200 Most Popular Baby Names for 2020

Wow! These Are The 200 Most Popular Baby Names for 2020

One of the most exciting thing about being pregnant is picking a name for your baby! We all want something that’s unique, and meaningful. If you are looking for such options too, look no further! Here is a list of the best 200 baby boy and baby girl names of 2020, hand-picked for you!

Pregnancy is already a world filled with an overwhelming rush (yes, most of those come with hormonal changes!) and the wait to meet your little one can feel like infinity! It’s some consolation that the western world actually gets to know the sex of their baby beforehand, but us Indian parents play the guessing game till D day!

What colour to paint the baby’s room? What clothes should we pick up? And the most important of them all, “What is our baby going to be named?”. No matter how many days we spend looking at the shape of the tummy or going to babas and elders to help determine the sex, we still end up trying to guess the gender of the baby till he/she is born.

This is why most Indian parents have both boy and girl names ready and frankly, it could turn into a fun game between you and your hubby as you come closer in this exciting phase.

List of Unique Baby Names With Meanings

The population of India as of the end of 2020 has seen predicted to reach 1.3 billion! This only means that the quest to find ‘unique’ names gets so much harder. Many Indian couples, in an attempt to find balance between traditional names and names that are rare, are going the ‘fusion way’ and we at World Of Moms quite like these.

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching us, we wanted to come up with a new list of names that are a delightful mix of our own mums at World Of Moms, popular names amongst our friends and some really unique names we’ve heard this year. Plus as a bonus, we’ve also compiled a list of celebrity baby names that are oh-so-cool!

65 Unique Baby Girl Names

Name Meaning
Aadhya Godess Durga, unequalled
Aahana Immortal, Born during the day, Inner light, The first rise of the Sun
Aalia High, Highest social standing, Exalted, Sublimity, Lofty
Aanya Inexhaustible, Resurrection, Limitless
Aayat Verses from the Quran
Adaa beauty
Alaia/Alaya Sublime in Arabic
Alini Life
Anika Grace
Aranya Bountiful forest, preosperity and fertility
Ardika Beautiful Mountain
Atira Native american, Godess of the Earth.
Ayanna Innocent
Barani Star
Belli Silver in Kannada and Tamil
Charmi Lovely
Darika Maiden
Dhriti Courage, Steadiness Morale, Pleasure, Command, , Determination
Dira Derived from Indira, Godess Lakshmi’s name
Elina Pure, carrying God’s light
Freya Goddess Of Love
Gaurangi Giver of happiness, Fair complexioned, Beloved of Lord Krishna
Gaurika A young girl, Fair, Beautiful, lord of brahmins
Geet It means Song or  Melody
Geshana Singer
HansiniHansika Swan
Harini Deer, Godess Lakshmi
Hiyanka One with a good heart
Hrida Pure
Idaya Heart, Hearty, Godess Parwati
Ihita Desire
Ikshana Sight
Ikshita Visible, Beheld
Ipsha Desire
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati, Goddess of knowledge
Jeevika Water
Jeovana Feminine
Jhalak Glimps or spark
Kahini Young and Youthful
Kainat Universe
Kairavi Moon, moonlight
Kashvi Bright, Shining, Glowing
Keiyona Morning Star
Kyra Sun, lord, Princess
Lunasha Brightness and Beauty of Flowers
Mahika Dew, Mist
Mayukhi Peahen
Mikula Beauty
Mishka Mishka means Gift of Love
Naira Shining, Glittering, Women with big eyes
Nairiti Angel, “Apsara”
Naisha Special
Ovee Prayer verse
Parisi Fairylike
Rena Of the Sea, Born Again, Melody
Rhia Good Heart
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi, One who will be followed
Samaara Soft , pleasant light
Sanemi Perfect
Talika Bird
Tamira Magic
Tamira Magic
Vanhi Fire
Yamika Night
Yeshna Happiness

