Top 70 Boy Names That Start With "Cas"

70 Names Starting With ‘Cas’ for Boys

A good name is the easiest way to draw attention. A name can represent historical lineage, a person’s aspirations, and one’s unique characteristics. With the unprecedented growth of social media and mobile technology, our names become immortal in the virtual world. Hence, a naming ceremony is considered to be an auspicious occasion where parents choose the best name for their beloved newborn child. Meaningful names shape our personality and become a part of our identity. It will always be an everlasting testament of who we are. Baby boy names that begin with ‘Cas’ started being used from the 1940s up to 1980s. However, they are emerging to be quite popular among parents in recent times. This handpicked list of the best boy names starting with ‘Cas’ that would surely make your child proud of your unique choice of name for him.

Boy Names That Start With ‘Cas’ With Meanings

Here are some of the stylish boy names starting with Cas with their meanings that would assist parents in naming their beloved child.

1. Cas

This short name of Dutch origin means ‘imperial’. Cas in Welsh means’ legendary son of Seidi’.

2. Casandro

Originating from Old Greek, this name means ‘a hero’s brother’.

3. Casar

Casar originates from Latin and mainly used in Slavic languages. A variant of the word Caesar, Casar means ‘head of hair or long-haired’ ‘a ruler’.

4. Casare

This name has Latin roots and means ‘he who was cut out of the womb’.

5. Casca

Casca has a Latin origin and means’ dreamy’ in Italian.

6. Cascade

This name has a French origin, and it means ‘a waterfall’.

7. Cascadia

Derived from Latin origin, this unisex name is a variant of Cascade. It means ‘a falling’, ‘a waterfall’.

8. Case

Case is an English name, which means ‘bringer of peace’.

9. Caseareo

Pronounced KEYSIHEHR-ow, this name has a Latin and Italian origin. It means ‘long-haired’.

10. Casee

Casee is derived from the Irish surname O Cathasaigh, and it means ‘brave and vigilant.’

 11. Casen

Used mainly in English, this name refers to a ‘descendant of Cathasaigh’.

12. Casey

Derived from Irish Gaelic name Cathasaigh, Casey is a unisex name that means ‘watchful’, or ‘vigilant’.

13. Cash

Cash originates from Slavic, Old Persian, and Latin languages, and means’ empty’, ‘vain’ or ‘keeper of treasures’. Due to its monetary connotations, this name is widely used among celebrities.

14. Cashel

Originating from the Irish language, Cashel means ‘fortress’ or ‘stone castle’. It may also refer to ‘a man from Cashel’.

15. Cashi

Pronounced as Kae-SHiy, Cashi is widely used in Spanish. A variant of Casimir, this name means ‘destroyer’ or ‘declaration of peace’.

16. Cashlin

Cashlin has Irish roots, and means’ little castle’.

17. Cashos

A derivative of the name Cassius, Cashos has a Latin origin. It means ’empty’ or ‘vain’.

18. Cashton

Cashton has an English origin, and it means ‘ash tree town’ or ‘gift to the world’.

19. Cashus

This name has a Latin origin, and it means ’empty’ or ‘vain’.

20. Casiano

Originating from Latin, Casiano is an unusual name that means ‘he who is equipped with a helmet’.

21. Casidy

Casidy has a Celtic origin, and it refers to ‘a descendant of Caiside’. Other meanings of this name are ‘clever’ or curly-haired.’

22. Casildo

Pronounced as KaaSiyLDow, this name is of Arabic origin. It means ‘a youth that carries the lance’.

23. Casim

This name is a variation of the Arabic or African name Kasim, and it means ‘controller of anger’.

24. Casimier

This name has a Slavic origin, and it means ‘declaration of peace’.

25. Casimir

This name of Polish origin means ‘proclamation of peace’. In Slavic, it means ‘peaceful’.

26. Casimiro

A variation of Casimir, this name means ‘bringer of peace’.

27. Casino

This name of Italian origin means ‘a house’. It is derived from the Italian word ‘casa’ meaning ‘house’.

28. Casiodoro

This name has an Old Greek origin, and it means ‘gift from a friend’.

29. Casir

This Arabic name is a variant of the name Kasir, and it means ‘abundant’.

30. Caskey

This name of Norse origin, this patronymic name is an anglicised form of the Gaelic name Mac Ascaidh, meaning ‘the son of Ascaidh’.

31. Cason

This name of Scottish and Old English origin means ‘son of the marsh-dwellers’.

32. Caspar

This popular biblical name is derived from Chaldean, and it means ‘treasurer’. Several cultures have adopted this beautiful name.

