170+ Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

170+ Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

Naming your child is a very important task. You want a name that not only sounds good but also suits your child. It is an exciting moment in your life, especially if it is your first child. You may wish to name your child something that represents your identity, your culture, or your religion. In this article, we will look at male Hindu names you can consider for your little boy.

Hinduism is a way of living and more than a religion. People across the globe follow its tenets, and cultural philosophies and enrich their lives with the meanings and customs included in it. The bright side is, it also endows beautiful and unique names for the beloved children of parents. Whether you want a Hindu name for your baby boy or are brainstorming for ideas, Firstcry has got you covered. 

Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names That Stand Out

Here is a list of unique Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names for your references. We’ll get into some uncommon boy names too in this article and more, but for now, take a look and be amazed.

1. Aadavan

The sun/a being who illuminates life

2. Aahan

Crack of dawn

3. Aakav

Shape or form

4. Aakil


5. Aanan

Outward image/Physical Appearance

6. Aanav

Humane/One who shows compassion to everyone

7. Abhik

One who is loved/One who does not know fear

8. Anish


9. Apurva


10. Archis

Ray of light/Hope

11. Arth


12. Aadhira


13. Aakesh

Lord of the sky

14. Bodhi 


15. Bhadrak


16. Bhavatu

Praise The Lord

17. Bipula

Multifold/Abundant/Many/A lot of

18. Binoy

Humble/Modest/One who doesn’t have an ego

19. Chaayan

The act of collecting something (also popularly known as ‘The moon’)

20. Chaitanya

Energy/Vitality (Its origins trace back to an ancient Vaishnavite saint known as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)

21. Chaitya

One who is perceptive and is known to make the right decisions

23. Chitin

Intelligent (It’s also a name that’s smooth and sounds catchy)

24. Chitvan

To meditate/contemplate/think/ponder

25. Charun 

One with beautiful eyes

26. Daivey 

Dearly loved

27. Devaj

Birthed from the Gods/Bestowed from the Gods

28. Devak


29. Deepit

One who resembles in appearance to that of a God or Divine Poet

30. Dhanvin

One of the many names of Lord Shiva/another name for Lord Rama

31. Dhir

Patience/One who can remain calm and persevere through tough times

32. Dhira

Fearless/One who is brave beyond limits

33. Dhrsita

Fearless/One who is brave and bold

34. Dhrishnu

It’s a traditional name which translates to ‘Son of Manu’

35. Dravina


36. Dalajit

One who can win over others

37. Devrat

Spiritually inclined

38. Dhanraj

Ruler of Wealth

39. Dyansh

To Show Mercy/Be Forgiving

40. Dravya

Liquid (like water)

41. Divnesh

The Sun

42. Divyant

One who is beautiful/handsome

43. Edhas


44. Ehan

Being expected of (if you hold some expectations from your child for the future, this name is apt)

45. Erish

Translates to ‘cherishable’ which means enjoying the little things in life and living to the fullest by being in the moment

46. Ekdak

Identical/Similar in Appearance (like twins)

47. Esana


48. Elil 

One who is handsome

49. Ganak 

An astrologer 

50. Galav

Sage/Ebony/Strong/Bark of a Lotus Tree

51. Gaman

In the journey of undergoing/in the process of attainment of something

52. Gaoushik

One of the rarer names Lord Buddha was addressed by

53. Hariaksh

Another name for Lord Shiva

54. Harin

This is an emerging mainstream baby boy names which translate to ‘purity’ or ‘clean.’

55. Harishva

Tracing back to many centuries ago, it’s one of the rare names of Lord Shiva

56. Hriday

Heart (suitable for baby boys who are shy, creative, and brimming with positive energy)

57. Harshu 

Smile, happiness

58. Ikshan 


59. Irish

God of The Earth

60. Jogesha 

Master of Yoga

61. Onir 


62. Panna 


63. Sayaka 


64. Varenya 

Most excellent

List of Modern & Latest Hindu Baby Boy Names

Everybody likes the classics, but modern parents enjoy keeping up with the latest trends. Famous baby boy names these days don’t sound traditional at all and in fact, may surprise you. Here is a list of 113 newborn baby boy names which are truly original and modern.

1. Asvin

Inspired by the twin sons of Surya and Sanjna, the name translates to mounting on horses

2. Ayusman

One who enjoys a long and prosperous life

3. Aarav

A being who is brimming with wisdom

4. Abhimanyu


5. Aarnav

One who represents the five elements of nature – fire, water, air, wind, and void.

6. Aniruddha

One who overcomes obstacles easily or is unstoppable

7. Anurag

Translates to ‘love’ that resembles masculinity

8. Adhija 

Superior by birth

9. Bhavin

Common man/A being who lives

10. Bidyut

Thunder/One who has attained enlightenment/A being of profound knowledge

11. Bhargava

Archer/One who has perception/Radiant being

12. Bhaskara

Hero/Golden being/The Radiating Sun

13. Baren

Lust/A popular name of Lord Indra

14. Barton

The name of a place where the crop Barley was once grown

15. Bahubali

Translates to ‘Jain Tirthakar’

