Top 160+ Filipino Girl Names With Meanings

160+ Filipino Girl Names & Their Meanings

If you’ve been blessed with a baby girl and you’re not looking to choose from common names for your little one, we’ve got some great options for you to choose from. The Philippines is a historic and culturally rich country with many beautiful names that have evolved over the years. You can choose between classic Christian or local Tagalog names that sound equally beautiful. We have compiled an extensive list of Filipino names for girls to suit every personality you can imagine! Naming your little girl is an important decision and shouldn’t be rushed. So, take your time and go through this list of Filipino girl names. 

Naming Culture in Filipino 

What constitutes a Filipino name? The Philippines is a country that is rich in history, which has, in turn, influenced its culture. The Philippines has a lot of Spanish influence, owning to colonisation. The American rule over the archipelago has also led to much English influence over naming practices.   

Recently, Filipinos have been tapping into their rich heritage and borrowing inspiration from Tagalog, a local language spoken in the region. Additionally, as a nation where many practice Christianity, many names are religious, and there are versions of Christian names in Spanish and English. 

Popular Filipino Girl Names 

Naming your baby girl is a joyous occasion. You want something memorable yet easily recognisable at the same time. We have compiled a list of popular Filipino girls names with meanings for you to choose from! 

1. Althea 

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘healer’ or ‘wholesome.’ 

2. Bettina 

The name means ‘My God is an oath.’ 

3. Catriona 

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘pure.’ 

4. Christina

This is a common name in Latin; it means ‘follower of Christ.’ 

5. Darna 

This classic Filipino name was made famous by a Filipino superhero. 

6. Delores 

The name is of Spanish origin and means ‘sorrows.’ 

7. Dolores 

It is a variation of the name Delores and means ‘sorrow.’ 

8. Eleanor

Eleanor is a name of Greek origin, and it means ‘bright, shining one.’ There are popular figures such as Eleanor Roosevelt who carry the same name.  

9. Eula 

The name has Scandinavian and Greek roots. It means ‘well-spoken.’ 

10. Evangeline

Evangeline is a Greek name that refers to someone who is the ‘bearer of good news.’ 

11. Faye

A name of Middle English origin, Faye means ‘fairy.’ 

12. Gloria

An ancient Filipino name, Gloria, means ‘glory.’ It is a common name used across the country. 

13. Heidi

Heidi is a French name that means ‘nobility.’ It is a compound name that combines ‘athal’ and ‘haida.’ 

14. Imelda 

The name is of Spanish and Italian origin. It means ‘warrior woman.’ 

16. Ina 

The name has multiple origins and means ‘to entertain.’ 

15. Jasmine

Jasmine is a wonderful, scented flower from the Persian name ‘Yas.’ 

16. Jennifer

The wife of King Arthur, Jennifer, is a name of Cornish origin. It means ‘White enchantress.’ 

17. Katherine

This can also be spelt as ‘Catherine,’ and in Latin, it means ‘clear or pure.’ It is a commonly used name around the Philippines. 

18. Kristel 

The name is of Filipino origin and means ‘independent’ and ‘risk-taker.’ 

19. Liezel 

This female Filipino name is of German origin and means ‘God is my oath.’ 

20. Lilibeth 

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘innocence.’ 

21. Lualhati 

The name has Tagalog roots and represents spiritual peace.  

22. Luzon 

This is the name of the most important island of the Philippines.  

23. Mahalia 

The name is of Filipino origin and means ‘tenderness.’ 

24. Maja 

The name has multiple origins and means ‘splendid.’ 

25. Maria

Owing to its Christian population, the Philippines has a lot of girls named Maria, the Spanish version of Jesus’ mother, Mary. It is generally combined with other names, such as Maria Anna. 

26. Maricel 

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘he who raises.’ 

27. Mindanao 

It is the name of the second-largest island in the Philippines.  

28. Noemi

This is an old-fashioned name that became popular in the country over the last few years. It is Spanish in origin and means ‘pleasantness.’ 

29. Patricia

A Latin word that means ‘nobility,’ Patricia is a popular name in the country with many nicknames like Patty, Pat, and Tricia. 

30. Philippine

The name is of French and Polish origins and means ‘lover of horses.’ 

31. Queenie

Queenie has two interpretations in general. The first is ‘queen,’ and the second is from an Old English word meaning ‘woman.’ 

32. Reyna

Reyna is a variation of the name Reina, and this means ‘queen.’ It is a popular name for girls in the country.  

33. Rosario

Filipino names are generally derived from certain religions; Rosario is a prime example. It comes from the word ‘rosary,’ which means a ‘garland of roses’ in Latin. 

