Top 120 Irish Girl Names With Meanings

Top 120 Irish Baby Names for Girls

Irish names have developed over the ages. Right from the time of the Celts and Vikings to recent times, Irish names have emerged from traditional ones to modern-day names. These names not only have deep meanings that give the names a character, but they also spell nice. Recently, the search for Irish female names has grown as more and more parents are looking for meaningful and pretty Irish girl names for their daughters. So, to lessen your burden of finding a needle in the hay (the perfect name in the thousand of Irish names), we handpicked some of the best and most pleasant-sounding Irish women names for your perusal. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into the list of the best 120 Irish girls’ names.

List of Irish Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Are you looking for a name that has that distinct Irish feel for your baby doll? You need not look any further because we bring to you a list of 120 classic Irish girl names.

Most Popular Irish Baby Girl Names

Take your pick from this list of 40 most popular and modern Irish girl names.

Name Meaning
Alanis This popular Irish name for girls means something which is extremely valuable and treasured. The other variations of this name are Ailaina and Alaine.
Ailbhe Pronounced as Al-Vah, this name originated from the Gaelic word ‘albho’ meaning ‘white’.
Ailise Pronounced as AY-LEES, the elegant name means ‘noble’.
Aislinn A variant of Aisling or Ashling, Aislinn is a modern name meaning ‘dream’ or ‘vision’.
Brea Brea is an alternative version of the famous Irish name Breanna which means ‘noble’. It can be used as a nickname for your baby girl.
Brighid This beautiful name is the Gaelic form of ‘Bridget’ which means toughness, power, and tenacity. In Irish mythology, Brighid was the beautiful daughter of the Dagda, the chief of the various Irish Gods.
Bebhinn In modern times, the name is spelled as Bevin. It means a pretty girl or someone who has a beautiful and tuneful voice.
Callie Pronounced as ‘Cal-lie’, Callie is a short and charming female name meaning ‘from the forest’.
Claire The name also spelled as Clare, is very popular among the Irish names. It originated from the Latin name Clarus meaning a distinguished and eminent personality or sparkling.
Chloe The name originated from the Greek word Khloe which means something or someone who is in the blooming stage, not yet matured.
Dervil Spelled as Derbail during the ancient times, “der” means daughter and “vil” which has been taken from “Fal”, the ancient name of Ireland.
Deidre It is derived from the old Gaelic name Derdriu which means a female in Celtic. Deidre is the name of a famous Irish legendary character.
Eithne The name, pronounced as “Ah-He-Ne”, is an ancient Irish name for the mother of the god Lugh in Irish mythology.
Eimear An Irish legendary name, Eimear who was the better half of Cuchulainn, a legendary hero. She was gifted with the six qualities that a woman should have. It means expeditious or quick.
Eabha One of the most popular names, Eabha is the Irish version of the Hebrew origin name Eve. The name has been taken from the word ‘chavah’ which means life.
Elva If you are looking for a short and cute name for your daughter, then this could be it. Elva means ‘noble’.
Fiona Fiona is the female variant of the Gaelic name Fionn. It means ‘fair and bright’; in this case a fair woman.
Gormlaith It was a very popular name during medieval times as it is today. It comes from the old Irish words Gorm meaning ‘excellent and brilliant’ and flaith meaning ’empress’.
Gail The name is a popular name worldwide. It is the smaller version of Abigail. Gail means happy or joyous.
Hiolair The name Hiolair is an Irish variant of Hillary, the name means joyous and cheerful.
Isabelle One of the most popular and common names all over the world, the Spanish origin name Isabelle is a variant of Elizabeth. It means “the Lord is my vow or promise”.
