Top 50 Sassy Girl Names With Meanings

50 Sassy Names for Girls

When parents are blessed with a baby girl or her arrival is confirmed, they start searching for a beautiful name for their princess. They want a name that is unique and has a personality they want their young one to have. Well then, what could work better than a sassy moniker! A sassy name is different, full of attitude, and perfect for a child with a strong personality. Here, we present 50 sassy names for you to choose from for your little diva.

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50 Sassy Girl Names With Meanings

Parents search heaven and earth to find the perfect name for their little princess. Nothing is good enough for their precious daughter. Their daughter, though so little still is unique, and only a sassy name would suit her personality.

Here are some of the popular sassy baby girl names with meanings:

1. Amber

Amber is a beautiful English female name which means “fossilized tree resin”, considered as precious as a jewel.

2. Arden

The name Arden, which is of English origin and means “valley of the eagle; high,” is used both for boys and girls.

3. Aubrey

The name Aubrey, meaning “elf ruler,” is of French and English origin. In England throughout the Middle Ages, Aubrey was a popular male name; it wasn’t until the 1970s that it rose to popularity as a girl name.

4. Beatrix

This Latin origin name is a popular character of Harry Potter movies. The sassy name means “she who brings happiness”.

5. Bianca

A female given name from an Italian word meaning “white”.

6. Brittany

The first name of the singing icon, Brittany Spears, is a perfect sassy name for girls. The name originated in Britain and means “she who was born on the island of Britain”.

7. Brooke

This single syllable sassy girl’s name means “small stream” and is of English origin.

8. Brynn

Brynn is a single syllable female name meaning “fresh and breezy”. The name originated from the Welsh male name Bryn meaning “a hill”.

9. Chloe

This unique girl’s name is of Greek origin and means “blooming or verdant”. Chloe or Khloe is the name of the Greek Goddess of agriculture and fertility.

10. Darcy

Darcy is a cute sassy girl’s name meaning “dark or from the forest”. The name is of Irish origin and is perfect for a spunky little girl.

11. Georgina

This is the perfect name for a spirited sassy girl. The name is the female version of the English origin male name “George”, meaning “farmer”.

12. Gia

Gia is an Italian-origin female name meaning “God’s gracious gift”.

13. Harlow

An English place name and surname combined to create the given name Harlow, which means “rock hill” or “army hill”.

14. Hazel

The name Hazel is both a boy’s and girl’s name of English origin meaning “the hazelnut tree”.

15. Isla

The term Isla has Spanish roots, which means “island”.

16. Josie

Josie is a girl’s name that originates from the Hebrew name Yosef, meaning “God will add or increase”.

17. Kennedy

The name Kennedy is of Irish and Scottish origin.i It denotes “a malformed head or a chief wearing a helmet”.

18. Kimora

Kimora is a unique, sassy female name that is inspired by the classic name Kim. It means “brave” or “righteous”, perfect for a fearless girl.

19. Laila

The name Leila or Laila means “night” or “dark” in Hebrew and Arabic.  It is frequently given to girls born at night to denote “daughter of the night.”

20. Lauren

French in origin, the name Lauren is generally given to kids of any gender. However, nobody can agree on the exact meaning of the name Lauren. The word has been translated as “knowledge” or “laurel plant.”

21. Lola

This is a beautiful girl’s name of Spanish origin. The name has a sassy vibe to it, but ironically means “Lady of sorrow”.

22. Macy

This is one of the short and cute sassy girl names of Gaul/French origin meaning a “weapon”.

23. Mila

Mila is a gorgeous female name, which is the shorter moniker of the name Amelia meaning “to work”. The name also has a Slavic origin and means “dear” or “gracious”.

24. Naomi

This beautiful name is of Hebrew origin and means “pleasant” and “delightful”.

25. Olivia

Olivia is a Greek origin girls name meaning “olive tree”. The name was made popular by Shakespeare’s book Twelfth Night.

26. Ophelia

Ophelia is a fantastic choice for a name. The name is most well-known as the title of Shakespeare’s tragic heroine in his play “Hamlet,” although it is most likely derived from the ancient Greek “ōphéleia”, which means “help” or “benefit.”

27. Paris

Paris is another popular name for girls inspired by a popular reality show star, Paris Hilton.

28. Paige

Paige is a gender-neutral name of French origin, meaning “young servant.”

29. Pepper

The name Pepper is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of English origin meaning “berry”.

30. Phoebe

Every Friends fan loves the name, Phoebe. The sassy name is of Greek origin and means “radiant” or “the shining one”.

31. Piper

Piper is an adorable female name. It is an occupational name referring to a person who plays the flute or the pipe.

32. Pippa

This female name of English origin means “lover of the horse”. The name has an adorable and a sassy vibe to it, doesn’t it?

33. Poppy

The feminine name Poppy has old English and Latin roots. The name designates a specific kind of flower.

34. Roxy

Roxy is one of the sassiest names for baby girls. It means “she glows like the dawn”.

35. Rose

The Latin etymology of the name Rose is “rose, a flower.”

36. Ruby

The Latin words “ruber,” “rubrum,” and “rubinous,” all of which imply “red,” are the source of the name Ruby, which translates as “precious red stone.”

37. Sabrina

The name originated in Celtic mythology, meaning “from the River Severn”, the longest river in Great Britain.

38. Scarlett

Scarlett is a girl’s name of French origin, meaning “red.”

39. Serena

Serena is a name for a female. The Latin word sernus, which means “clear, quiet, and serene,” is the source of the name.

40. Sierra

Sierra is a Spanish name meaning “saw” or “from the jagged mountain range”. This sassy moniker is the name of many celebrities.

41. Sophia

Sophia is a traditional Greek name that conveys sophistication and beauty and means “knowledge.”

42. Tasha

This cute and sassy variation of the popular name Natasha is of Russian origin. The name originated from the female name Natalya/Natalia, meaning “birthday of the Lord” or “born on Christmas”.

43. Tori

The name Tori is primarily a female name of English origin that means “winner or conqueror”.

44. Vada

Vada is a unique female name with a German origin. It means “the famous ruler”.

45. Venus

Venus is the perfect sassy name for baby girls. The name of one of the solar system planets is a reference to feminine nature. In Greek, the name also means “Goddess of Love”.

46. Veronica

The popular sassy name originated from Bernice, a Latin name meaning “she who brings victory” or “true image”.

47. Vivi

This edgy name is the shorter variation of Vivien or Viveca and means “life”.

48. Whitney

The name earlier started as a surname but steadily became a popular choice of the first name for baby girls. It is of English origin and means “White Island”.

49. Willow

This unique female name is of English origin and means “slender” or “graceful”. The name is derived from the willow tree, which has a slender shape and graceful branches.

50. Xena

This name has a sassy tone and is quite famous in the list of names for baby girls. It is Greek, meaning “guest” or “welcoming”.

Parents always want a unique name for their little girl. Till they have selected one, they keep searching for one that is lively, suits their little angel’s personality, and compliments her. This list of sassy names for baby girls will help you choose one she will cherish all her life.

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