Top 100 Danish Last Names or Surnames With Meanings

Popular Danish Last Names or Surnames

Finding a name and surname for your baby can be a difficult process because you have to agree to the name of your spouse. Even though there are multiple names to pick from, a surname or last name is what makes the name to the next level. Many people look for names for their babies that are either easy to pronounce or spell or a combination of the two but it need not be like that. All names are beautiful in their own way. In our list, some of the surnames are long, which could give rise to epic nicknames and some are so short that they don’t need nicknames at all. Here is our long list of cool Danish baby last names or surnames.

Common Danish Surnames and Family Names With Meaning

1. Abel

This name has roots in Hebrew and it means “breath”.

2. Abrahamsen

Abrahamsen seems to be derived from Abraham. It could mean “father of many” from its Hebrew roots or it could be viewed as a biblical name as well. It means “many” or “multitude”.

3. Agard

This name has roots in Danish and Norwegian cultures. It is a habitational name and it means “farm by the stream”.

4. Andersen

This is a common last name in the Scandinavian region. It is of Danish and Norwegian cultures and means “son of Anders” which is in turn derived from the Greek name, Andreas.

5. Anker

It is a Metonymic surname for a “sailor”. It comes from the word Anchor.

6. Anthonsen

A variation of the name Antonsen. It means “son of Anthon”.

7. Antonsen

It is derived from the name Anton. Anton is a derivation of the Latin Antonius, an old Roman family name. There are many variations including Antonio, Antony amongst others but the name Anton means “invaluable”.

8. Asmus

This is a shortened version of the name Erasmus which means “to love”. The name has Germanic, Dutch, and Danish origins.

9. Anselm

Anselm has German roots and consists of the two words, and, and helm, which means “divinity” and “protection; helmet”. Hence, Anselm means “divine helmet”.

10. Axelsen

It is a patronymic version of the name Axel. Axel means differently in Old German and Swedish. In the former it means “Father of peace” and in the latter, it means “divine source of life”.

11. Beck

Beck is related to the last name Bach. It has multiple roots including Middle English, Low German, and Old Norse but in all the languages, it means “stream”.

12. Bergesen

This surname is a derivation of the name Bergerson which has Swedish roots. It comes from the first name Berger which means “one who saves or protects”.

13. Berntsen

Berntsen has roots in Norway and Denmark. It is derived from the name Bernt which is the Scandinavian form of the name Bernard. Berntsen means “Son of Bernt”.

14. Bille

This name is the altered version of the Danish noble name, Bielde. Bille used to be a personal name and in Old Norse, it means “axe”.

15. Bjornsen

This last name has been derived from the common name Bjorn which means “bold as a bear”.

16. Carlsen

Carlsen is a patronymic version of the name Carl. It has multiple roots lying in Danish, German, Norwegian, and Dutch cultures.

17. Carstensen

The name means “son of Carsten”.

18. Christensen

Another patronymic name means “son of Christen”, which is a common Danish variant of the name Christian.

19. Clausen

This surname in Danish means “son of Claus”. The name Claus is a German variant of the Greek name Nikolaos which means “victory of the people”.

20. Collin

Having multiple roots, this surname means “famous one”.

21. Dahl

This is one of the old Danish surnames which comes from Old Norse and means “valley”. The famous author Roald Dahl sports this surname.

22. Danielsen

It is a patronymic version of the given name Daniel. The surname is used in Danish, North German, and Norwegian cultures.

23. Davidsen

Again, a patronymic version of the popular Hebrew name, David. Davidsen means “son of David”.

24. Dastrup

This is a Danish surname that has a habitational derivation from the place, Dastrup.

25. Didriksen

It is from the Old High German Didrik, which means “king of nations”.

26. Detlefsen

Detlefsen means “son of Detlef” and is of Danish and North German origin, which means, “People heritage”. The famous NBA player Detlef Schrempf is a user of this name.

27. Eriksen

It means “son of Erik” and is derived from the Old Norse Eirikr which means “eternal ruler”.

28. Farver

It is a Danish occupational name of a dyer and means “color”.

29. Frandsen

Meaning “son of Frands”, it is a Danish variant of the first name Franz.

30. Fisker

In Danish, this surname means “fisherman”.

31. Filipsen

Filip is a variation of the commonly used Philip. It means “lover of horses” from its Greek origin.

32. Frederiksen

It means “son of Frederik” and also means “peaceful ruler”.

33. Gilberg

It is a Danish variant of a habitational name after several places called Gjelbjerg.

34. Gram

It has Latin, English, and Germanic roots which mean “grain”, “gray home” and “raven”, respectively.

35. Gunnarsen

Meaning “son of Gunnar”, the name is made up of two words that mean “war” and “warrior”.

36. Henriksen

Henriksen is one of the common Danish family names which means “son of Henrik”.

37. Hilner

It is a variant of the German ‘Hiller’ and means “someone who lives on a hill”.

38. Hansen

It means “son of Hans” which has German roots and means “gift of God”.

39. Iversen

It is Danish for “son of Iver” which is Old Norse for “bow warrior”.

40. Jakobsen

It means “son of Jakob”. It is a cognate of the name Jacob, used in Germany and other Nordic countries. The name means “supplanter”.

41. Johansen

The name means “son of Johan” which in turn means “God is gracious” and is a common Scandinavian surname.

42. Jensen

Meaning “son of Jens”, the name is derived from the given name, John.

