50 Korean Names for Boys & Their Meanings

Name is one of the most important aspects of a person’s personality. Name is the first aspect of how a person will be viewed in his career or life. So it is extremely important to name one’s son with considerable thought and care.

A good and meaningful name always helps in creating a good first impression whether at the time of admission in school/college or in for work interviews or for marriage talks. Even when introducing our kids to relatives, friends or strangers, their view about our kid depends greatly on the name we give our child.

A unique and meaningful name for a boy will be a blessing as it impacts their whole life. His unique name will serve as the best introduction for his character and personality as he grows up. Society always first judges a person by their name, so a popular and unique first name will always imply a strong character with an intelligent mind. Choose the best name for your son from this choicest list we have rounded up for you.

Unique and Popular Korean Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Unique and meaningful names always ensure class and intelligent personality. Choosing one of the Korean boy names with meaning for the baby boy will ensure respect and friendliness by his friends and society. How you name your boy shall define him for life.

Here are our picks with meaning for you to choose from:

Name Meaning
Baek Hyeon This Korean first names male means a virtuous brother. Baek means “older brother” and the word Hyeon means “worthy and virtuous”.
Beom Seok This Korean boy name means “pattern of a rock” where Beom means “model or rule or patter” and Seok means “like a rock”.
Byung-Hee This Korean name in Sino-Korean breaks into Byung or Byeong meaning “grasp or hold or authority or bundle” and Hee or hui means “bright or splendid or glorious”.
Chang-Min Chang-Min is a unique, strong and righteous sounding Korean boy name which translates to strong light or bright, extended and clear day.
Chin-Hae This is a unique Korean boy name which signifies a truthful and deep personality. Chin-Hae translates to “truth or depth of the ocean”.
Chin-Hwa Chin-Hwa is the perfect name a parent can keep for their boy. This name means “the most prosperous and wealthiest person”.
Chin-Mae This aspirational Korean boy name means “truth” or the “person who always speaks the truth”.
Chun-Soon This unique Korean name for boys is also spelt as Chun-sun or Cheol-sun. The name means a wise and honest person.
Chung-Hee This Korean boy name Chung-Hee means “a righteous and dutiful person”.
Dae-Jung Dae-Jung is a unique Korean name with the aspirational meaning of “great and righteous; honest”. The name suggests a strong and righteous personality.
Dae-Seong This Korean name for boys means a “great/high voice” or a “vast personality”. The words dar means “ big; great; vast; large; high” and seong means “ sound; voice; music; tone” or “finished; completed; fixed” or “castle; town; city; municipality”.
Geon This Korean name is usually is in a combination of other words/characters, but using it alone, as a stand-alone name makes it unique. The name translates to “strong” or “respect” or “to construct”.
Ha-joon Ha-joon is a very popular yet unique Korean boy name. The name translates to great talent or a very handsome person. Ha means “great; summer; grand” and jun means “talented; handsome”.
Hwan This Korean name is pronounced as H-WAN and is an exclusive name for boys. The name translates to “bright”.
Hyun Like most of the Korean names for a boy, this name Hyun is also translated to virtue or quality. The name means “bright or intelligent or virtuous”.
Hyun Ki Hyun Ki means “wise; astute; shrewd; intelligent; expert or clever”.
Hyun Shik Another unique name derived from Hyun is Hyun Shik means “clever; brilliant; smart”.
Jae-Sang Jae-Sang is a unique Korean boy name implying traits of generosity, empathy and compassion. Jae in Korean means “carry; load; convey; transport” and sang means “mutual; reciprocate; each other”.
Jeong Jeong pronounced as eong is a Korean origin name which means “silent; chaste”.
Jeong-Eun Jeong-Eun can also be spelt or written as Jong-Un. Like most of the Korean boy name, this is also a name with a virtuous meaning of “a person who is righteous and kind”. The name jeong or jong means “righteous; straight; upright; loyal; pure” and eun means “charity; kindness; mercy”.
Jeong-Gwon This name from the Sino-Korean origin means a righteous power or authority. Jeong means “weighty; righteous; proper; heavy; double” and gwon means “power or authority or right”.
Ji-hun This name translates to ji meaning “wisdom or intellect” or “ambition; purpose; will” and hun meaning “meritorious deed or rank”. Together they translate to an intelligent or wise person with great achievements or rank.
Joon Joon is a Korean boys name which means “a man who is handsome and talented or exceptionally talented”.
Joon-su This popular Korean name for boys means a talented and auspicious person. The word Joon or jun means “talented; handsome” and seo or su means “comfortable; unfold” or “felicitous omen; auspicious”.
Joo-Won This name Joo or Ju means “circumference” and won means “origin; first” or “beautiful.
Jung Jung is a popular Korean boy name which means “a righteous man”.
Jung-Hwa Jung-Hwa is the name taken from Jung and it means “a righteous person who is rich”.
Kang-Dae This Korean name means “ a person who is mighty and strong”.
Min-jun Min – jun can also be written or spelt as Min-joon. Min means “clever; sharp; quick” or “gentle; affable” and joon or jun means “handsome; talented”. So the name means “a clever and handsome person”.
Mi-Sun This is a beautiful Korean boy name pronounced as “My-Son” making it apt for your baby boy. Mi-Sun translates to “beauty and goodness” which every parent wants in their child.
Myeong This Korean boy name means “a person who is clear”.
Myung-Dae This Korean name means “great righteousness” implying the person is a greatly righteous person.
Sang-Wook A beautiful Korean name for boys which any parent would choose due to its meaning “a person who is always healthy or in good health”.
Seojun Seo-jun is a Korean boy name which means “a person who is auspicious and talented”. Seo means “auspicious; felicitous omen” or “comfortable; open up” and jun means “talented; handsome”.
Seok Seok is a Korean boy name which means “like a rock” implying the person is very strong in his character and virtues.
Seung This name is spelt in many ways such as “Sung” or “Seong”. This Korean name means “successor” or “winning”. It is one of the powerful south Korean boy names which are apt for the intensely competitive South Korean culture.
Seuk-Chin Seuk-Chin can be written or spelt as Seok-Chin. The name means “an unshakeable rock” or a person whose character or virtue can’t be shaken or compromised.
Sung The Korean word sung means “complete or finished”. The name implies a person who is a complete person.
Tae Tae is a unique Korean name which means “a great person”.
Tae-Hyeong This Korean name means “a superior and exalted person”.
Won-Shik This Korean name means “the head of the family”.
Wook This Korean name for boys is pronounced as “ook” and is an interesting name which translates to “sunrise”.
Ye-joon Ye-Joon means “a person who is handsome and talented”. This name can also be spelt as Ye-Jun. In this Korean name, ye mean “talent; art; craft” and joon means “handsome; talented”.
Yeong This Korean name means “a courageous person”.
Yong-sun Yong-sun is a prestigious name which translates to “a dragon in the first position”.
Young Young is a Korean name for boys which means “a forever unchanging person” implying a person who always remains unchanged.
Young-Jae This Korean name means “a person who is destined to be forever prosperous”.
Young-Min Young-Min is a Korean name for boys which means “an intelligent person with eternal prosperity”.
Yong-Saeng This Korean name means “ a person who will live forever” implying a long life.
Young-Soo Young-soo is a Korean name which means “keeping prosperity” or a person who will have prosperity forever.

Every parent in any part of the world wants to name their baby boy with a name with a literal meaning. So, while picking a name for their sons, they give much emphasis on the meaning of the name. A meaningful name which implies good qualities and virtues is timeless and will help the kid to identify and project a positive image. The boys with a meaningful name will be respected and taken with seriousness when they grow up in their career and society.

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