Kayleigh The name is a derivative of the Gaelic word “caol”. It means ‘slim and slender body’ or ‘to have a beautiful figure’.
Keira Keira is a stunning feminine name meaning dark. Keira Knightley is a popular celebrity bearing this name.
Kiara This popular modern Irish name means ‘someone with beautiful dark hair’ or ‘someone who has hair that is as black as a Raven’.
Laoise Unlike the spelling, the name, pronounced as “Lee-Sha”, is the Irish variant of the French origin name Louis. The name means ‘a bright maiden’.
Leianne This name of Irish origin is a variation of Leiann and Leianna. It means a ‘lady of great beauty who is fair and radiant’.
Maeve This popular Irish legendary name means ‘causing a lot of happiness’ or ‘exhilarating’. The name which was earlier spelled as “Medb” in a couple of Irish epics.
Meryl Meryl is a classic example of stunningness. Actress Meryl Streep is a popular name bearer. Meryl means ‘sea-bright’.
Muireann A 6th-century mythological mermaid who became a woman after she was baptized by Saint Comghall, means ‘someone who belongs to the sea’.
Nola Nola is a crisp and elegant name meaning ‘white shoulder’. It is also the name of a region in Italy.
Nuala This Celtic-Gaelic origin name is a smaller version of Fionuala. Una is the other variant of this name meaning ‘lamb’ or ‘fair shoulder’.
Niamh Pronounced as “Nee-iv” or “Neev”, the Irish mythological name means ‘shining or glowing bright’. In Irish mythology, Niamh was the daughter of the sea god Manannan and the lover of Oisin.
Oonagh This Irish name is pronounced as Una which means a ‘lamb’. It originated from the Gaelic word uan.
Orlaith Another anglicized variation of the name is Orla. This Irish origin name means ‘golden princess’ or ‘golden ruler’.
Raicheal The name is an Irish-Gaeli name of a saint and the Irish meaning of the name is ‘a female sheep’.
Riegan This two-syllable charming name of Irish origin means ‘someone who is royal’ or ‘the Riagan descendants’.
Riley Pronounced ‘RY-lee’, this gorgeous name means ‘courageous’, and ‘lively’.
Riona This Irish-Gaelic name can be pronounced in two different ways as “Ree-Oh-Nah” or “Rye-Ow-Naa”. The name originated from the word “rionach” and it means ‘like a queen’.
Raicheal The name is an Irish-Gaeli name of a saint and the Irish meaning of the name is ‘a female sheep’.
Sile The name pronounced as “Shee-La” is the Irish version of the name Cecelia which is of Latin origin. It signifies to ‘music which is pure’.
Siobhan Si-Von as the name is produced is a typical Irish-Gaelic name which means “the Lord is great and kind”.
Shalene This beautiful and popular of Irish origin means someone who has come from the magical land of fairies.
Shauna Shauna is a feminine version of the name Shaun. It is pronounced as ‘shaw-na’ and means ‘God is gracious’.
Sinead This Norman-French origin name is the Irish form of Jane, Jeannette or Joan. It means kind or gracious.
Sarah It is a very common and one of the many cute names of Irish origin which are popular all over the world. The name is of Hebrew origin and is of Biblical significance. The meaning of the name is ‘woman’ or ‘princess’.
Shannon The longest river in Ireland is named Shannon after the Irish mythological goddess Sinann. The Irish version of the name Sionainn means ‘wise river’.
Tracy The name has been derived from the Irish word ‘treasach’. It means someone who is a fighter or somebody who is in a superior or held in high esteem.
Tara This beautiful name has been derived from the old Irish-Gaelic name Temair. The name Tara is the modernized form of the name Temair which means a tall building or pillar.
Talulah This popular Irish origin name has gain prominence worldwide. It signifies a woman who is gifted and blessed with abundance.
Toireasa Pronounced as “Toh-Reh-Suh”, this Irish name means ‘someone who harvests’. The other variants to this name are Teresa, Theresa, and Tessie.
Vanessa This beautiful Irish name is not just popular in Ireland but all over the world. It means ‘a beautiful-looking colorful butterfly’.

