hawaiian one. Honu means ‘shepherd’, ‘great mankind’ and ‘reliability’.

16. Hunter

A name of British origin, Hunter is gender-neutral and means ‘one who hunts’ or ‘pursuer’.

17. Huxley

The name Huxley, which is of English origin for boys, is frequently translated as ‘hugh’s meadow’.

18. Montana

The Latin term montanea, which means ‘mountain’ or, more broadly ‘mountainous land,’ is where the name Montana originates. It is derived from the Spanish word Montaña.

19. Tilly Mcreese

Germanic in origin, the name Tilly for girls means ‘powerful in war’. Mcreese is a popular surname. 

20. Tosha Riea

Tosha, a girl’s name of Slavic origin, is a condensed version of Natasha, which means ‘Christmas’. Riea does not have a specific meaning, but the name attracts affection, playfulness and bravery.

Short Nicknames

Hannah is a name that is incredibly well-known, with a popularity that spans decades and centuries. Here is a list of some short nicknames for your child.

1. Ana

Ana is a girl’s name of Spanish origin and is a popular Nickname for the Hebrew name Hannah. It means ‘favored grace’.

2. Anesthesia

Anesthesia originates from the Greek word anaisthetos, and means “without sensation”.

3. Ann

Ann, alternatively spelt Anne, is a form of the Latin female name Anna and also means ‘favoured grace’.

4. Bulbul

Bulbul is a cute nickname for someone named Hannah. It means ‘nightingale’.

5. Hammy

Hammy is a popular and sweet nickname for a girl named Hannah. It means ‘self conscious’.

6. Han Solo

Han Solo is a popular Star Wars character and is a popular nickname for people named Hannah.

7. Hani

Hani is an Arabic nickname for Hannah and means  ‘carefree’ and ‘happy’. It also has Hawaiian roots.

8. Hanns

Hanns, another popular nickname for Hannah, has Scandinavian, Danish, German, and Hebrew origin. It means “God is gracious”.

9. Hanny

Hanny is a sweet nickname for a girl named Hannah. It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God has favored me’.

10. Harnie

Harnie is an ambitious nickname for Hannah and means ‘independent’.

11. Hayden

The name Hayden means ‘of the hay fields’ and is a popular variant of Hannah.

12. Hazza

Hazza is an Arabic name that means ‘delightful’. It is a popular nickname for someone named Hannah.

13. Herzblatt

Herzblatt literally means ‘heart leaf’, but figuratively, it means ‘sweetheart’.

14. Heston

Heston is actually an English surname that means ‘someone who came from Heston – a London suburb’. 

15. Huey

Having German origins, Huey is a timeless and classic name that means ‘soul’ and is a good nickname for Hannah.

16. Hunk

Hunk is a nickname that is denoted machismo and means ‘strong’ and ‘attractive’.

17. Nany

Nany means ‘beautiful’ and is the perfect nickname for your little one, Hannah.

18. Perry Berry

Perry Berry is a sweet nickname having no significant meaning. However, Perry means ‘pear tree’ and Berry also relates to a fruit; this nickname indicates a sweet and fruity reference to your little Hannah.

19. Holy

Holy has an English origin and means ‘respected’.

20. Hon

Hon is  short nickname which means ‘richness’

Cute  Nicknames

Nicknames are all about cuteness and sweetness. Here is a list of cute nicknames for your little girl. Have a look at these and choose the best one for your little one.

1. Anica

Anica is a pretty girl’s name with Hebrew roots that mean ‘preferred elegance’. Anica is the Slavic diminutive of Anna, despite not being as well known in the United States.

2. Anna

Hebrew in origin, the name Anna is typically given to females and means ‘generous’ or ‘merciful’.

3. Annick

The meaning of the name Annick, a girl’s name of Greek and Hebrew origin, is ‘pleasure’. Annick is a spelling variation of the Greek names Agnes, Anice, and Annis, and the Hebrew name Ann.