34. Rubylyn

People with this name are often known to be naturally expressive and outgoing! 

35. Sampaguita

The Jasminum sambac, a type of jasmine, lends itself to this unique Filipino name and is derived from ‘Sampaguita.’ Interestingly, Jasmine is the national flower of the country. 

36. Trisha

Trisha is another popular name in the country and is a preferred name for plenty of young Filipinas. 

37. Urduja

The name of a legendary Filipina warrior princess, Urduja, is from Sanskrit and means ‘rising sun.’ It is also a common surname in the country. 

38. Victoria

The Latin word for ‘victory,’ Victoria, was the name of the Goddess of victory. She is also referred to as Nike in Greek, and this is a popular name for many women in the Philippines. 

39. Vilma

Vilma is a name of Swedish origin and means ‘determined protector.’ 

40. Yasmin

It is the original Persian version of the popular name Jasmine and has been used by many women here. 

41. Zoey

The Greek word for ‘life,’ Zoey, is popular in the Philippines. 

Unique Filipino Names for Girls 

The Philippines is a cultural potpourri with a vibrant history. These unique names mirror that very quality. Check out these female Filipino names that are quirky and sure to make heads turn!

1. Agila

This beautiful name is of Hindu origin and represents the globe and humankind. 

2. Amihan

In the ancient Tagalog Mythology, a bird named Amihan was believed to be the first creature in the universe. It was responsible for freeing human beings from a bamboo tree. This name, steeped in history, also describes the monsoon period.

3. Bernila

This sweet name is of Spanish origin and means ‘blessed.’ 

4. Bituin

A name that means ‘star’ in Filipino, Bituin is a cute and rare name you could give your little one.

5. Blessica 

This one is relatively straightforward! It means ‘to be blessed.’ 

6. Corazon

This unique Spanish-influenced name is a common word for ‘heart.’ A former president of the Philippines was named Corazon Aquino. 

7. Dalisay

In the native language of Tagalog, Dalisay means ‘pure.’ It is also a common surname. 

8. Diwata

A name rooted in Philippine mythology that refers to a goddess and figure similar to fairies and nymphs. It is said to be the spirit of nature. 

9. Flordeliza

A French word, Flordeliza, means ‘flower of a lily.’ 

10. Hiraya

Hiraya is an ancient Tagalog name which means ‘may your dreams come true,’ and that is exactly what your beloved princess is for you. 

11. Ligaya

A beautiful name in the local language of Tagalog, Ligaya means ‘brilliance’ and is also one of the most famous names in the country. 

12. Luzviminda

How often do you come across names that are portmanteaus? Luzmivida comprises three islands: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The shortened version, ‘Luz,’ means ‘light.’ 

13. Luningning

Tagalog also lends itself to this beautiful name, ‘brilliance.’ It is an ancient Filipino name that has come back into fashion. 

14. Luwalhati 

This ancient Filipino name is wonderfully unique and means’ glory.’ 

15. Malaya

Another Tagalog name famous in the country is Malaya, which means ‘freedom’ or ‘free’. 

16. Mutya

This ancient Filipino name means ‘amulet,’ ‘jewel,’ ‘pearl,’ or ‘talisman’ in Tagalog. It also loosely means ‘beloved’ and is used as a title for women who win local beauty pageants. 

17. Ophelia

Ophelia was a popular character in Shakespeare’s epic play ‘Hamlet.’ The name is Greek in origin and means ‘she who helps.’ 

18. Tala

One of Tagalog’s most ancient Filipino names is Tala, which means ‘star.’ She is the Goddess of the evening and morning stars in popular mythology. 

19. Urduja

This novel name of a legendary Filipina warrior princess, Urduja, is from Sanskrit and means ‘rising sun.’ It is also a common surname in the country. 

20. Zenaida

This is another popular Greek name which means ‘born of Zeus.’ It is a common name that has been popular over the last few years. 

Cute Filipino Girl Names 

When choosing the perfect name for your baby, you want something that is both charming and meaningful. Here is a list of cute Filipino girls’ names and their meanings! 

1. Alma 

This charming name has Latin, Hebrew, Italian, Filipino, and Arabic roots. It means ‘nourishing’ and ‘kind.’ 

2. Benilda

Benilda is a sweet name that is popular in the Philippines. It is the Spanish version of the German name Bernhilde, also connected to the Latin Benedictus, meaning ‘blessed.’ 

3. Carmelita 

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘garden’ or ‘orchard.’ 

4. Chesah

A lovely name that means ‘Celestial,’ Chesa is an excellent option for parents who do not want to name their kids something familiar. It is popular in Filipino culture but is only catching on, so grab it before it becomes too popular! 

