Kevin Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Kevin Name Meaning and Origin

The name Kevin was widely popular in our previous generation. It was a common name among our fathers and uncles. However, with time, the popularity of this name significantly declined. While the name was popular from the 1940s to the 1970s, it lost its popularity and usage in the present times. This does not do justice to this unique name.

What Does Kevin Mean?

Parents consider various factors when it comes to naming their children. The meaning of a name and its pronunciation are some of them. The meaning of Kevin is “handsome” and “beautiful at birth” in Irish. In Celtic, the name means “handsome” and “lovable,” whereas, in Scottish, the name means “good looking” and “fair.” In America, the name denotes the “little one,” and in Gaelic, the name means “gentle” and “lovable.” Therefore, the name has a beautiful meaning in several cultures.


The name Kevin is of Irish origin where it comes from the Irish name “Cóemgein.” This name came from two words- “Cóem,” which means kind, handsome, or gentle, and “Gein,” which means birth. The popularity of the name descendent from the seventh century Saint named Kevin, who was the founder of a scholastic monastery near Dublin. He was made the city’s patron saint, resulting in the name’s popularity.




  • Keh-vin
  • Ke-vihn
  • Kev-in


2 syllables


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Numerous variations to a name suggest the trends among different cultures, religions, and nationalities. The Kevin name variations denote how the name transcends barriers and cultures. Therefore, some of the other spellings for Kevin and their origin are:

Name Origin
Caoimhín Irish
Kevyn English
Kyven Puerto Rican
Kévin French
Cóemgein Irish
Kevonne English
Kevan Irish
Kevis Gaelic
Kevon Irish
Keveon Gaelic

How Popular Is the Name Kevin?

The popularity of the name Kevin has been gradually diminishing over the last decade. The name experienced significant popularity from the 1940s; however, it began losing its charm in the present time. The Kevin popularity index states that the name was among the top 50 list from 2000 to 2009. As derived from the data from Social Security Administration, the name slipped from the list as mentioned above from 2010 where it ranked 58. The fading of the name continued where it ranked 69 in 2012, followed by 70 in 2014.

Despite the beautiful meaning of the name, the Kevin baby name ranking has considerably decreased. According to the SSA data, the downward curve of the name’s popularity suggests it’s not being used by parents as much as it used to be. The name further declined in 2016, when it ranked 90, followed by 101 in 2017. This name has ranked 149 in 2019 and has surpassed 150 by ranking 156 in 2020. Therefore, the dwindling popularity of the name implies its considerably less usage. However, the younger generation is focused on naming their children with meaningful names. Therefore, this name has the probability of making a comeback in the future.

Interest in Kevin – Worldwide

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According to the world name trends, the interest in the name Kevin has never remained consistent. Its rank has always been over 40, which indicates its popularity, although it has dipped in September and October 2020. The interest in the name was the most in April 2013, followed by May 2021, which shows the name’s potential towards the upward direction.

Interest in Kevin – US

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As per the US trends, the interest in ‘Kevin’ has had a mixed response over the last ten years. The name reached its highest peak in April 2013 and dipped the lowest in April 2020. The popularity of the name has increased and decreased; however, it has maintained a rank over 20.

Popularity of the name Kevin


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Kevin – Worldwide

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The search trends of the world show that Ireland is the country which has shown the most interest in the name. The name is also popular in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, followed by Australia.

Search trends of Kevin – US

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The top five cities in the US where the name Kevin is the most searched are Louisiana, the District of Columbia, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Massachusetts. This indicates the name being the most popular in these cities compared to the rest of the states in the US.

Middle Names That Go With Kevin

Selecting a middle name for your child should be done with proper consideration. A middle name is as important as the first one and should maintain consistency with the first name. Therefore, some of the double names with Kevin include:

Edward Reed
River Gray
Wesley James
Ray August
Jude Allen
Lawrence Griffin
Milo Cassidy
Wilder Chase
Ansel Marshall
Hartley Alistair

Famous People Named Kevin

Often parents choose the name of their child based on their favorite celebrities. Hence, popular people have an exceptional influence on the names of the future generation. Some of the famous people called Kevin are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Kevin Dillon American actor
Kevin Kline American actor and singer
Kevin Hart American actor and comedian
Kevin Hingerl German footballer
Kevin Reynolds Canadian figure skater
Kevin Costner American actor and filmmaker
Kevin Moran Irish footballer
Kevin Rolland French freestyle skier
Kevin Ayers English songwriter
Kevin Moon Canadian singer and artist

Similar Names & Last Names

There are various alternatives to a name with the same meaning. Similarly, baby names like Kevin have different variations which have similar meanings. Therefore, some of the similar other names for Kevin and family names for Kevin are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Keane Johnson
Kenny Nolan
Bellamy Smith
Tevin White
Aden Taylor
Nordin Brown
Kenzie Martin
Milos McKenzie
Calix Jonas
Corwin Davis

Names That Sound Like Kevin

There are a broad set of names that rhyme with the name Kevin. This suggests the trend of the name among different cultures, nationalities, and religions. Therefore, some of the names that rhyme with Kevin include:

Gavin Mavin
Devin Nevin
Sevin Bevin
Evyn Kellan
Kelvin Maeve
Devlin Evin
Melvin Raelyn
Levin Trevin

Sibling Names Related to Kevin

Selecting appropriate sibling names that go with Kevin is essential to regulate uniformity among your children’s names. This can ensure all the names complement each other resulting in a beautiful flow of names. Hence, some of the sibling names for Kevin are:

Sister Names for Kevin Brother Names for Kevin
Lucy Liam
Violet Jonathan
Scarlett Kai
Caroline Benjamin
Ava Lucas
Grace Noah
Hazel Isaac
Zoey Aiden
Riley Leo
Aria Asher

Nicknames for Kevin

Nicknames are the names given by loved ones, such as family members or close friends. They often have a touch of humor and can be used in informal settings. Some of the popular nicknames for Kevin are:

Kev Kevvy
Keva Kevlar
Kevs Ken
Vin Vinny
Vinnie Kevi
Kev-Kev Kas


The name Kevin has resulted in a downward slope in the last few years. Despite having significant popularity, the name has dropped from the top 150 name list in the US. However, the name is still consistent among the top 200 baby boy names because of its meaning. This trendy name can make a comeback in the future, considering its meaning and widespread influence.


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