Johnathan Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Johnathan Name Meaning and Origin

It’s natural to ponder over name choices for your baby when you want to keep it unique and beautiful. Johnathan is one such name that has a beautiful meaning and a nice ring to it. However, very few people have this name, implying its occasional use. This does not do justice to this beautiful name which has its roots in Hebrew origin.

What Does Johnathan Mean?

A variant of the spelling Jonathan and an extension of the name John, Johnathan is a unique combination of both. The meaning of Johnathan, “God has given” or “gift of God,” stems from Hebrew. Its connection with the Bible is eminent since the name’s variant, Jonathan, means “Jehovah has given.” Jonathan is the eldest son of King Sau, known for his generosity and manliness and received characteristics similar to his father. This name having an extra “h” from its variant separates it from the common name Jonathan.


The origin of the name Johnathan is from Hebrew, meaning God’s gift. Its meaning is derived from “Yeho,” a Hebrew God, and “Natan,” meaning to give. The name originated from the Hebrew word Yehonatan which contracted to Yonatan.




  • John-na-than
  • Jah-nah-than
  • Joh-nah-than
  • Joh-neh-thun


3 syllables


9 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

A name has different spellings all over the world. It also depends on the culture, religion, and nationalities, among other factors. Other spellings for Johnathan give insightful information regarding the name. Therefore, some of the Johnathan name variations are as follows:

Name Origin
Jehonathan Biblical
Jonathan Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish
Jonathon Hebrew
Jonatan German, Polish, Spanish, and Norwegian
Johnathon Hebrew
Yoni Hebrew
Yehonatan Hebrew
Ionathan Biblical Latin and Greek
Gionata Italian
Jónatas Portuguese

How Popular Is the Name Johnathan?

Over the last couple of decades, the popularity of the name Johnathan has been gradually decreasing. According to the Johnathan popularity index, the name was among the top 200 names in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. The name was the most popular in the 1980s, ranked at 128, followed by the 1990s when it ranked 131. However, the name has not entered the top 100 list. As per the Social Security Administration (SSA), Johnathan ranked 157 in 2000, followed by 166 in 2001 and 171 in 2002.

A steady decrease in the Johnathan baby name ranking continued, and it ranked 200 in 2008. The demand for the name further declined in 2012 where it crossed the 250 rank threshold. The ranking of the name entered 300 after 2014. According to SSA data, the name Johnathan ranked 388 in 2019, followed by 418 in 2020. This implies the fading popularity of the name in the last ten years. However, in recent years, individuals have been more inclined towards giving their children a unique name that stands apart in the crowd. Due to this, there is a probability of the name making a comeback shortly.

Interest in Johnathan – Worldwide

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As per the last ten years, the interest in Johnathan has moved towards the downwards direction. Despite its fading popularity, the name has ranked mostly above 50. The name was the most popular in July 2011 when it reached a rank of 100. The peak in the name’s interest was observed in October 2015, followed by in August 2019. Its lowest record was in May 2021.

Interest in Johnathan – US

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The interest in the name Johnathan in the US has remained above 35 in the last ten years. This suggests the rare usage of the name, with it reaching its lowest rank in March 2020. However, the name peaked in August 2019 with a rank of 100.

Popularity of the name Johnathan


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Johnathan – Worldwide

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The search trends for the name Johnathan worldwide show that it is the most searched in Australia with a rank of 100, followed by the United States with 82. New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Ireland are the rest three countries among the top 5 where it is the most searched.

Search trends of Johnathan – US

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In the US, the search trends for the name Johnathan are observed in Mississippi with a rank of 100; South Carolina in the second position with a rank of 87. The other three cities among the top 5 are Tennessee, North Carolina, and Louisiana, respectively, where this name is the most searched.

Middle Names That Go With Johnathan

Choosing a middle name that goes well with the first name is essential for maintaining the natural flow of your child’s name. This helps in preserving the beauty of the name. This brings us to this list with some of the famous double names with Johnathan:

Joseph Graham
Miles James
Russell Allen
Isaac Bennett
Paul Matthias
Wesley Hale
Asher Keith
Charles Daniel
Samuel Shepard
Frederick Henry

Famous People Named Johnathan

The popularity of a name rises when celebrities have the same name. It motivates parents to name their children after the same name. Therefore, this list comprises of the famous people called Johnathan:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Johnathan Abram American football player
Johnathan Franklin American football player
Johnathan Hankins American football defensive tackle
Johnathan Loyd American professional basketball player
Johnathan Thurston Australian professional rugby league footballer
Johnathan Joseph American football player cornerback
Johnathan Gray American football running back
Johnathan Carlos Pereira Brazilian footballer
Johnathan Williams American college basketball player
Johnathan Pryce Welsh actor

Similar Names & Last Names

You can find baby names like Johnathan with similar meanings among many first, middle, or last names. Some of the family names for Johnathan and other names for Johnathan are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Nathaniel Gabriel
Theo Adam
Mateo Caleb
Jeramiah George
Zebadiah Robert
Mikelle David
Mikah Silas
Neo Jack
Mehir Wyatt
Mathew Hunter

Names That Sound Like Johnathan

The name Johnathan has numerous variations with a similar sound. Using such names can act as an alternative for the name. Some of the names that rhyme with Johnathan are:

Ethan Jaythan
Coltan Eltan
Aithan Jathan
Haythan Dathan
Keaton Tristan
Cathan Keathan
Ruthan Statham
Zethan Jythan

Sibling Names Related to Johnathan

Selecting sibling names with Johnathan is essential since it helps maintain harmony among all your children’s names. In respect to this, the suitable sibling names for Johnathan include:

Sister Names for Johnathan Brother Names for Johnathan
Sophia Nicholas
Abigail Aiden
Natalie Archer
Olivia William
Kristin Elijah
Samantha Lucas
Hannah Benjamin
Rebecca Thomas
Sarah Logan
Anna Christopher

Nicknames for Johnathan

Nicknames are a fantastic way to call your child affectionately. These nicknames are given by loved ones and are usually used instead of the real name. Some of the nicknames for Johnathan are:

John Nathan
Johnny Natty
Jon Nath
Joe Yoni
Jonty Nat
Jona Jay
Jonath Nate


The name Johnathan stems from Hebrew and has Biblical connotations. Despite its beautiful meaning, the name has not reached peak popularity and has dropped in ranking. However, celebrities and influencers with the same name can increase the name’s use. Moreover, the inclination towards distinctive names can also lead to its increased use in the upcoming decade.


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