60 Cute Nicknames for Emma

60 Cute Nicknames for Emma

Nicknames are important as they help foster a person’s identity and make it easier to differentiate between two different Emmas. Keep reading for some cool, funny, unique nickname ideas for Emma.

Meaning and Origin of Emma

Emma can be used as a stand-alone name or as a diminutive form of Emily. It is an English equivalent derived from an ancient Germanic word ermen, meaning “whole,” “complete,” or “universal.” Emma in Teutonic means ‘the healer of the Universe,’ ‘nurse’ in Swedish, and ‘industrious’ in American. Additionally, the name means “entire,” ‘universal,” and “strength” in Hebrew.

Nicknames for Emma

Choosing cool nicknames for Emma can be a creative outlet for parents. Here are some funny nicknames for Emma for your child:

1. Emy

Emy comes from English origin and means ‘whole’ or ‘big.’

2. Em

This prefix is derived from German ‘ermin’ or ‘irmin’, and means ‘universal.’

3. Ima

A popular variant of the name, Ima in Japanese means ‘present’ and ‘now.’

4. Mma

Mma is an Igbo name meaning ‘beautiful.’

5. Ema

Derived from Old High German “ermen/irmin,” this simple pet name means ‘whole.’

6. Mae

This English name means ‘bitter’ or ‘pearl.’

7. Irma

This nickname in German means ‘universal’ or ‘complete.’

8. Emme

This nickname means ‘universal’ which comes from Old French or Old German.

9. Emer

This nickname of Irish origin means ‘swift.’

10. Emu

Emu in French means ‘deeply moved.’

11. EmyEmu

This double-barreled English nickname means ‘universal whole.’

12. Emmaliya

This name of African origin means ‘high born.’

13. Em-Gem

This diminutive of English name Emma is joined with gem to produce a jewel of a name.

14. Emita

This nickname of Arabic origin means ‘sweet mother.’

15. Emmagency

This nickname, including ‘Emergency,’ comes from Latin emergere for ‘arise, bring to light.’

16. Emanuelle

This biblical Hebrew name means ‘God with us.’

17. Em Universe

This German nickname embodies its own meaning.

18. Emmagination

Emmagination comes from imagination, derived from the latin imaginari meaning ‘to picture oneself.’

19. Emmaleigh

Emmaleigh is a Latin term that means ‘laborious.’

20. Em-Press

A variant of Empress, this nickname of English origin means ‘female ruler of an empire.’

21. Emmie

Beginning and ending with vowel e, this nickname in English means ‘rival or ‘eager’.

22. Emmelyn

Emmelyn in English means ‘universal.’

23. Emmariah

This nickname is a German variant of Emmarie or Emery, meaning ‘home strength.’

24. Emmina

Emmina is a variant of Arabic and Slavic Emina meaning ‘truth’.

25. Ermintrude

Ermintrude comes from the Germanic ermen, meaning ‘whole, entire’ and traut, meaning ‘beloved.’

26. Emmazing

Emmazing is a variant of the English word Amazing which means ‘gift of God.’

27. Emergetic

Emergetic comes from “energy” derived from the Greek enérgeia, meaning ‘power’

28. Medallion

Medallions refer to medals, indicating your girl will be worthy of praise.

29. Emmet

Emmet in Hebrew means ‘ universal’ or ‘truth.’

30. Emmers

Emmers comes from Middle High German emmer, meaning ‘grain.’

31. Emayonnaise

The name includes Mayonnaise from the Old French moyeu, meaning ‘egg yolk.’

32. Emoji

E in Japanese means ‘picture’ and moji means ‘character.’

33. Emma-Dilemma

Dilemma in English means caught between two situations.

34. Lady Emergetic

This positive nickname denotes how energetic your child can be.

35. Em&M

The prefix Em of Emma is joined with the letter M to form a miracle of a nickname.

36. Memma

A variant of Meme, Memma comes from the Greek mimema, meaning ‘imitated.’

37. Emmax

Em is added to Max which comes from English Maximillan meaning ‘greatest.’

38. The Emmys

This nickname is based on the Emmy Awards.

39. Emmybug

With bug referring to a small insect, Emmybug is apt for your little munchkin.

40. E-meal-a

As meal refers to food, E-meal-a is most suitable for a baby who’s a foodie.

41. Ema-rald

This nickname combines Emma and emerald, a brilliant green gemstone.

42. Emmulette

Originating from amulet, this name will protect against evil, disease, or unhappiness

43. Emie

Emie is a French variant of the name Emily, meaning ‘rival.’

44. Emushka

Derived from the word “mamushka,” which means ‘Mommy,’ Emushka makes a cute nickname choice.

45. Emmy Lamey

Derived from the Old Norse personal name Lambi, a variant of Old French amis, meaning ‘friend.’

46. Ermalicious

Erma comes from the name of Greek god Hermioni and licious is a shortened form of delicious.

47. Emberly

Emberly is a surname of Anglo Saxon origin, referring to someone who held great power.

48. Emmabelle

Emma joins with French belle which is the feminine of beau, which comes from Latin bella, feminine of bellus meaning ‘beautiful’.

49. Emanem

This nickname shares a close affinity to Eminem, the US rapper. In Hebrew, Emanem means ‘God’.

50. Mooma

Mooma in Spanish means ