50 Cute Girly Girl Names & Their Meanings

In the rising trend of giving more masculine names to girls, a feminine name would be like a breath of fresh air. The frilly and flowery tone of these girly girl names is enchanting and filled with grace and charm. The names which are listed here have an aura of mystery. They also give you a feel of girl power and their immense inner and outer beauty.

Girly Baby Names for Girls

Girly girl names are mostly associated with long names. When longer names roll out of your tongue they sound girlier than the shorter ones. But that does not mar the beauty and effect of short girly names which can be both girly and cute. So we have here a blend of long and short names, the common thing being that they are all very feminine and girly.

1. Adriana

This name has Latin origin and comes from the word “hadrianus”. Hadria was a place and the name means someone from Hadria.

2. Alexandrea

A name of Greek origin, this means “protector of humanity”. It is the feminine version of the famous name Alexander.

3. Anastasia

This name has roots in Russia and means “resurrection”. A charming name with a gentle feminine feel, this would suit your beautiful girl.

4. Annamaria

This name has German origin and means “bitter grace”. It is said that people with this name are very compassionate.

5. April

Apart from being the name of a month, this Latin name also means “to open”. A name with a flair, a perfect fit for your fun girl.

6. Arabella

This has Latin origin and comes from the word “orabilis” which means “to pray”. A pretty name for a pretty girl like yours.

7. Arianna

This name has Greek roots and it signifies“chaste”. This is a beautiful name with deep meaning, very suitable for your princess.

8. Barbie

Made famous by the doll Barbie, what could be more girly than this? This sweet sounding name has English and Greek origins and means “foreign”.

9. Bella

A very sweet and short name with a feminine touch. This has Italian origin and means “beautiful”. So apt for your little girl.

10. Bianca

A shiny name for the little shiny girl of yours. It literally means “shine” and has Italian origin.

11. Carla

It is a German name and a female form of Carl. It means “free woman” and a real sassy name for your spunky girl.

12. Carolina

The name has many roots like German, Spanish, Dutch, and Czech. It is also an English name which means “song of joy”. A joyful name for your joyous girl, with a girly touch to it.

13. Catherine

It means “pure” and has a French origin. It is taken from the Latin name “Katharina” and has a saintly feel to it.

14. Charlotte

It has a French name and means “petite”. It’s male form is Charles. This has a delicate touch that will suit your delicate darling perfectly.

15. Chloe

This has Greek origin and means “young green shrub”. This name with a romantic touch stands for season spring and everything new in life.

16. Clarissa

With German, English, Portuguese, and Latin roots this name has several meanings. In English, it means “bright and shiny”. Definitely, a name befitting the bright girl you have.

17. Dahlia

It is the name of a flower and has a Scandinavian origin. People who don this name turn out to be someone who inspires others.

18. Daisy

A flowery and girly name, it means “day’s eye” and is also the name of a flower. It has Old English roots.

19. Desiree

It means “desire”. It is an enchanting name with French origin, with a melodious ring to it.

20. Dominique

It means “the one who belongs to God”. This name has a feminine touch with flair. It has roots in French language.

21. Evangeline

This name has Latin and Greek origins. In Greek it means “harbinger of good news” and in Latin, it means “teachings of Christ”. Both the meanings are beautiful and apt for your baby girl.

22. Evie

A short name that oozes feminine charm, this has Hebrew origin and means “life”. Your girl has surely brought a new life to you and completely deserving of this name.

23. Felicity

It means “fortune” and has Old French as well as Latin origins. The name spells feline grace.

24. Francesca

An Italian name by origin, it signifies someone who is free. Your free spirited girl will suit this name a lot.

25. Francine

A feminine version of the name Francis, it has Latin origins. It means “free person”.

26. Gabriela

It has Hebrew origin and is the female form of Gabriel. It means “God’s strong one”. People with this name are born leaders.

27. Gina

This name with Italian origins means “queen”. A short form of Regina, it has its own beauty and sweetness.

28. Hannah

This has Hebrew origins and means “grace”. A name with grace in it is bound to grow your girl into a graceful lady.

29. Harmony

It is an English word which means “peace”. It also has Greek roots where it is the name of the goddess of happy marriages.

30. Isabella

This name has Italian origins. It means “made sacred by God”. This name has old world charm and a deep meaning which will make this a good choice for your girl’s name.

31. Isadora

The name has Greek and Latin origins. It means “Gift of Isis” where Isis is an ancient goddess in Egyptian mythology.

32. Jasinda

A name from Portugal, it has lovely connotations and is taken from the name of a flower “Jacinta”.

33. Jasmine

A flowery name which has Persian origins. It has a lady like grace and a sonorous name for your girl.

34. Layla

This is an Arabic name and means “dark night”. A lilting name with an aura of mystery will really suit your girl.

35. Magdalena

It has Spanish origin and depicts a woman from the place Magdala. People with this name are very ordered and disciplined in life.

36. Marianna

This name is a variant of Marian which in turn comes from Mary. This has French origins and one of its meanings is “sea”.

37. Mia

A name which one uses to address their beloved. It has Italian and Scandinavian origins and means “mine”. This name has a sense of belonging to it.

38. Natalia

A name with Russian and Latin origins is apt for someone who is born around Christmas time as it literally means “born during Christmas”.

39. Ophelia

This name has Greek origin and means “help”. Your girl will be your help and friend for life so giving here this name is quite meaningful.

40. Penelope

This has Greek origin and can mean many things. As per mythology, it was the name of the wife of King Odysseus. One of its meanings is “weaver”.

41. Peyton

This name is used a lot in english speaking countries. It comes from a surname which was derived from a town.

42. Pixie

This name has a mystical charm to it. It means a “small fairy” and has many origins namely; Celtic, Cornish and Swedish.

43. Priscilla

This has English origin and means “ancient”. The name is very frilly and pretty.

44. Scarlett

Who does not remember the famous “Scarlett O’Hara”! A spunky and feminine name that has English origin and it denotes someone who sells rich and bright colored fabric.

45. Seraphina

This name has Hebrew origin and means “burning one”. This passionate and fiery name is something your baby girl would be very proud of once she grows.

46. Sophia

This name originated in Greece and means “wisdom”. It has a sophisticated feel to it.

47. Valentina

This name has Latin origin and means “health”. The name also has roots in Greek and Russian cultures.

48. Vienna

A dutch name which has come from “vedunia”. The literal meaning is “stream in the forest”.

49. Vivienne

This has French origin and means “lively”. Certainly a befitting name for your girl full of mirth and laughter.

50. Zoey

This means “life” and has a Greek origin.

The long names have the advantage of having many shorter versions. So pick up and name from this list and have many sweet shorter versions of it to call your little princess.

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