16. Charan


17. Chatura


18. Cheran

King of Kerela

19. Chinmay

Full of knowledge

20. Chinnaiyan


21. Daiwik

By the grace of God

22. Devashish

One who is blessed by the Gods

23. Dipesh

God of Light

24. Dugant


25. Devesh

Lord of the Lords

26. Eeshwar


27. Elgan

Luminous Circle

28. Eshar

Blessed/Endowed with prosperity

29. Erman

A friend of God/God’s Ally

30. Ehit

Always smiling 

31. Ekam

Two persons’ light manifesting in a baby

32. Edi

Herb/Medicinal Plant

33. Elango

Prince/Son of a King

34. Ekatan


35. Faneendra

Another name of Lord Shiva

36. Falgu


37. Fanishwar

God of Serpents

38. Ganpati

Lord Ganesha

39. Goral

One who is loved

40. Gupil


41. Gyandev

God of Knowledge

42. Gadhadhar

A name for Lord Vishnu

43. Gana 

Lord Shiva

44. Harsith 

Joyous, cheerful 

45. Hemant

The Beginning of Winter

46. Hemdev

God of Riches

47. Hemendra

Golden God

48. Hariraj

Ruler of the Lions

49. Harshil


50. Harigopal

Lord Krishna

51. Hrudaya


52. Hitesh

A being who thinks good regarding everyone

53. Hemish

God of the Earth

54. Himaghna

The Sun

55. Irana

God of Bravery

56. Ilakiyen

Literary Genius

57. Ilanthiraiyan


58. Isaiko

Ruler of Music

59. Iniyan

Good Natured

60 .Illesh 

Lord of Earth

61. Joshit 


62. Jwalant


63. Jyotirdhar

One who wields Fire

64. Jenya

True to one’s words

65. Jivaj

Brimming with Vitality/Lively

66. Javin


67. Jaiwant


68. Jagadishwara

God of the Universe/Universal Lord

69. Koothan

Artistic Genius

70. Karnam


71. Keethan

Divine Lullaby

72. Keshav

Another name for Lord Vishnu

73. Kavish

Another name for Lord Ganesh

74. Laksh


75. Lekh


76. Lohendra

God of Three Worlds

77. Lokajit

Conqueror of the Planet

78. Laalamani


79. Lovyam

The Sun

80. Luhit

Name of a river in Arunachal Pradesh

81. Lusha


82. Lohit


83. Mohammed

Prophet/Founder of Islam

84. Mannanew


85. Moorti

Idol/Role Model/Somewho who is looked up to

86. Mehith

Positive/One who always smiles

87. Matanga

Sage/Devi Lalita’s Advisor

88. Mawlik


89. Nachiket

The spirit that ignites one’s curiosity

90. Nayat

One who commands

91. Niyath


92. Neel


93. Nirdhar

Wielder of Water

94. Nirmay


95. Nihit

God’s Gift

96. Nirankar


97. Nibodh


98. Neehal


99. Nalesh

Lord of Flowers

100. Narun

One who leads humankind

101. Orman

Man of the Sea

102. Orion

The Flame’s Son

103. Oppilaa

Original/One of a kind

104. Oha

Meditative/One who knows The Truth

105. Oviyan


106. Pravasthik


107. Rwiju


108. Rujul


109. Rithul

One who seeks the truth

110. Swapnil

One who appears in dreams

111. Sarvagya

A name for Lord Shiva

112. Tavish


113. Yajvan



Tips for Choosing The Best Hindu Name for Your Baby Boy

Hindu Baby Boy Names

Choosing a Hindu baby boy name is no easy feat since you have so many options. And a name is a word that sticks with your child for the rest of his life. Parents consider naming their children to be a joyful and auspicious occasion, rooted deeply in their culture and religion.

Here are some tips which you can use for deciding which name to give to your child or how to go about naming him:

1. Reflecting Your View of Life

At the end of the day, the name that sticks forever should be one that’s meaningful. Picture your way of living and how you see the future. Try to find a name that matches that emotion or viewpoint. Children bring meaning into their parents’ lives, and names should weave their philosophies and aspirations into a reality.

2. Check The Initials

This tip doesn’t apply to just Hindu name but any name you think of. For example, if your child’s full name is Balram Sikhdar – spell out its initials and see what it sounds like. In this case, it’s B.S. which translates to ‘Bullshit’, and there may be a chance he may be made fun of in school. When picking a name, see that it goes well with the surname and its initials don’t sound funny or weird when spelt out.

3. Using Numerology

You can choose baby names with numerology in mind. This is when you pick a lucky number and a name that matches it.

4. Make It Memorable

A name should be easy to remember and memorable. Giving your baby a name that is short, crisp, and sounds good when read aloud is a good choice. The name could be based off a mythological character, thus representing their way of life, or represent an element of nature. It could represent a human emotion too or a philosophy. There is so much territory to explore in this regard but the biggest tip, if it’s long and too difficult to pronounce – it’s a bad idea. Make it’s short and sweet.

5. Name It After a God

If you’d like to give a child the Divine touch, name it after God. Often, in Hinduism, naming your child after a God has shown to shower blessings which manifest in the future.

6. Think Zodiac Sign and Time

If you believe in the concepts of astrology, then choosing a name according to zodiac signs and the time of birth could prove to be fruitful.

7. Going Traditional

Although we understand having a modern and catchy name may impress others, sometimes it’s the classics that stand out the most. You may think of giving your child a long name but if it’s easy to remember, unique, and worth reading aloud – why not?

When you’re picking a name, think carefully. And think.

Never name your child on impulse and brainstorm your options. Because once you do name them, you won’t be able to change on a whim or in seconds when it’s put on paper. So go through your thoughts carefully, talk to your relatives or sit down with friends and discuss.

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