33. Casper

Casper means ‘treasurer’ in Persian, and is derived from Gaspard in French.

34. Caspian

Derived from English origin, Caspian was named after the city of Qazvin in Iran which in turn got its name from the ancient Cas tribe. It means ‘one from the Caspian Sea’.

35. Cass

This unisex name has a Latin and Persian origin, and means’ curly-headed’,’ clever,’ or ‘ingenious’. It is a variant of Cassius in Latin.

36. Cassadee

Originating from the Celtic language, this name means ‘descendant of Caiside.’

37. Cassander

Meaning ‘light of man’, or ‘brother of heroes’, this Greek name belonged to the king of Macedon and it dates back to 3rd century BC.

38. Cassandero

This name used in Spanish or Greek languages, and it means ‘brother of heroes’.

39. Cassedie

A variant of Cassidy, this Celtic name means ‘descendant of Caiside’.

40. Cassedy

This name of Irish, Welsh, and Gaelic origin means ‘ingenious, clever’.

41. Cassell

Derived from Anglo-Norman French ‘Castel’, it means the medieval ‘castle’ or ‘fortified building’. It can also refer to ‘one who owns many castles’.

42. Cassem

This name of Arabic origin, Cassem means ‘grateful’.

43. Casshe

This name of Latin origin means ‘vain’.

44. Cassian

Derived from Latin, Cassian is the name of a clan of saints. It refers to the patron saint of stenographers.

45. Cassidy

This name of Gaelic origin means ‘clever’ or ‘curly-headed’ in Irish.

46. Cassiel

This name of Latin origin, Cassiel means ‘angel of Saturday’ or ‘God’s speed’. Cassiel was an archangel who watches over Capricorns.

47. Cassio

This name of Latin origin means ’empty’ or ‘hollow’.

48. Cassius

Pronounced Kash-us, Cassius has a Latin origin and means’ empty,’ ‘narcissistic,’ or ‘hollow’.

49. Cassivellaunus

This Celtic name has a mention in the Arthurian legend. It means ‘leader’, ‘sovereign’.

50. Casso

This name of Italian origin means ‘one who lives in the manor house’.

51. Casson

This name of Scottish origin is a variant of the name Cason, and it means ‘son of the marsh-dwellers’.

52. Casta

This name of Spanish origin means ‘pure’.

53. Castana

This name of Old Greek origin means ‘beaver’.

54. Castano

This name comes from the Spanish and Galician word that means ‘chestnut tree.’ It can also refer to someone who lived by such a tree. It is a habitational name derived from Castanea in Latin.

55. Castel

This unisex name of Spanish origin means ‘to the castle’. It is derived from the Latin word Castellum.

56. Caster

This English baby name for boys means ‘a man from the Roman camp’.

57. Castiel

A variant of Cassiel, Castiel is a biblical name which means ‘shield of God’ in Hebrew.

58. Castin

This name of English origin refers to a ‘good-natured, sensitive, energetic, and able person’. It also means ‘the light within’.

59. Castol

Castol originates from Latin, and it is a variant of the name Castel. This name means ‘belonging to the castle.’

60. Castor

Derived from the Greek origin, Castor means ‘beaver’. In Greek and Roman mythology, Castor was one of the two patron gods of seafarers.

61. Castorio

Originating from Old Greek, this name means ‘beaver’.

62. Castrense

This name of Latin origin means ‘castle’.

63. Castro

This traditional name means ‘walled city’ or ‘fortress,’ and was generally given to people living in Northern Portugal.

64. Castulo

Derived from Old Greek, this name is a variant of the name Casto, and it means ‘beaver’.

65. Castur

A variant of Castor, this name has an Old Greek origin, and means ‘beaver’.

66. Castyll

This name of Latin origin means ‘castle’.

67. Casukhela

This Christian name refers to the ‘son of Cadan’ or ‘youthful and brave fighter’.

68. Caswell

This English habitational name comes from English ‘cress’ and ‘well’ or ‘spring’. Caswell means ‘one who is from watercress.’

69. Casworon

A variant of Casworon, this Christian name means ‘battle hero’.

70. Caswyn

Pronounced Kaz-win, Caswyn is a Cornish name derived from the combination of the words, Cad meaning’ battle’ and Gwen meaning’ holy or shining’. It means ‘a friend from the well’.

Names that start with ‘Cas’ were quite popular in the 1980s and are still quite widespread these days. We hope that this list of interesting names beginning with ‘Cas’ helps you pick a beautiful name for your little prince!

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