43. Jeppesen

The name means “son of Jeppe” which is a Danish form of the name Jacob.

44. Jorgensen

Jorgensen means “son of Jorgen” and it is a derivation of the name George.

45. Kjaer

A topographical name meaning “carr” or marshy areas.

46. Klausen

Meaning “son of Klaus”. It is the Danish variant of the name Claus, which translates into “victor of the people”.

47. Knudsen

Derived from Old Norse, it means “knot”.

48. Kristiansen

Another patronymic name means “son of Kristian”.

49. Larsen

It means “son of Lars” which is a Scandinavian form of the name “Laurence”.

50. Lund

It is a topographic surname that refers to people who use to live by the grove.

51. Ludvigsen

Ludvig is a common given name which means “famous battle”. Ludvigsen means “son of Ludvig”.

52. Lykke

A Danish surname meaning “happiness”.

53. Madsen

It means “son of Mads” which in turn is a Danish nickname for the name Mathias.

54. Mikkelsen

Mikkel is the Danish form of the name Michael. Mikkelsen means “son of Mikkel”.

55. Mogensen

The Danish variant of the name Magnus, Mogen means “great” and Mogensen is a surname which means “son of Mogen”.

56. Mose

It has Hebrew roots which mean “drawn out of the water”.

57. Nielsen

This last name means “son of Niels”. Niels is the Danish version of Nicholas. Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist is a famous moniker of this name.

58. Nissen

Nis is short for the name Nicholas. Nissen means “son of Nis”.

59. Norgaard

A habitational surname which means “north farm”.

60. Olsen

Olsen or “Son of Ole” is the Danish form of the name Olaf.

61. Oster

It is Danish and refers to someone who lives on the eastern side of a place.

62. Overby

A habitational surname from any of the multiple farmsteads.

63. Ostergaard

Another habitational surname means “east of the farm”.

64. Ottosen

It means “son of Otto”. Otto has Later German roots and means “wealth”.

65. Pallesen

The name means “son of Palle”. Palle is a Danish diminutive of Paul.

66. Paske

Variant spelling of the name Pask. It is a Danish variant of the Latin name Paschalis.

67. Paulsen

Meaning “son of Paul”. The name Paul has Latin origins and means “small” or “humble”.

68. Pedersen

“Son of Peder”, which is a variant of the name Peter.

69. Pelle

This last name is Latin for “rock/stone”.

70. Poulsen

The name means “son of Poul”.

71. Quist

Having Swedish roots, the name means “twig”.

72. Randrup

The name is derived from homesteads in Denmark.

73. Rasmussen

It means “son of Rasmus”, which is short for Erasmus.

74. Riber

The habitational name refers to a person who comes from a town called Ribe.

75. Robertsen

Meaning “son of Robert”.

76. Ronne

A habitational name from a place called Ronne which could possibly mean “swamp”.

77. Sander

A derivation of the name Alexander, and means “man’s defender”.

78. Schmidt

An occupational surname for a blacksmith or metal worker.

79. Silberg

A Danish surname which is habitational, from the place called Silberg.

80. Simonsen

“Son of Simon, this surname is derived from the given name Simon, meaning, “hearkening” or “listening”.

81. Skovgaard

It is derived in Danish from two words, Skov and guard meaning “wood/forest” and “farm/yard”.

82. Sondergaard

A habitational name meaning “southern farm”.

83. Steensen

The name means “son of Steen”. Steen is the Danish cognate of the name Sten, which means “stone” in Old Norse.

84. Steffensen

Steffensen is the Danish variation of Stephen meaning “crown”.

85. Stenberg

Stenberg is a popular Danish last name and means “stone” and “mountain”.

86. Strand

It is Old Norse for “beach” or “seashore”. It was used by people living near the ocean.

87. Svendsen

Meaning “son of Svend”. It is derived from the name Sven, which is Old Norse for “boy”.

88. Thomassen

Meaning “son of Thomas”, which has Greek origins.

89. Thomsen

It means “son of Thomas” and is a variation of Thomassen.

90. Thorn

The surname comes from a person who used to live near a thorn bush.

91. Thorsen

The name means “son of Thor”. Thor is the “God of Thunder” in Norse mythology.

92. Troelsen

Troel is the Danish version of the name Porgisl, which means “Thor’s shaft”.

93. Traegersen

Traeger is of German origin and means “someone who carries something”.

94. Valtersen

The surname Valter has Swedish origins and is unique in Danish culture. The name means “strong fighter, warrior”.

95. Vang

Vang is a Danish variant of Wang which is Old Norse for “grassy slope”.

96. Vernersen

The name means “son of Verner”. Verner is the Scandinavian rendition of the name Werner, which means “guard”.

97. Vinter

This is a Scandinavian variation of Winter, mostly used in Denmark and Sweden.

98. Winther

This is a Danish variation of Winter.

99. Wolff

Derived from Middle or High German and refers to the animal, Wolf.

100. Wilfredsen

The name means “son of Wilfred” and has Germanic roots meaning “resolute peace”.

Danish surnames always sound cool no matter where they are from. In case you are looking to educate yourself on different kinds of Danish surnames, we hope our list of Danish surnames had enough and more options to provide you with a starting point. The majority of Danish names, as you may have noticed, are based on patronymics while others are derived from places, geography, etc. Although in 1820, the tradition of having patronymic surnames was outlawed, they came back in about 50 years’ time. These surnames also give rise to some epic nicknames that stick with people for the course of their lives. Hope you enjoyed our list!

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