4. Hanakin

The name Hanakin, which has American origins and means ‘warrior,’ is primarily given to males.

5. Hanky

Hebrew baby boy named Hanky. ‘Lord of the Manor; house owner’ is how Hanky is characterized.

6. Hanna Munckin

Hannah’s name derives from Channah in Hebrew, which means ‘favor’ or ‘grace.’ The definition of Munckin is a noticeably little and frequently lovable individual.

7. Hannabelle

Germanic in roots, the meaning of the nickname  Hannabell is ‘favored with elegance’ and ‘beauty’.

8. Hannah 

Grace is the meaning of the name Hannah, primarily a feminine name of Hebrew origin.

9. Hannah Banana

The name Hanna Banana denotes a propensity to display extremes regarding material achievement. Either they have a great bit of luck or have none at all. Running a business is their birthright if they are up for the task.

10. Hannah Love 

Hannah derives from Channah, a Hebrew name that means ‘favor’ or ‘grace.’  This English name will win you over if you’re seeking for a name that perfectly captures the love you have for your little angel.

11. Hannahbee

Channah, a Hebrew name that means ‘favor’ or ‘grace,’ is whence Hannah gets her name. Bee is a short form of other girl names like Beatrice and Beatrix with Latin origins. Bee is a short, happy name that traditionally translates to ‘bearer of joy,’ yet in some early incarnations, Bee also meant ‘voyager.’

12. Hannahgail

Hannah is a girl’s name with Hebrew roots that means ‘grace.’ Gail is a girl’s name with Hebrew roots that means ‘my father rejoices’.

13. Hannie Bear

The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl name Hannie is ‘He (God) has favored me’. The name Bear is of German origin and means ‘strong and valiant bear.’

14. Hanny Pants

The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl’s name Hanny is ‘He (God) has favored me’. In its Arthurian context, the name Pant signifies Its meaning as ‘hollow’ and ‘lancelot’s father’.

15. Hanny Toodle

The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl’s name Hanny is ‘He (God) has favored me.’ It is impossible to adequately convey the significance of ‘toodles’ in a few words. Toodles is a name that suggests the child is a kind and giving person.

16. Nah Nah

The name Nah Nah is a female American name that means ‘fragrance full flower’.

17. Nana

Nana can be the ideal choice if you’re looking for a gender-neutral name to commemorate the new head of your household. The Akyem, Akuapim, and Ashanti peoples of the Akan fondly use this regal title as a monarchy title.

18. Halley’s Comet

Every 75–79 years, Halley’s Comet can be seen from Earth. It has a short period. The meaning of the English surname Halley is ‘one who resided at, or close to, the hall in the grove or open spot in a wood’.

19. Hanaki

Hanaki is a Japanese origin name that means ‘flower tree’.

20. Sarah

Sarah, a female given name, has Hebrew roots and means ‘princess.’

Cool Nicknames

Hannah is a wonderful name for girls, with such cool and happy nicknames. The list below shows amazing nicknames with their beautiful meanings.

1. Annabelle

The feminine name Annabelle has French and Hebrew roots. This name is a tasteful combination of the French word belle, which means ‘beauty,’ and the Hebrew name Anna, which means ‘favored grace’.

2. Annie

The feminine name Annie has all the frills of a cute nickname. Annie is a cheeky version of the more royal Anne, which is of Hebrew origin and comes from the biblical name Hannah. Even though all three use the same root word, channah, which means ‘grace’ or ‘favor,’ how they choose to express it is completely up to them.

3. Hanna

With the meanings ‘favor,’ ‘grace,’ or ‘God has graced me with a child,’ Hanna is a feminine name of Hebrew origin. There are several other ways to spell Hanna, including the more popular variations ‘Hannah,’ ‘Anna,’ and ‘Ana’.

4. Hannable

The meaning of the name Hannable, which is used primarily for boys and is of Phoenician origin, is ‘grace of Baal’.

