Maya Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Maya Name Meaning and Origin

The name Maya has been gradually increasing in popularity over the last decade. The name’s demand can be observed from 1990 onwards where the name shot to fame in 2006. Parents looking to name their child with a beautiful meaning and classic origin may find this name among one of the best names for their baby girl.

What Does Maya Mean?

Naming your child can be a challenging task since you want it to be meaningful. In that case, Maya can be a wise choice that has a fluent pronunciation and originates from different cultures. The meaning of Maya is “water” or “from God” in Hebrew, Greek, and Spanish. It also means “good mother” in Greek and “illusion” or “dream,” according to Sanskrit. In Old Persian, the name denotes “generous,” and in the Maori language, it means “graciousness” or “gracious nature.”


The origin of the name Maya can be traced back to English as well as Indian origin. The name is derived from the name variation “Mayin,” meaning “water.” You can also find the name’s roots in Greek and Hebrew. Therefore, the name has a mixed origin and can be considered quite appealing. As per Greek mythology, Maya was the eldest daughter of titan Atlas and the mother of Greek God Hermes.




  • Mah-ya
  • Ma-yah
  • My-ah


Two syllables


Four letters

Name Variations/Spellings

The different variations of a name depend on the different cultures, religions, and nationalities present. In this regard, other spellings for Maya denote the origin and meaning of the name across different cultures having different variations. Therefore, this list presents some Maya name variations:

Name Origin
Miah Spanish
Maia Greek
Meya Scandinavian
Mayako Japanese
Maja German, Danish, Norwegian, and Croatian
Mayah Greek
Mya Indian (Sanskrit)
Miya Japanese
Maiya Japanese
Maj Swedish and Danish

How Popular is The Name Maya?

The popularity of the name Maya slowly but surely is gaining. The Maya popularity index suggests that the name has consistently increased in the baby names list since the last decade. As per data from Social Security Administration, the name ranked 113 in 2020, followed by 110 in 2001. The name entered the top 100 list from 2002 and has managed to elevate in the rank. It has never once slipped from the top 100 list, which denotes its ever-growing favor.

According to the SSA data, the name Maya reached 90 in 2002, after which it reached 57 in 2006. The name slightly dipped in popularity in 2008 with a rank of 71; however, it increased in ranking to 61 in 2009. The Maya baby name ranking again experienced a slight dip in 2013 and 2014. Despite that, it has maintained a stable rank within the US’s top 65 baby name list. The name started going up from 2016 onwards, where it ranked 64. The name ranked 64 in 2019, followed by 61 in 2020, which implies its increasing popularity.

Interest in Maya – Worldwide

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The interest in the name Maya has shown a consistent presence in the last ten years. The name has maintained a rank over 20 and reached its lowest in December 2020. This name ranked the highest in May 2014 worldwide, after which its popularity dimmed. Despite that, the name has maintained a stable presence in the world.

Interest in Maya – the US

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In the US, the interest in Maya has remained almost at the same range in the last decade. With a rank over 20, the name became the most popular in May 2014. Although this name has not reached such a high rank, there is consistency in the name’s interest.

The popularity of the name Maya


Where is The Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Maya – Worldwide

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The top five countries where Maya is the most searched are Guatemala, Nepal, Bangladesh, Portugal, and Mexico. This suggests that this name is widely popular and the most used in these countries.

Search trends of Maya – US

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In the US, the top five cities where the search trends of the name Maya rank the highest are California, followed by New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Maryland. Therefore, the name has been the most popular in these respective cities in the last ten years.

Middle Names That go With Maya

A middle name helps in preserving family names which is an integral aspect of catering to family traditions. Therefore, choosing a middle name for your child can further aid in personalizing your child’s name. Some of the double names with Maya are:

Avery Rosalind
Celeste Angeline
Beatrice Estelle
Lucille Josephine
Daphne Eleanor
Madeline Louisa
Florence Charlotte
Jasmine Seraphine
Rosaline Genevieve
Elizabeth Clementine


Famous People Named Maya

There is no limit to a celebrity’s influence, which is also applicable to naming your child. This list consists of some of the popular personalities called Maya:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Maya Hawke American actress
Maya Erskine American actress and writer
Maya Kazan American actress and director
Maya Wiley American civil rights activist and lawyer
Maya Moore American basketball player
Maya Rudolph American actress and Saturday Night Live cast member
Maya Diab Lebanese singer
Maya Berović Bosnian pop star
Maya Deren American avant-garde filmmaker
Maya Bar-Hillel Israeli psychologist

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby-names like Maya have several alternatives with different spellings but the same meaning. This caters to the variation of different names present across the globe with similar meanings. Therefore, some of the other names for Maya and family names for Maya are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Talia Martin
Maren Lewis
Aqua Swift
Marina Torres
Kiara Garcia
Gia Baker
Dorothy Cooper
Janet Reed
Amara Evans
Jane Brooks

Names That Sound Like Maya

Many names with similar sounds are viable alternatives to a name. Some of the names that rhyme with Maya are:

Reya Noella
Faye Tristina
Niah Kristina
Arya Ilya
Cordelia Olivia
Kaya Deya
Livia Ziya
Moana Coraline

Sibling Names Related to Maya

Choosing sibling names for your children should be done with utmost care. Selecting suitable sibling names that go with Maya can help maintain a balance among your children’s names. Some of the sister and brother names for Maya are:

Sister Names for Maya Brother Names for Maya
Alice Lucian
Clara Gabriel
Hanna Jude
Naomi Damian
Isabella Jasper
Hannah Tristan
Eva Finn
Cecily Ezra
Nova Asher
Rose Felix

Nicknames for Maya

Nicknames are an extension of the proper name of an individual. Loved ones give them with a touch of affection. Some of the quirky nicknames for Maya re:

May Mymy
Mayo Mimi
Mayaa Maaya
Mama May
Aya Yaa
Maya papaya Moia


The name Maya has experienced immense popularity in the last decade and continues to do so in the present. The name presently ranks among the top 65 baby girl names in the US. Its beautiful meaning and smooth pronunciation are two of the primary reasons for the name’s increasing demand. Hence, this name has the potential to enter into the top 10 girl names in the future.


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