Tips for Couples to Stop Fighting Over Baby Name Selection

How to Stop Fighting With Hubby Over Naming your Baby

How do you choose a baby name without fighting? It takes compromise. The process is challenging and can test your patience. The key is to communicate and avoid fighting. Create a pool of names that both of you like before short-listing the best ones.

Naming your newborn baby can be tough. While your hubby might have his preferences, you’ll have yours. Coming to a middle-ground solution will help. Here are some strategies to employ to end the baby-naming war!

How to End the Baby-Naming War with Your Husband

1. Communicate

One way to resolve fighting over baby names is by discussing the kind of names you both agree on – traditional or more radical. Communicating with your partner on baby names is essential if you want to avoid a showdown. Explain why you don’t like a certain name he chose. Also, learn to listen to your partner when he states his reasons against a particular name. This will help the both of you to search for names that best suit the criteria laid down. Sometimes, you need to discuss names because they sound better than when put on paper. If it helps, make a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ list of baby names. An “absolutely not” list will also help put those names you both don’t like to rest once and for all. Go through each list before making the final shortlist.

2. Compromise

When naming babies, both of you need to come to a compromise. Don’t be a ‘wifezilla’ and demand that your husband follow your lead. If he objects, you need to take his ‘no’ into consideration. When you’re prepared to compromise, you’ll both settle on a universal name. If it lands up being a stalemate, choose a traditional name that works best. Sticking to traditional names is also safe in a way. Nobody will judge you for being experimental.

3. The Backup Plan

There are a number of moms and dads who believe in having a variety of options when baby names are concerned. This can provide a little more insight in the kind of name that you’ll eventually choose. Also, ask close friends and family members to pitch in their suggestions. Both of you can draw up lists and then have a discussion and choose a baby name without fighting. The extra help will always come in handy when choosing baby names. Besides, it will also give you so many more options of names to choose from.

4. Take Turns

If both of you happen to end up in a deadlock over names, it’s best you take turns. One of you can choose the first name while the other chooses the second. Since it’s the husband’s surname that sticks, you can choose the first name while he chooses the nickname. However, you may want to run the names past each other before finalizing on them. This is one of the best tips for couples to stop fighting over the baby name selection.

These tips should help you decide on a name without much hassle. However, if the stalemate ceases to end, try getting outside help. Sometimes, a different perspective is all you need to end the ongoing battle. Here’s hoping your little one is blessed with a beautiful name!

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