5. Hanne

The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl’s name Hanne is ‘He (God) has favored me’.

6. Hanners

The boy’s name, Hanner, which has a Germanic origin, derives from a shortened version of Johann and a pet form of Hann.

7. Hannerz

Hannrez does not have a specific meaning. However, a famous Swedish anthropologist, Ulf Hannerz, is an emeritus professor of social anthropology at Stockholm University. He is the author of ‘Cosmopolitans and Locals in World Culture’ (1990). His theory essentially explores cosmopolitanism from the analysis of expatriates.

8. Hannibal

The meaning of the boy’s name Hannibal, which is of Phoenician origin, is ‘grace of Baal’.

9. Hansie

Hansi is an African boy’s name. Hansie is a name that conjures up a fiery personality that pulls in strong thoughts. They are diplomatic, kind, perceptive, helpful, and may even be clairvoyant.

10. Hansy

Hansy is a Hebrew girl’s name that means ‘gift of god’ or ‘beauty’.

11. Havalard

The Indian meaning of Havalard is ‘to whom the duty is given’.

12. Hayna

Spanish in origin, the name Hayna means ‘pretty girl’.

13. Hazel

The feminine name, Hazel, of British origin, means ‘the hazel tree’. While this name is not new, it is nonetheless a classic.

14. Hanni Bunny

When you give your child the name Hanni Bunny, It automatically turns out be a cute name. This nickname is best suited for anyone. 

15. Helen

Helen is a baby girl name of Greek origin that means ‘torch’ or ‘light,’ and is associated with renowned authors and legendary tales.

16. Hosannah

No name could be more appropriate for the infant who has answered your prayers than Hosanna. Hosanna is a girl’s name with Hebrew origins that not only has a lovely pronunciation but also a deep spiritual significance. Hosanna is an expression of ‘praise’ or ‘prayer’.

17. Hanno

The meaning of this beautiful name is ‘God is gracious’. It is a popular and cute nickname for your girl.

18. Hymn

A hymn is a specific kind of song—partially interchangeable with a devotional song—written for adoration or prayer and usually addressed to a deity or deities or to a famous person or personification. The Greek word ‘hymn’ (hymnos), which means ‘a song of praise,’ is where the word hymn originates.

19. Han-a-land 

It is an extremely cute nickname to give. It doesn’t have a proper meaning but it sound cute and adorable. 

20. Honey

Honey is another cute nickname for your girl. This name refers to your child being as ‘sweet as honey’.

Funny Nicknames 

Funny nicknames make the whole vibe of the name very yank and cool. Here is a  list of sweet and funny nicknames for your little one. 

1. Anastasia

Anastasia is a classic name for baby girls. It has a Greek origin, meaning ‘resurrect’ or ‘will rise again’.

2. Aranas 

Arana means hard rock and is a popular nickname for Hannah.

3. Disine

This creative nickname means ‘to create’, as per Hindu roots.

4. Erico

Erico is a boy’s name of Spanish and Old German origin that means ‘home-ruler’ and ‘peaceful ruler’.

5. Hanal

Hanal means ‘merciful’ and is of Hebrew origin. It is a popular nickname for Hannah.

6. Hanalia

The name Hanalia is a gender-neutral nickname that means ‘crescent bay’ or ‘garland valley’.

7. Hanlon

The name Hanlon is of Irish origin. It is the Anglicised version of a popular Gaelic name meaning ‘descendant of Anluan’.

8. Hanna Shea

Shea means ‘esteemed’, ‘admirable’, and ‘together’ with Hanna, it makes a lovely nickname for babies named Hannah.

9. Hannaballs

Derived from the Hebrew name Channah, Hannah means ‘favor’ or ‘grace.’ Hannahballs is a cute limerick nickname for your little Hannah.