65 Unique Baby Boy Names

Name Meaning
Aadvik Unique
Aahan Sunrise
Aaquib Joy
Aariz Respectable man
Ainitosh Happy
Anay Misfortune, not conducted by anyone and adversity, name of Lord Vishnu
Ansh It means Portion or Day
Arnav Ocean, Air, Sun, Wave, Stream, Sea
Arth Significance, Eagle like(Anglo-Saxon)
Atharv Lord Ganesh, Name of a Ved, Brahma’s eldest son
Axel Man of Peace
Chaitnik Peaceful Mind
Charvik Intelligent
Chirush God
Daivaansh A part of God
Daksh Talented, Capable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold
Danav Gentleman
Danuj Born of Danu
Devansh Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod
Dhairya Patience
Ehan Expected
Ettan Breath
Evyan Lord Vishnu
Faaris Knight, Horsemen, Intelligent
Faquid Intelligent
Fikham Great
Fravash Guardian Angel
Grahil Lord Krishna
Grishm Heat
Hafi Generous
Haraiksha Lord Shiva
Hrutesh Lord of Truth
Inaksh Flower
Iraj Lord Hanuman, Flower
Ishayu Full of strength
Jahaan The world
Jahi Dignified
Jeet Mastery, Victory, Success, Win, Conquered
Keyvan Universe
Kovidh Wise
Liban Successful
Lishan Defender of mankind
Maanas Mind, Soul, Brilliant, Spiritual thought, Heart intellect, Desire, Human being
Maanav Man, Youth, Humankind, Human being,
Maheep King
Manan Meditate, Thinking, Thought, Reflection
Mohen God Krishna
Nahul Powerful
Naksh The moon
Nakul Mongoose, Lord Shiva, Twin brother of Sahdev, A musical instrument
Paran Glory
Rachit Invention, Written
Radhey Karna
Ranak Ruler , Warrior
Samar Battle, War
Shaurya Brave, Power, Heroism
Shray Credit
Tahaan Merciful
Umang Enthusiasm, Enthusiastic
Utkarsh Prosperity, Awakening, High Quality, Advancement
Veer Brave, Powerful, Heroic
Virochan Moon
Yakshit Indestructible
Yatin Devoted, Ascetic, One who abstains from worldy pleasures
Rishi Sage or saint.

Unique Bollywood Celebrity-Baby Names

Tinsel-town has always held everyone’s rapt attention and fancy. We want to know everything about the people behind the people we see on-screen! And as a parent, what could be more interesting and intriguing than Bollywood celeb babies’ names? Have you noticed how all Bollywood couples really put in a lot of thought and effort into naming their babies? In fact, many actors-actresses tend to adopt foreign language names too, and even names having origins in other cultures and languages. All said and done, India is a secular country after all, and it’s amazing how tinsel-town is living upto this!

Here are a list of some of the most unique names that Bollywood stars have chosen for their babies.

35 Most Unique Bollywood Celeb Baby Names For Boys

Name Meaning
Aarav in high regard of
Aarin mountain strength (Irish)
Abram variation of Abraham; secular name containing the word ‘Ram’
Ambarish lord of the sky, Lord Shiva, Vishnu
Arain noble (Persian origin)
Arhaan the ruler (Arabic origin)
Arush first ray of sun
Aryan warrior, Honorable, That Which Is Beyond Anyone’s Strength
Azaan powerful
Azad Freedom
Czar emperor (Latin)
Deven God-like
Haroon hope (Sanskrit); protector of chief (Arabic)
Hrehaan God have chosen one
Hridhaan Heart, One with Great Heart
Kiaan The grace of God, Ancient or distant
Kian Grace of God (Latin origin)
Mikail Name of Allah’s Angel, Name of an Angel Michael
Nevaan holy soul (Sanskrit)
Pulkit happy
Riaan little king
Riyansh first ray of sunlight, part of Lord Vishnu
Ryan descendant of the king, little king
Shahraan royal knight (Persian)
Shravin natural leader
Taimur iron (Arabic)
Tariq morning star
Ved sacred knowledge (Sanskrit)
Viaan full of life and energy
Viraaj King, sun (Sanskrit)
Winston joyful stone, wine’s town
Yaani peaceful (Australian aboriginal origin); gift of God (Hebrew)
Yash Victory, Glory, Success, Celebrity, Reputation
Yug Age, Generation, Time
Ayaan gift of God (Arabic); religiously inclined

35 Most Unique Bollywood Celeb Baby Names For Girls

Name Meaning
Diani divinity
Aaradhya  to be worshipsped (Sanskrit)
Aazeen beauty (Arabic)
Adira strong (Arabic)
Akira bright and intelligent (Japanese)
Alicia/Alisah noble
Alisah noble (German)
Alyza joy/joyful, holy (Hebrew origin)
Amiya delightful
Anya grace (Russian), Infinite (Sanskrit)
Diva a very successful and famous female singer or actor
Imara resolute (Swahili)
Inaaya Gift of Allah, Concern, solicitude
Iqra to educate (Hebrew)
Mahikaa earth (Sanskrit)
Misha God like/derived from God (Russian)
Myra swift and light (from the Quran)
Nitara having deep roots
Nurvi Fragrant Flower, Bliss
Nysa new beginning (Greek)
Rasha  first drop of rain
Renee to be reborn
Roohi A music tune, Soul, A flower, Who touches the heart, Spiritual, Beloved
Saira variant of ‘Sarah’, which means princess (Hebrew), bird (Arabic)
Samaira Goddess of beauty (Latin); enchanting (Arabic)
Sana resplendence, brilliance
Sara princess
Shakya circle of energy; the capable one (Sanskrit)
Sufi Very spiritual
Suhana Beautiful, Pleasant, Pure, Bright Ray Of The Sun
Vanisha queen of the universe
Zain beauty
Zene Zoe Beautiful
Ziva beauty (persian)
Isabella Devoted to God, Pledged to God


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