Leah Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Leah Name Meaning and Origin

Trends regarding girls’ names go through an incredible upheaval with the many factors influencing such naming trends. However, some classic and old-school names have stayed popular and well-liked for decades. One such name is Leah. Keep reading to know why it is the perfect one to christen your girl as!

What Does Leah Mean?

Leah is an incredibly feminine name associated with stereotypically feminine qualities, which is reflected in its meaning. As per its Hebrew origin, the meaning of Leah is “delicate” or “weary.” Another variation of the meaning can also be translated to the name meaning “weary.” The name is inspired by spirituality, lending a fantastical feel to it. This is why the name is also commonly used in books, novel franchises, and other pop culture references.


The origin of Leah mainly arises from Hebrew culture; it emerges from the Hebrew word Le’ah, which translates to “weary.” Furthermore, the name also has Biblical connotations and references. As per the Old Testament, Jacob’s first wife was named Leah, and she bore one daughter and six sons for her husband. She is a crucial figure as she is considered one of the most significant Biblical matriarchs.




  • Lee-yah
  • Lee-uh
  • Lay-ah


2 Syllables


4 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Different spellings for a name often reflect the many cultural variations that can arise from the name. The same can be applicable for Leah since many Leah name variations in different cultures make the name sound a bit more exotic and elegant. Here are a few other spellings for Leah:

Name Origin
Hebrew/Old English/Gaelic/ English/Irish/Chinese
Lia Hebrew
Liah Hebrew
Hebrew/Old English/Gaelic/ English/Irish/Chinese/Scottish
Leatrice Hebrew
Leia Hebrew
Liya Hebrew
Leo Latin
Leif Scandinavian
Lilah Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Leah?

Leah can be considered a name that has stayed consistently popular over the years, even though it could not be one of the most popular names. As per SSA records, the Leah baby name ranking has stayed within the top 100 names since 2000, with the least popular being recorded in 2000 with a ranking of 97. The highest it had been ranked was in 2010, when it became the 24th most popular name for girls in the US. Since it entered the top 50 names in 2008, the name has maintained that with the Leah popularity index in 2020 being recorded at the 45th position.

Interest in Leah – Worldwide

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As was identified in the case of the SSA records as well, Leah has been a highly popular name. The interest for the name in terms of online search for the name reflects that as well, with the search trends being above 50 throughout the decade. Surprisingly, the highest popularity of the name, with a score of 100, was recorded twice within the decade being observed – July 2013 and December 2016. On the contrary, the lowest popularity was in September 2012, with a popularity score of 52.

Interest in Leah – the US

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In a shift from the global trends, the interest for Leah in the US is a bit more volatile and, overall, a bit less. While the highest score of 100 was recorded initially into the decade-long observation period, specifically in January and February 2012, the lowest score of 38 was recorded four different times within this period.

Popularity of the Name Leah

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched? 

Search Trends of Leah – Worldwide

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Despite the name being incredibly popular in the US, the highest search frequency was recorded in the Philippines. It is followed by Pakistan, Ireland, Bangladesh, and the US to round up the top five countries with the highest searches for “Leah” within the past decade.

Search Trends of Leah – the US

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West Virginia is the sub-region within the US that has generated the most swatches for “Leah” since 2011. It is followed by Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania to complete the top five sub-regions with the highest search interest.

Middle Names That Go With Leah 

Middle names or double names with the first name sound extremely attractive and enhance the first name when appropriately chosen. Since middle names have become a huge trend over the last century or so, here are some middle names that will go with Leah:

Rose Mae
Aubrey Olivia
Brianna Eloise
Xenia Hope
Grace Shay
Zoe Iris
Jade Giselle
Joy Marie
Anne Michelle
Rue Paige

Famous People Named Leah 

Famous people called Leah have been a huge inspiration for parents to give the name to their children as well. This is done with the hopes that their children can also touch the same heights of success as these celebrities. Here are a few celebrities named Leah to inspire you:

Celebrity Name
Profession/Famous For
Leah Song Singer
Leah Purcell Actor
Leah Marie Remini
Actor and Filmmaker
Leah Simone Martindale
Swimming Athlete
Leah Krinsky Writer
Leah Laiman Novelist
Leah Clark Voice Actress
Leah Van Dale (Carmella)
Model and Pro Wrestler
Leah Moore Writer
Lea Michelle Actor

Similar Names & Last Names

Similar names that hold the same meaning can be great alternatives. And while baby names like Leah are beautiful in themselves, there are other names for Leah with the same meaning that are equally beautiful. Here are some alternatives along with suitable family names for Leah:

Similar Baby Names
Suitable Family Names
Aadina Winston
Adine Madden
Emmie Bardot
Lina Thatcher
Seri Cassidy
Treslyn Lopez
Adylee Keller
Breelee Curie
Jaley Madison
Shaleigh Sweeney

Names That Sound Like Leah 

Besides names that mean the same as Leah, names that rhyme with Leah can also be great options for your child, especially if you love how it sounds. So, here are a few options to choose from:

Hannah Sarah
Lydia Julia
Lealani Lealie
Leanna Leala
Leandre Leannan
Leanor Leanora
Leatha Leasa
Leanda Leannda
Leaha Leann
Leandria Leahan

Sibling Names Related to Leah 

Choosing names for your children is much more stressful when you have multiple children. This is since not only do you need to choose a beautiful name, but you need to ensure that you choose proper sibling names that go with the name of your older children. So, here are a few sister names for Leah along with brother names for you to choose from:

Sister Names for Leah
Brother Names for Leah
Abigail Tristan
Rachel Theo
Rue Liam
Chloe Blake
Eve Ezra
Naomi Ezekiel
Mia Malachi
Eva Keanu
Jesslyn Chris
Perrie Harry

Nicknames for Leah 

Nicknames for your angel tend to stick to them throughout their entire lives, which is why you need to ensure that you choose a nickname that is trendy, cute, and adorable as well. Here are a few ideas for nicknames for Leah:

Lili Lili-boo
Lee-bee Leeloo
Lilo Le Bean
Lele LayHay
LeeHee LeyaHeya

Choosing a name is always stressful, but it need not be!. With this introduction to Leah, meaning, origin, and popularity, you now have no reason to choose Leah for your little girl. However, even if you don’t like the name, you can pick from the many alternatives instead!


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