Unique and Beautiful Irish Girl Names

Listed below are 40 unique and beautiful girl names of Irish origin.

Name Meaning
Aisling The name pronounced as “Ash-Ling or Ash-Lin” is of Irish origin which means ‘a thought or imagination’. Some of the other variations of this name are Ashley, Ashlyn, Aislene.
Aobh Aobh is a traditional Irish girl’s name propular in Ireland. Pronounced as EVE, the name means ‘beauty’.
Aoife This Irish-Gaelic name is pronounced as “Ee-Fa”. It means ‘good-looking’ or ‘charming’ and is the name of an Irish mythological princess who was a gallant warrior.
Aine The name is that of an Irish legendary fairy queen. ‘Happy’ and ‘appreciation’ are the two Gaelic meanings of this name. Anna and Hanah are modern variations.
Aednat This unique Irish name is the female version of Aidan meaning ‘small fire’. Unlike the spelling, the name is pronounced as “Ey-Nit”.
Aoibheann This ancient Irish-Gaelic name means ‘someone who is bright-looking, fair and beautiful’. Many also define the name as ‘little Eve’ since the name is pronounced as “Eve-Een”.
Brianna The origin of the name is old Irish-Celtic. It means being powerful and aristocratic. A few of the variations are Bryanna, Breanne, and Breena.
Brianne Brianna means ‘strong’. This could be the ideal name for your little one if you are looking for a no-nonsense name.
Blathnaid Also spelled as Blanaid, this old Irish name means a ‘flower’ or a ‘bloom’.
Clodagh It is one of the most unusual Irish girls’ names of old Irish-Gaelic origin is the name of a river in Ireland which has been named after a Goddess. It is pronounced as “Clo-Da”.
Caireann An ancient Gaelic name, Caireann means ‘a much loved little friend’. In Irish history, Caireann is said to be the predecessor of the great kings of Ireland.
Caitlin This Irish-Gaelic-French-Greek origin name means ‘someone who is genuine and authentic’.
Caoimhe Unlike the spelling, the name is pronounced as “Kee-Va”. This authentic Irish name means ‘kind, attractive and of great value’.
Cordelia This unique name is said to have originated from the Celtic language meaning ‘the sea’s off-spring’.
Dearbhla Unique and pleasant sounding, Dearbhla means ‘true desire’. It is pronounced as ‘DUR-Vlah’.
Delaney The name is a Gaelic origin Irish name which was earlier a surname but of late has found prominence as a first name. The name simply means ‘the challenger’s daughter’.
Daimhin The name is pronounced as “Daw-Veen”. This unique Irish name means a ‘young deer’. The English variations are Davin and Davina.
Ealga This Irish name means ‘excellent’ or ‘courageous’. Innis Ealga is a name given to Ireland by Irish poets which means ‘the beautiful and great island’.
Eilish Eilish is a popular Irish girl’s name meaning ‘pledged to God’. It is pronounced as Ayy-lish.
Emlyn It is a Welsh originated name which means ‘hard-working’. Some of the variations to this name are Emma, Lyn, Emily, and Amelia.
Eileen The origin of his name is Irish-Gaelic and it signifies ‘brightness and light’. The variations to this name are Aveline, Ilene, Eveline, Helen, and Ellen.
Fiadh This unique and interesting Irish name of Gaelic origin basically means ‘wild’ (as that in wild animals). However, it is pronounced as “Fi-aa” which means ‘deer’.
Finley The name is of Irish-Gaelic-Scottish origin and an anglicized version of Fionnlagh. The name is composed of two elements Fionn which means ‘fair’ and laoch meaning ‘warrior’.
Grainne Pronounced as “Graw-Nya”, the name is derived from the Irish word gran meaning ‘grain’. Grainne, the Irish legend was said to be the goddess of the harvest.
Geileis This old Irish name is pronounced as “Gay-Leesh” which means a bright sparkling swan. A variation of this name is Geillis.
Ite In old Irish, the name means ‘yearning’ or ‘desire’. The name signifies ‘the desire or yearning for knowledge’.
Iona It is an island between Scotland and Ireland where a monastery was built by a saint. Hence, the island is said to be blessed and so is the name.
Jilleen This Irish variation has been derived from the Latin origin name Juliane which means ‘young’ or ‘child-like’.
Kira The Gaelic origin name Kira is the female version of Kiernan. It basically means ‘a small dark girl’.
Kelly This Irish name of Scottish-Gaelic origin is associated with someone who is intelligent. It also means a ‘courageous soldier’.
Keela The name implies something that is so beautiful that it can be described or related only through poems.
Líadh Líadh is another traditional Irish girl’s name meaning ‘grey’. It is pronounced as Lee-AH.
Logan This Gaelic origin name basically means ‘a small cove’ in Irish and ‘inhabitant of a small empty place’.
Maire It is an anglicized version of Maria or Mary. The name Mary is of great biblical significance and it basically signifies ‘the blessed virgin mother’.
Maolisa This is one of the most unique Irish girl names that start with M. The name was used by holy men during the tenth century for “Jesus’ followers”.
McKenna The Gaelic origin name McKenna is taken from the Irish name Mackenzie. It means ‘offspring of the good-looking man’.
Meghan It is a derivative of the Welsh name Margaret which means a ‘pearl’.
Moya Moya is unarguably a unique name, just like its meaning. It means ‘exceptional’.
Neala Pronounced as “Nee-La”, this Irish name is the female version of Niall. It means ‘a female who is unbeaten or undefeated’.
Nora Pronounced as Nore-AH, Nora means ‘honour’.
Orla Orla was the sister of the Irish King Brian Boru. The meaning of the name is ‘gold princess’ and it is of Celtic origin.
Roisin The name “Ro-Sheen” has been derived from Rosa, which is a Latin name. It means ‘Rose which is still not fully blossomed’.
Sadhbh This pleasant-sounding name means ‘goodness’. It is pronounced as sigh-VE.
Shay This Irish origin name means ‘to hold in high regard’. The other variations of the name are Shai, Shea, and Shayla.
Teagan The name comes from the Irish word Tadhg which means ‘a poet’. The other variations of the name are Teegan, Teagon, and Teague.
Tamsin Tamsin is the female form of Thomas. It is of English origin meaning ‘twin’.
Saoirse A unique as well as popular Irish name which means independence. It is pronounced as “Sear-Sha”.
Siún Pronounced as Shoo-in, Siún means ‘peace’.
Sorcha Sorcha is an eccentric girl’s name meaning ‘brightness’. It is pronounced as Sur-Kah.
Ultana The name is a feminine version of Ultach. The name was the name of an Irish saint.