5. Diwa 

This is an ancient, native Filipino name that means ‘spirit.’ It can also be transformed into the name Diwata, which translates to ‘fairy.’ 

6. Evangeline

Evangeline is a lovely Greek name that refers to someone who is the ‘bearer of good news.’ 

7. Floribeth

A combination of Flora and Beth, this cute name gained popularity after Floribeth Mora Diaz, who was named a wonder by the Roman Catholic Church. 

8. Hazel

The Old English word ‘haesel’ inspired this adorable name. It can be in reference to the colour or the tree’s name. 

9. Iris

The Goddess of the rainbow in Greek culture, Iris is a popular name for baby girls nationwide. 

10. Jaslene

Jaslene is a rare Filipino baby name for your little girl. It is a combo of Jas from Jazlyn and Lene from Jolene. 

11. Joyce

Joyce is a unisex name that means ‘cheerful.’ It is a sweet choice for your happy baby! 

12. Lani 

This short and cute name means ‘sky’ or ‘royalty.’ 

13. Marisol 

This beautiful name represents the sun and the sea. 

14. Mirikit

The name means ‘beautiful,’ and it is cute for your little one. 

15. Nenita 

Nenita is an endearing name of Spanish origin and means ‘favoured grace.’ 

16. Nicole

A popular and cute name, Nicole is a name of Greek origin and means ‘victorious people.’ Nicole Scherzinger is a Filipina with the same name. 

17. Perlah

A Spanish version of Pearl and a common name in the country, Perlah is known as the birthstone of June and is said to bring wisdom and wealth. 

18. Rosamie

This beautiful name denotes a garden of flowers. 

19. Sunshine

One of the most popular names in the country is easily Sunshine. It is an excellent name for the light of your life! 

20. Vilma

Vilma is a name of Swedish origin and means ‘determined protector.’ 

Strong Filipino Names for Girls 

Parents always wish their baby girls to grow up and be independent and resilient. These values also extend to the names they want to bestow upon their daughters. This list of female Filipino names embodies strength and power.

1. Charito

Charito is a Spanish name that translates to ‘charity.’ It relays a strong sense of kindness.

2. Ella

A name that is cute yet full of magic and power, this female Filipino name translates to ‘fairy.’

3. Emilia

Emilia is a strong Christian name that stands for someone who is a ‘competitor,’ ‘rival,’ and is ‘hardworking.’

4. Giselle

For all the protective mamas and babies, this is the perfect name! Giselle stands for ‘pledge.’

5. Hannah

Hannah is a common name in the Philippines that means ‘grace’ or ‘favour.’

6. Hero

This strong female Filipino name speaks for itself! It stands for ‘the brave one.’

7. Inocencia

The Spanish version of the word’ innocence,’ this beautiful name is subtle in its strength.

8. Jory

A Filipino name that translates to ‘farmer.’ this simple yet powerful name is made for your little hard worker!

9. Kiara

A versatile Filipino baby girl name with mixed origin, Kiara stands for ‘light,’ ‘clear,’ ‘dark-haired,’ and ‘princess.’

10. Liana

This name has two meanings. It translates to ‘Lady with a glow’ and ‘to be wrapped or twined around.’

11. Luciana

Luciana is an apt name for your warrior princess! It means to ‘rejoice,’ ‘praise,’ and ‘bless.’ It also means ‘celestial.’

12. Mariana

Another alluring name of Latin origin, Mariana, stands for ‘star of the sea,’ ‘grace,’ and curiously, ‘sea of bitterness.’

13. Nadine

Nadine is a name that means ‘one who showers blessings’ and ‘hope.’ It is an apt name to describe the miracle that your baby girl is!

14. Olivia

An enchanting female Filipino name that translates to ‘elf army.’ Short forms of this name include Liv, Livi, Olly/Ollie, Livia, and Olz.

15. Raine

Raine is a name of French origin that stands for ‘queen.’ It is tailor-made for your little princess!

16. Richanne

This sweet name means ‘mankind,’ ‘optimistic,’ and ‘intelligence.’

17. Sabina

This ancient Filipino name is of Italian origin and refers to a ‘Sabine woman,’ who were ancient Oscan-speaking people of the central Apennines in Italy.

18. Tia

Tia is a common name in the Philippines and is influenced by the Spanish. It stands for ‘aunt.’

19. Ursula

A cute yet commanding name for your cuddle bug, this name translates to ‘female bear.’

20. Ysabel

Ysabel is a female Filipino name that means ‘pledged to God’ and ‘angelic.’ 

