Top 80 Filipino Girl Names With Meanings

80 Filipino Names for Girls & Their Meanings

If you’ve been blessed with a baby girl and you’re not looking to choose from common names for your little one, we’ve got some great options for you to choose from. Philippines is a great and historic country with plenty of beautiful names that have evolved over the years. You can choose between classic Christian names or local Tagalog names which sound equally beautiful. In this list, we have compiled some pretty names along with unique Filipino names. Naming your little girl is an important decision and shouldn’t be rushed. So, take your time and go through this list of pretty Filipino girl names.

80 Filipino Baby Girl Names

What’s in a Filipino name? Well, for starters, there is a lot of Spanish influence owing to the years of colonization the nation went through. You should take your time and consideration before choosing a nice traditional Filipino girl name for your little one as she will spend the rest of her life with it. Nowadays, there is a lot of influence from the olden days, with names such as Ligaya, Divina, Gracia and Gloria becoming popular.

With the Spanish influence, there will be a lot of Spanish-sounding names. Philippines is also a Christian country primarily, so there will be a lot of religious and biblical names. Here is a list of Filipino female names for your consideration –

Name Meaning


This beautiful name is of Hindu origin and represents the globe and humankind. 


The name has Latin, Hebrew, Italian, Filipino, and Arabic roots. It means ‘nourishing’ and ‘kind’. 


The name is of Greek origin and means ‘healer’ or ‘wholesome’.


This sweet name is of Spanish origin and means ‘blessed’.


This one is quite straightforward! It means ‘to be blessed’. 


The name means ‘my God is an oath’.


The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘garden’ or ‘orchard’.


The name is of Greek origin and means ‘pure’.
Christina This is a common name and in Latin, it means ‘follower of Christ’.
Corazon This Spanish-sounding name is a common word for ‘heart’. A former president of Philippines was named Corazon Aquino.
Dalisay In the native language of Tagalog, Dalisay means ‘pure’. It is also a common surname.
Divina/ Divinagracia Divina is an Italian and Latin name that means ‘Heavenly or divine’. Divinagracia means ‘Divine grace’.
Diwa This is a native and ancient Filipino name that means ‘spirit’. It can also be transformed to the name Diwata which translates to ‘fairy’.


This is a classic Filipino name and was made popular by a Filipino superhero.


The name is of Spanish origin and means ‘sorrows’.


It is a variation of the name Delores and means ‘sorrows’.


The name has Scandinavian and Greek origins. It means ‘well-spoken’.
Eleanor Eleanor is a name of Greek origin and it means ‘bright, shining one’. There are popular figures such as Eleanor Roosevelt who carry the same name.
Faye A name of Middle English origin, Faye means ‘fairy’.
Evangeline Evangeline is a Greek-messenger name. It means someone who is the ‘bearer of good news’.
Flordeliza A French word, Flordeliza means ‘flower of a lily’.
Gloria An ancient Latin name, Gloria simply means ‘glory’. It is a popular name across the country.
Hazel The Old English word ‘haesel’ inspired this name, It can be the colour or the name of the tree.
Heidi Heidi is a French name that means ‘nobility’. It is a compound name that combines “athal” and “haida”.
Iris The Goddess of the rainbow in Greek culture, Iris is a popular name for baby girls across the country.


The name is of Spanish or Italian origins. It means ‘warrior woman’.


The name has multiple origins and means ‘to entertain’.
Jasmine A wonderful, scented flower, Jasmine comes from the Persian name of “Yas”.
Jennifer The wife of King Arthur, Jennifer is a name of Cornish origins. It means ‘White enchantress’.
Joyce Joyce is a unisex name, and it means cheerful. It has become popular over the last few years in Philippines.
Katherine This can also be spelt as “Catherine” and in Latin it means ‘clear or pure’. It is a fairly popular name around Philippines.


The name is of Filipino origin and means ‘independent’ and ‘risk-taker’.


This short and beautiful name means ‘sky’ or ‘royalty’.


The name is of German origin and means ‘God is my oath’.


The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘innocence’. 


The name has Tagalog roots and represents spiritual peace. 


This unique name means ‘glory’.


This name is the name of the most important island of the Philippines. 
Ligaya A beautiful name in the local language of Tagalog, Ligaya means ‘brilliance’ and is also one of the most popular names in the country.
Luzviminda How often do you come across names that are portmanteaus? Luzmivida is made of three islands – Luzon, Visayas as well as Mindanao. The shortened version of it, “luz”, means ‘light’.
Luningning Tagalog lends itself to this beautiful name as well and it means ‘brilliance’. It is an old-fashioned name that has come back in fashion.
Malaya Another popular Tagalog name in the country is Malaya and it means ‘freedom’ or ‘free’.
Maria Owing to its Christian population, Philippines has a lot of girls who are named Maria that is the Spanish version of Jesus’ mother, Mary. It is generally combined with other names such as Maria Anna.
Mutya This is a beautiful name which means ‘amulet’, ‘jewel’, ‘pearl’ or ‘talisman’ in Tagalog. It also loosely means ‘beloved’ and is used as a title for women who win local beauty pageants.