10. Hannaconda

Hannaconda has a reference to the song ‘Anaconda’ by the Trinidadian and Tobagonian American rapper Nicki Minaj. It is a quirky nickname for Hannah.

11. Hannalia

Hannalia is American and means ‘a graceful bringer of good news’.

12. Hanney

Hanney is a popular nickname derived from the personal names Hannah and Anna and doesn’t have its own exclusive meaning.

13. Harvey

Harvey is a cute and strong nickname of French origin meaning ‘battle worthy’.

14. Hawkes

Hawkes is related to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of England and is a unique nickname for Hannah.

15. Henley

Henley is a gender-neutral name of British origin and means ‘high meadow.’

16. Hennery

This popular nickname is made of two parts: ‘heim’ which means home, and ‘ric,’ which means ‘ruler’.

17. Henry

Henry and Hennery are variations of each other. Its a popular English name that means ‘king’. 

18. Hinny

Hinny is actually the hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey. It is a very cute-looking animal that makes a cute nickname for your dearest baby girl, Hannah.

19. Hisoka

Hisoka is a unique nickname for Hannah, and it literally means ‘reserved’. It may also mean ‘secret’ in Japanese.

20. Houston

Houston is a masculine name of Scottish, Irish, and English origin that means ‘town on a hill’.

Creative Nicknames

A unique and creative nickname always wins our hearts. Below are some adorable and creative nicknames for your child, each with a beautiful meaning to it.

1. Ganna

Sounding similar to Hannah,  Ganna, which is of Latin and Ukrainian origin, means ‘favor’ or ‘a woman of grace’.

2. Hanalise

The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl name Hanalise is ‘He (God) has favored me’.

3. Hanani

The Hebrew name Hanani means ‘God has satisfied me’ or ‘God is generous’. The Hebrew Bible refers to four men by the name of Hanani.

4. Hanavarna

Hemavarna is an Indian boy’s name that translates to ‘king of gold,’ ‘golden complexioned,’ and ‘magnificent looking’.

5. Hanita

Hanita is an Indian-derived girl’s name that will give the infant a blessed life. This lovely female name means ‘divine grace’ or ‘grace of the gods’.

6. Hanna Belle

Favoured with grace and beauty is how the girl’s name Hanna Belle is defined in its Germanic origin.

7. Hanna Montana

‘Favor,’ ‘grace,’ or ‘God has graced me with a child’ are some of the meanings associated with the feminine Hebrew name Hanna. The most popular spellings of Hanna are ‘Hannah,’ ‘Anna,’ and ‘Ana,’ among other variations.

8. Hannae

Hebrew in origin, the name Hannae is given to girls and means ‘favor,’ ‘grace,’ or ‘God has favored me with a child’. There are numerous spelling variations for Hannae, including the more popular ‘Hannah,’ ‘Anna,’ and ‘Ana’.

9. Hannah Montana

Hannah is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means ‘grace’ or ‘favour’ derived from the name Channah. Miley Cyrus’ career began with ‘Hannah Montana,’ a teen-targeted television show and movie that was very popular in the US.

10. Hannahesthesia

Both characters have the exact same meaning of ‘grace’ or ‘favor’ due to the Hellenization of the Hebrew name Channah into its Greek version, Hannah. The meaning of Hannah’s name in Hebrew is ‘God has favoured me’. Hannahesthesia is one of the nicknames of Hannah. 

11. Hannele

The meaning of the Hebrew baby girl’s name Hannele is ‘He (God) has favored me’.

12. Hanneza

Hanneza has Urdu and English roots. Its meaning is ‘happiness and green valleys’.

13. Hanniel

The name Hanniel is available for consideration if you wish to give your child a special name while still rearing him or her in your faith. This Hebrew boy’s name, which translates to ‘grace of God,’ will convey to your child that they entered your life through the grace of God.

14. Hanson

A boy’s name meaning ‘son of Hans’ is Hanson. Hanson is a Scandinavian surname, although it is also believed to have Anglo-Saxon roots, which could explain why it is frequently used as an English surname.