Old and Traditional Baby Girl Names

Here is a list of 20 traditional and old-fashioned Irish girl names.

Name Meaning
Alannah The name is a derivative of the Irish word ‘leanbh’ meaning a child. The name hence is interpreted as ‘adorable baby’.
Aibreann Pronounced as “Av-Rawn”, the name is the Irish word for the month of April. The other variations for this name are April and Avril.
Alexandra The name is of Greek origin and is the female version of the name Alexander. It means a ‘humanitarian’ or a ‘philanthropist’.
Betha It is one simple name. It belongs to the Irish-Celtic origin. Betha in Irish means life, being and spirit.
Biddy Biddy is short and cute name derived from the name Brigid, which means ‘strength’.
Bríd Pronounced as BREEJ, Bríd means ‘valour’ or strength’.
Cara The name Cara of Irish origin means a ‘pal’ or a ‘friend’. The other variant of the name is Kara.
Ciarraí Pronounced as Key-ah-REE, the name means ‘dusky’ or ‘dark-haired’.
Cliodhna The name is of Irish origin and pronounced as “Klee-Un-Ah”. It is derived from the Irish word ‘clodhna’ meaning ‘in good shape’.
Daire This Irish legendary name means ‘to get the desired result’.
Dearbhorgail Pronouncedas Dar-Vor-Gil, it is the name of Forgail, an Irish God’s daughter.
Dubheasa Dubheasa is a meaningful Irish name suitable for girls. It is pronounced as Duv-ASSA and means ‘dark beauty’.
Eireann The name is chiefly another name for Ireland in Irish. The anglicized version of the name is Erin.
Eithne The name means the ‘inside part of a seed’. There were nine Irish saints who bore this name.
Fionnuala Pronounced as finn-OOH-lah, Fionnuala means ‘white shoulder’.
Guinevere The old French form of the name means ‘the white or fair spirit’.  The Welsh variant of this name is Gwenhwyfar.
Isuelt Isuelt is a charming Irish girl’s name meaning ‘fair lady’. It is pronounced as EE-sult.
Jane The name Jane is a feminine form of John and it means that ‘the Lord has been kind’. It is said to have been derived from the old French word Jehane.
Leah This short and sweet name of Irish-Gaelic origin has a strong Biblical significance. It means ‘the brightness of the sun’ and is the name of Laban’s eldest daughter and Jacob’s first wife in the Bible.
Lorna The Irish name Lorna is of Latin origin. The name was famous after the novel Lorna Doone. Lorna basically means forsaken.
Maureen Originated from Irish, the name Maureen means ‘something you want to have’ or ‘adore’. The different variations of this name are Moreen, Mairin, Maura, and Moira.
Muirne Pronounced as Mwer-na, Muirne means ‘high spirited’.
Nessa The ancient Irish name Nessa means ‘cruel and rough’. The name is very significant in the Irish legend.
Noreen Noreen is an uber-stylish Irish girl’s name meaning ‘honour’.
Peggy Peggy is a modern, feminine name and can be used as a nickname for your daughter. It means ‘pearl’.
Quinn This Irish-Gaelic origin name can be given to both the genders. The descendants of Conn, the rulers of Ireland during the medieval times were called Quinn.
Sibeal Pronounced as SYBIL, the elegant girl’s name refers to ‘prophetess’.
Siomha Pronounced as Shee-Va, the name is a derivative of Sithmaith which means ‘exceptional’.
Trevina The Irish name is the female form of the name Trevor. It means ‘to be careful and wise in action and thought’. The variant to this name is Treva.
Ula This Celtic name means ‘sea’s treasure’ or ‘precious jewel of the sea’. The variants to this name are Uli and Ulicia.

Pick any of the beautiful names of your choice from the list of names above for your lovely little princess!

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