Adley Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Adley Name Meaning and Origin

Adley is a rare unisex name that has taken on various forms since its origin. The name Adley started as a surname, then became a middle name, and finally gained popularity as a first name. While the name is more common in boys than girls, the origin and meaning of the name are suitable for both boys and girls.

What Does Adley Mean?

The name Adley can have different meanings due to its different origins. As per Old English origin, Adley and the abbreviation of Hadley mean a ‘heather field’. The name is a combination of Old English words- Hadda and Leah together meaning a woodland clearing. In Old English ‘haed’ can also mean ‘heatherland’ or ‘heather’. Another meaning of Adley as per Hebrew origin is ‘the Lord is Just’. Adley could also denote “judicious” or “the Just” referring to the God who treats everyone equally.


Adley is a unisex name with different origins. From Old English is an abbreviation of Hadley, a habitational name. Hadley was an Old English surname and name referring to Hadley in Worcestershire or Shropshire.

In the Domesday Book, a village known as “Eldredelei” is mentioned where the Adley was first found as a last name. This village was also known as “Adderley” was the place where the ancestors of the Adley surname lived in ancient Anglo-Saxon England. It could also be a reference to a place called Hadleigh in Suffolk or Essex.

Adley also is of Hebrew origin, where it is the variation of Adlai, which means ‘God is just’.




  • Ad-ley
  • Ad-lee


2 syllables


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

When it comes to spellings and variants of the name Adley, different cultures have distinct preferences. Other spellings for Adley reveal the cultural importance of the same name for people of various religions, ethnicities, and cultures. The following are some Adley name variations from other cultures:

Name Origin
Adderley Old English
Adiel Hebrew
Hadlea Old English
Adell German
Adel Indian
Adelie German
Adalee Hebrew
Hadlee British
Hadley British
Hadleigh Old English

How Popular Is the Name Adley?

Adley, despite starting as a boy’s name, slowly gained popularity as the girl’s name. The name has been in use since 1918 in the US with over 4303 boys named Adley during the past 200 years. However, Adley for boys has not been in the top 1000 most popular male names in any of the years.

The name Adley has been a popular name for girls for the last few years. Since 2001, Adley popularity took an upward turn. It has ranked among the top 1000 popular girls names in most of the years from the last decade, based on the data from SSA applications for female births in the US. It reached the 735th rank in the year 2012 before vanishing from the top 1000 ranks in 2013 and 2014.

Adley as a girl’s name gained tremendous popularity in recent years, where it reached up to 538th rank in the year 2020.  2020 is also the year when the name Adley for girls was the most popular. Seeing the Adley baby name ranking trend, it can be assumed that the name will keep gaining popularity in the years to come.

Interest in Adley – Worldwide

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Search trends for the name Adley can be stated to be extremely drastic, with immense lack of popularity from 2011-2018, with a slight rise in 2019 and achieving most popularity in April 2020 with 100 in the popularity scale. The least popularity was recorded at 3 across numerous times within the last 10 years.


Interest in Adley – US

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In the case of the US, the popularity trends of Google search for Adley can be observed to be similar to the global search trends. Search trends recorded a consistently low popularity from 2011 to March 2019, with a sudden rise in interest in June 2019, with 67 on the popularity scale. It reached peak popularity, recording 100 across the popularity scale, in April 2020, after which it continued to fall again. The lowest record of interest among the US population was observed at 1 across multiple months in the duration

The popularity of the name Adley


Where Is the Name Most Searched

Search trends of Adley Worldwide

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According to search statistics, the name Adley has been searched the most in Trinidad & Tobago over the previous ten years, followed by Jamaica, the United States, Ireland, and lastly the United Kingdom. Adley’s cultural significance in Trinidad & Tobago may be related to the country’s long history as a British colony. For this reason, the impact of the English language may be a key factor in individuals selecting Adley as a baby name.

Search trends of Adley in the US

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Oregon is the sub-region in the United States with the most searches for the name Adley during the last ten years. Following that, the sub-regions of North Dakota, West Virginia, Maryland, and Utah make the top five sub-regions in the United States with the greatest search trends for Adley.

Middle Names That Go With Adley

Maintaining the overall beauty of your child’s name and preserving the lovely meaning of the name Adley requires choosing middle names that seem fluid and appropriate with Adley. You may pick from a variety of double names with Adley for your baby, such as:

Mae Zade
Kate Sol
Claire Spence
Blair Ness
Grace Jade
Jean Jace
Quinn Hayes
Bryn Gwen
Beck Finn
Brooke Dayne

Famous People Named Adley

In recent years, there have been few famous people called Adley. The presence of these famous people has contributed immensely to the name’s gradual rise in popularity during the last many decades. Due to its traditional origins and lovely meaning, it can be assumed Adley will gain more popularity and be a more widely used name for both sexes in the coming years.

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Hogan Gladden Adley Brigadier General of the Confederate States Army from the United States.
Carlos “Big Daddy Carlos” Adley American nightclub and restaurant owner
Robert Adley Louisiana State Senator
Warren Adley American politician
Robert Adley British politician
Adley C. McCune Member of Pennsylvania State House of Representatives
David Adley Smith II Puerto Rican athlete
Adley Stan Rutschman American professional baseball player
Adley Stump Singer
Adley McBride Child Celebrity and YouTube Star

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Adley can be found in a wide range of first, middle, and last names. There is also a wide range of suitable family names for Adley. Other names for Adley include:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Adilia Williams
Bradley Wilson
Atley Smith
Leigh Taylor
Adler Jones
Ridley James
Radley Brown
Hadly Chase
Adel Jackson
Adella Thompson

Names That Sound Like Adley

There are several names that rhyme with Adley, including variants and names that sound similar. Using names like these can help you give your newborn baby a distinctive name that incorporates the traditional importance of Adley while remaining contemporary.

Audley Adila
Wadley Riley
Athalia Ridley
Adael Atalo
Adeel Hadley
Aden Audey
Adlar Arlen
Adlin Ardly
Adeel Ardley
Adney Atallah

Sibling Names Related to Adley

It’s also crucial to choose good sibling names that go with Adley so that all of your children have names that are connected and complement each other. The following list includes sister names for Adley as well as brother names for Adley:

Sister Names for Adley Brother Names for Adley
Chadley Ackley
Addler Adney
Adla Aditey
Alden Akeley
Ailey Aisley
Alley Ardley
Aveley Arley
Shadley Atley
Addy Audley
Adlin Addaley

Nicknames for Adley

Nicknames are an affectionate way to call your child warmly without using their full name. There are several nicknames for the name Adley that you may use to address your kid warmly in casual circumstances.

Adi Ada
Addie Eddy
Ley Ad
Addy Haddy
Ace Hattie
Hadie Lisa
Lee Lia

The name Adley has a lot of uniqueness and character due to its distinctive origins. The unisex name is ideal to be used for a baby boy or girl. With its gradually rising popularity, you cannot go wrong with naming your child, which is equally suitable for your baby boy or your baby girl.


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