The name is of Filipino origin and means ‘tenderness’.


The name has multiple origins and means ‘splendid’.


The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘he who raises’.


This beautiful name represents the sun and the sea. 


It is the name of the second largest island of Philippines. 


The name literally means ‘beautiful’ and it is indeed a beautiful name for your little one.


The name is of Spanish origin and means ‘favoured grace’.
Nicole A common yet popular name in the country, Nicole is a name of Greek origin and means, ‘victorious people’. Nicole Scherzinger is a Filipina with the same name.
Noemi This is an old-fashioned name that became a popular name over the last few years in the country. It is Spanish in origin and means ‘pleasantness’.
Ophelia Ophelia was a popular character in Shakespeare’s epic play “Hamlet”. The name is Greek in origin and means ‘she who helps’.
Patricia A Latin word that means ‘nobility’, Patricia is a popular name in the country and has many short-forms like Patty, Pat, Tricia.
Philippine The name is of French and Polish origins and means ‘lover of horses’.
Queenie Queenie has two interpretations in general. The first one is ‘queen’ and the second one is from an Old English word meaning ‘woman’.
Rosario Filipino names are generally derived from certain religions, and Rosario is a prime example. It comes from the word called rosary which means a ‘garland of roses’ in Latin.


This beautiful name denotes a garden of flowers.
Rubylyn  People with this name are often known to be expressive and outgoing by nature!
Sunshine One of the most popular names in the country is, easily, Sunshine. It is a great name you can have for your little one.
Tala In Tagalog, one of the most popular names is Tala, which means ‘star’. She is the goddess of the evening and morning star in popular mythology.
Trisha Trisha is another popular name in the country and is a preferred name for plenty of young Filipinas.
Urduja A name of a legendary Filipina warrior princess, Urduja is from Sanskrit and means “rising sun.” It is also a common surname in the country.
Victoria The Latin word for ‘victory’, Victoria was the name of the goddess of victory. She is also referred to as Nike in Greek and this is a popular name for many women in Philippines.
Vilma Vilma is a name of Swedish origin and means ‘determined protector’.
Yasmin The original Persian version of the popular name, Jasmine is Yasmin and has been used for many women here.
Zenaida This is another popular Greek name which means ‘born of Zeus’. It is a common name that has found popularity over the last few years or so.
Zoey The Greek word for ‘life’, Zoey is a popular name that has grown in popularity over the last few years after the emergence of actress, Zooey Deschanel
Jaslene Jaslene is a rare Filipino baby name for your little girl. It is a combo of Jas from Jazlyn as well as Lene, from Jolene.
Sampaguita The Jasminum sambac, which is a type of jasmine lends itself to this Filipino name and is derived from “sampaguita”. Also, Jasmine is the national flower of the country.
Benilda A popular name in Philippines is Benilda. It is the Spanish version of the German name Bernhilde, which is also connected to the Latin Benedictus, meaning ‘blessed’.
Bituin A name that means ‘star’ in Filipino, Bituin is a cute and rare name you could give your little one.
Diwata A name that is rooted in Philippine mythology, is a goddess and a figure similar for fairies and nymphs; it is said to be the spirit of nature.
Reyna Reyna is a variation of the name, Reina and this means ‘queen’. It is a popular name for girls in the country.
Floribeth A combination of Flora and Beth, Floribeth gained popularity after Floribeth Mora Diaz, who was named a wonder by the Roman Catholic Church.
Perlah A Spanish version of Pearl and a common name in the country, Perlah is known as the birthstone of June and is said to bring wisdom and wealth.
Chesah A lovely name that means ‘Celestial’, Chesa is a nice option for parents who do not want to name their kids something common. It is popular in Filipino culture but is only catching on, so grab it before it becomes too popular!
Amihan In the ancient Tagalog Mythology, a bird named Amihan was believed to be the first creature in the universe. It was responsible for freeing human beings from a bamboo tree. This name, steeped in history is also the term used to describe the monsoon period.
Hiraya Hiraya is an ancient Tagalog name which means ‘may your dreams come true’ and that is exactly what your beloved princess is for you.

Thus, you can choose from our list of Philippines girls names and give your daughter a unique and lovely name no one will forget. Let your little girl live a wonderful life where her name evokes a reaction of awe and intrigue.

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