15. Haryana

Haryana is an Indian origin name. Haryana is a North Indian state that surrounds New Delhi on 3 sides.

16. Helena

With this timeless name, you may bring some brightness into your life. A Greek baby girl named Helena is a variation of Eleanor and Helen, meaning ‘shining light’.

17. Henye

The meaning of the name Henye in the Bible is ‘grace’, ‘tranquility’, and ‘rest’.

18. Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory is English slang for very satisfactory or fine. 

19. Quanna

A gender-neutral Native American name is Quanah. It refers to something that is ‘fragrant’ and ‘sweet-smelling,’ which is a lovely tribute to the lovely scent that emanates from a baby’s head.

20. Shiloh Hour

Shiloh is a name with gender-neutral connotations with Hebrew roots and means ‘calm,’ ‘plenty,’ and ‘his gift’. The location where Israelites once lived and gathered before Judah is known by this spiritual appellation.

Popularity of the Name Hannah

Hannah has successfully held a spot in the top 50 baby names for the past 30 years. In the late 1990s, the popularity of Hannah peaked significantly when it held the No. 2 spot for three years in a row and remained in the top 10 most popular names for over a decade. According to 2019 Social Security Administration data, Hannah is the number thirty-two most popular girls in the US, remaining consistently in the top 35 since 2000 and even in the top 5 from 2000-2004. Hannah still ranks high in the chart, though its popularity has recently waned. As per the latest data of 2020, it is the 39th most popular name for girls in the United States.


Famous Celebrities with the Name Hannah

There are many famous Hannahs who have upgraded the name’s celebrity status. These personalities have become cult figures due to their hard work and determination. We all think of stardom as a goal—something to strive for and “achieve.” More so with children who aspire to live up to the famous name that they carry. The inherited fame of such names can open doors to new opportunities or even give a whole new meaning to their personality. In fact, sometimes it’s all for the best. Their success stories and struggle can inspire children sharing the same name. Here are some celebrities with the name Hannah who can set the naming trends of the year:

Name Who She Is
Hannah Fergusan American Model
Hanna Peel Irish Musician
Hanna Hoch Germ Artist
Hanna Robinson British Songwriter
Hanna Gross Canadian Actress
Hanna Dreier American Journalist
Hanna Abu-Hanna Arab Poet
Hanna Cowley Poet
Hanna Moncur T.V Actress
Hanna Brown Actor

Variations of Hannah

A classic baby name like Hannah may have attractive alternatives in languages worldwide. Variations of Hannah offer alternatives for parents wary of the overused form of the original name. They help you to analyse your individual baby naming style and consider a fresher approach that would promote a distinctive identity for your child. Here are some variations of the name Hannah that can sound equally elegant and sophisticated:

Chana (Hebrew) Chanah (Hebrew)
Anna (Hebrew) Hanna (Hebrew)
Hanalee (Hebrew) Channah (Hebrew)
Hanalise (Hebrew) Honna (Hebrew)
Hana (Spanish) Hanne (German)

The fame and popularity of Hannah with its lovely meaning transcends centuries upon centuries and decades upon decades, making it a reliable choice for your cutest angel. Parenthood is a journey by itself in which we aim to achieve perfection and develop healthy relationships with our kids.

Nicknames tell others a lot about how you feel about your child, but sometimes nicknames say even more. By calling out a nickname that’s mostly confined within the four corners of your house, you can make lighten the mood and create memories of a lifetime. Therefore, cool nicknames for Hannah portray your sensitive side that comes into play while depicting the extraordinary inherent qualities of your child that you may be the only person to identify and know of.

Hannah was also the name of the mother of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament, whose ardent desire for a baby was granted by the lord. Thus, it can be the most suitable choice for parents looking for a name out of the scriptures that will grant a compassionate nature to your girl.

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