110 Unique Baby Boy Names Inspired by Lord Vishnu

110 Unique Baby Boy Names Inspired by Lord Vishnu

When you are expecting a child, the first thing you do is look for names. People in India usually prefer Sanskrit names or names inspired by Gods and Goddesses. Are you one of them? So if you are in the search for a unique baby boy name which has been inspired by Lord Vishnu, the preserver, here are some names that you can choose from.

List of Lord Vishnu Names for Baby Boy with Meaning

Naming a baby after a divine entity is a common thing in India. Indians being religious by nature, often go for names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses to name their child. They are addressed in a number of ways and thus are called by several names. The Hindu God Vishnu, who is also known as the preserver, has four arms which denote his strength and power. Listed below are unique and modern names of Lord Vishnu for baby boys and Hindu baby boy names with meaning Lord Vishnu along with their meanings.

Names                                                        Meanings
Aadhavan As brilliant as the sun.
Abhima Destroyer of fear.
Achyutam One who will never perish.
Adhrit One who does not require support but supports others.
Adwith One who is most powerful.
Agnija One who is born out of the fire.
Amritaya One who will never die.
Anvith One who bridges the gap.
Arvind One who has lotus-like eyes.
Arnav As vast as an ocean.
Chiranjeevi One who will never die; the immortal one.
Iresh The Lord of the Earth.
Jayant Always the victorious one.
Mokshith The liberated; one who has attained moksha.
Nikesh The saviour; someone who is not finite.
Nimish In no time; at the moment.
Rishik One who is full of knowledge; the rays of the Sun.
Vilakshan Someone who is the best; the unusual.
Sriyaan Being sensible; riches.
Trijosh One who is positively minded; a person who is full of positive energy and new ideas.
Reyaansh The first rays of the Sun.
Rivaansh A strong desire to succeed.
Vishruth A person who is famous and well known.
Bhavesh One who rules the world.
Avyan Someone who is flawless and unmarred.
Ashrith Someone who is always eager and ready to help.
Anagh Unblemished and virtuous.
Vasu Invaluable; exquisite; someone who is rich and has a lot of wealth.
Kanil One who cannot be destroyed.
Inesh One who is the ruler of all; a powerful and strong ruler.
Mahil One who has the quality of being warm, affectionate, gentle and considerate.
Vineet Having great knowledge; someone who is well-mannered and courteous.
Viraj Magnificient and splendid; splendour; courageous.
Akshar Everlasting; immortal; one who cannot be destroyed.
Hemang Having a golden and shimmery body.
Jyesth The eldest.
Keshav One who has long hair; one who has killed Keshi, the demon.
Namish Well-mannered, respectful, polite.
Rakshan One who protects.
Vitthal One who bestows prosperity.
Shrish The Lord of wealth and prosperity.
Shrivas One who lives with Shree (Goddess Lakshmi).
Shrivatsa The lover of Goddess Lakshmi.
Vishvam The Lord of the universe; ruler; the greatest.
Stavya One who is applauded and complimented by all.
Prabhootas One who is always full.
Anantajit Someone who is always victorious.
Suhrit One who is a friend to everyone.
Archisman Resplendent; radiant.
Shatrughan Destroyer of enemies.
Sarvah The only one.
Sharvas The fortunate one.
Shivah One who is forever pure.
Eeshvara Someone who can do anything all by himself.
Pushkara One with lotus-like eyes.
Hrishikesh God of the senses.
Shresth The best one
Madhav Goddess Mahalakshmi’s husband.
Madhusudan The one who killed the demon Madhu.
Vikram An expert; having mastery.
Sarveshwar One who controls everyone.
Rudra One who makes everyone cry.
Anagh One who has not committed any sin.
Amogh One who performs everything with a purpose.
Urjit He who has a lot of energy.
Vaidyah The greatest doctor.
Madhu Honey.
Aniruddh Unrestrained, unstoppable.
Suranand Giving immense happiness.
Govind One who protects and guards cows.
Animish One who knows everything.
Sameeran One who efficiently manages and is responsible for the running of all living creatures.
Anil Air
Satkrit The loved one.
Narayan The abode of all human beings.
Vishisht One who surpasses all because of his glory.
Subhuj One with elegant arms.
Ojas Vigour.
Bhanu Bright as the sun.
Pawan Air; wind.
Sahashrajit One who defeats everyone.
Prathit One who exists permeating everything.
Ashok Sorrowless.
Atulya The incomparable one.
Dhruv The one who never changes amidst everything that is changing.
Subhekshan A very favourable gaze.
Anay Having no leader.
Daksh Smart one; competent.
Arthah Revered by all.
Sumukh One whose face is charming.
Manohar One who wins over the mind.
Vatsal Someone who is very affectionate.
Devesh Revered by the Devas; Lord of all the Gods.
Mukund The one who liberates.
Anand Pure bliss; happiness.
Nand One who is liberated from all worldly pleasures.
Varun The Sun.
Pradyuman Someone extremely wealthy.
Veer The brave one.
Trilokesh King of all the three worlds.
Hari One who destroys.
Ananth One which is endless.
Stavya Someone who is praiseworthy.
Visham One who is equal to none.
Durjay One who cannot be conquered or defeated.
Durlabh One which is rare.
Arkah Someone who is in the guise of the sun.
Sulabh Always and anywhere available.
Suvrata One who has taken the most fortunate and favourable forms.
Ashvattas The tree of life; Banyan tree.

Names are an integral part of an individual’s life. They hold such importance that a naming ceremony is conducted to give a name to a newborn. In the Indian households, names of Gods and goddesses have a special place. This is the reason that at least one child in every Indian family has his name inspired by a God or Goddess. So, these were some baby boy names inspired by Lord Vishnu. Go ahead and choose one for your little one.

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