Traditional Filipino Girl Names 

Filipinos have a rich cultural history and a fair bit of global influence over time, and many of their naming practices are influenced by it. Here is a list of traditional Filipino names for girls! 

1. Amparo

Amparo is derived from Spanish and Portuguese and stands for ‘refuge,’ ‘shelter,’ or ‘protection.’

2. Andrea

A female version of the name Andrew, this means ‘strong’ or ‘manly.’ 

3. Camille

Camille is a beautiful female Filipino name for your little flower. Of French origin, Camille stands for ‘perfect’ and ‘warm-hearted.’ Alternately, it also translates to ‘priest’s helper.’ 

4. Cecelia

The Filipino name Cecilia has a few conflicting translations. It means both ‘blind’ and ‘full of grace.’ 

5. Celeste

The celestial name is tailor-made for your shining star! Celeste stands for ‘heavenly.’ 

6. Danica

Another name full of twinkles and shine, Danica, means ‘morning star’ or ‘Venus.’ 

7. Divina

Divina is an Italian and Latin name that means ‘Heavenly or divine.’ It is also extended to form the name Divinagracia, which means ‘Divine grace.’ 

8. Liwayway

Liwayway is a traditional Filipino Tagalog name that translates to ‘sunrise’ or ‘dawn.’ 

9. Maganda

A stunning name borrowed from Tagalog for your baby girl, this ancient Filipino name translates to ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful.’ 

10. Odesa

Odesa is a charming name to encapsulate your experience with your bundle of joy. This name means ‘long journey.’ 

11. Oriana

A name to describe the light of your life, Oriana is of Latin origin and stands for ‘golden’ and ‘dawn/sunrise.’ 

12. Patience

A traditional name that is also cheeky. The meaning is hidden in the name! 

13. Qamra

Qumra is an Arabic-inspired name that means ‘moon’ or ‘moon girl.’ It is a celestial Filipino name for your tiny girl! 

14. Sabrina

Sabrina is an unforgettable name that translates to ‘legendary queen’ and ‘princess.’ It was made famous by the comic book character Sabrina the Teenage Witch, published by Archie Comics! 

15. Salud

Salud is a traditional Filipino Tagalog name of Spanish origin, which means ‘health’ or a form of ‘cheers.’ 

16. Tadhana

A lovely female Filipino name that translates to ‘destiny’ or ‘fate.’ Maybe naming your baby Tadhana is in your destiny! 

17. Varali

Varali is a heavenly choice for your celestial baby! The name is of Indian origin and translates to ‘moon.’ 

18. Virika

Another traditional Filipino name of Indian origin, this pretty name translates to ‘brave woman’ or ‘brave one.’ 

19. Yori

Yori is a beautiful female Filipino name that means ‘reliable,’ ‘dependable,’ and ‘trustworthy.’ 

20. Zabrina

It is a name of Latin origin that means ‘from the River Severn.’ It is also another form of the name Sabrina and means ‘princess.’ 

Modern Filipino Names for Girls 

These days, parents want to choose a name for their newborn that is contemporary and stands out from the crowd. We have compiled a list of modern Filipino names and their meaning for you to choose from.

1. Adhika

A contemporary name with a traditional touch, the name Adhika is borrowed from Tagalog and translates to ‘zeal,’ ‘honour/honourable,’ and ‘ambition.’ 

2. Amara

Amara is a modern name that means ‘everlasting,’ ‘bitter,’ ‘immortal,’ and ‘grace.’ With such an encapsulation of meaning, this is an adorable Filipino name for your baby girl. 

3. Bulawan

A cute name of Tagalog origin, Bulawan stands for ‘gold’ or ‘golden skin.’ 

4. Dari

Dari is a charming female Filipino name that means ‘grace.’ 

5. Himig

A timeless classic, this ancient Filipino name is of Tagalog origin and translates to ‘tune’ or ‘melody.’ A perfectly harmonious name for your little one!  

6. Hiyas

The name Hiyas has Arabic and Tagalog roots. It means ‘gem’ or ‘jewel.’ 

7. Likha

Taken from the Sanskrit word, ‘lékhā,’ which means to ‘write’ or ‘create.’ 

8. Lumina

Lumina is a name of Latin origin that means ‘sunshine’ or ‘bright light.’ It is an elegant name for your tiny one!

9. Luningning

Luningning is a melodic Tagalog name for your little girl. It translates to ‘brilliant’ and ‘bright.’ 

10. Maribel

A stunning name that means ‘beautiful,’ ‘pretty,’ and ‘star of the sea.’ 

11. Mayumi

Mayumi is a gentle and modern female Filipino name. It translates to ‘softness,’ ‘modesty,’ and ‘tenderness.’ It also means ‘truth’ and ‘reason’ in Japanese. 

12. Myra

A short yet elegant name, Myra means ‘admirable.’ 

13. Nathalie

Nathalie is the sweetest Filipino baby girl name there is! It means ‘born on Christmas day.’ 

14. Princess

A popular name across the Philippines, Princess is a regal name that means ‘royal daughter.’ 

15. Raisa

The Filipino name Raisa means ‘rose,’ making it an ideal name for your blooming flower. 

16. Salome

Derived from the Hebrew word, ‘shalom,’ this divine name means ‘peace.’ 

17. Samantha

Samantha is a highly desirable name that is popular worldwide. This female Filipino name stands for a ‘listener of God’ or ‘name of God.’ 

18. Sinta

A modern name of Tagalog origin, Sinta means ‘loved one’ or ‘dear.’

19. Sofia

Also spelt Sophia, this name is of Greek origin and translates to ‘wisdom.’ 

20. Soraya

Soraya is a versatile Filipino name with multiple meanings. It stands for ‘beautiful,’ ‘rich,’ and ‘humble/modest.’ Arabic means ‘the Pleiades,’ which is related to the Taurus constellation. 

Filipino Names for Girls Inspired by Nature 

We are all surrounded by nature that is abundant with resources, beauty, joy, and colour. Names across the world have paid homage to its beauty. We have compiled a list of Filipino names and their meaning, all inspired by nature!

1. Acacia

Inspired by the acacia tree wood, this name of Greek origin also means ‘thorny.’

2. Ariel

Ariel is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin that translates to ‘lion of God.’ It was made famous by the Disney character Ariel, the mermaid.

3. Camellia

Like the evergreen flower, this female Filipino name is exquisite. It also means ‘priest’s helper.’

4. Coral

Coral is a name of Latin origin that refers to sea life that grows in the ocean bed.

5. Dahlia

The name Dahlia references the stunning flower and means ‘drawing water.’

6. Laurel

Laurel is a Filipino name that is Spanish-inspired and of Latin origin. It means ‘one who lives by the laurel tree.’

7. Laya

Laya is a beautiful Tagalog name that means ‘free’ or ’emancipated.’ It also means ‘inner city’ or ‘upper part of town.’

8. Lily

This simple and sweet name refers to the lily flower.

9. Maple

A sweet name for your little sugar, Maple alludes to the maple tree.

10. Marina

Marina is a name of Latin origin that means ‘from the sea.’

11. Mayari

A strong and symbolic female Filipino name, Mayari, is of Tagalog origin. It refers to the ‘Goddess of the Moon,’ also the ‘ruler of the world.’

12. Ocean

Ocean is a tranquil name that refers to the large body of water.

13. Pearl

Inspired by the beautiful gems found in nature, the name Pearl symbolises ‘wealth’ and ‘wisdom.’

14. Rosalyn

A cute name for your blossoming baby, Rosalyn translates to ‘little rose.’

15. Sarang

Sarong is an adorable name of Korean origin that means ‘love,’ a feeling you have in abundance for your baby girl! 

16. Willow

This name refers to the majestic willow tree. 

Filipino Names for Girls Inspired by Famous People 

While considering baby names, we sometimes draw inspiration from admirable people who have been celebrated worldwide for their achievements! Here’s a list of female Filipino names inspired by famous people.

1. Aurora

The name of a beautiful Disney princess, Aurora, is of Latin origin and means Dawn.

2. Diana

Made famous by the kind-hearted and stunning Princess Diana of Wales, the name translates to ‘sky’ and ‘divine.’

3. Heart

Also spelt Hart, this adorable name refers to your heart! It was the name of the famous Filipina actress and singer Heart Evangelista.

4. Teresa

The name borne by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Teresa, this name means ‘to harvest’ or ‘nourish.’

5. Zooey

The name has grown in popularity over the last few years after the emergence of actress Zooey Deschanel. It is of Greek origin and means ‘life.; 


1. Do Filipino Girl Names Have Unique Pronunciations?

While most Filipino names have been influenced by languages and religions worldwide, some Traditional female Filipino names are of Tagalog origin with unique pronunciations, which might be more challenging for first-time or non-native speakers.

2. Do Filipino Names Adapt When Used in Different Cultures?

In most cases, yes! Because of Filipino culture’s vibrancy, many names have been adapted from other languages and cultures. Additionally, if you consider the meanings of these names, almost all Filipino names are cross-cultural! 

Thus, you can choose from our list of Philippines girl’s names and give your daughter a unique and lovely name that is meaningful and unforgettable. We hope your baby girl experiences a wonderful life where her name evokes a reaction of awe and intrigue.

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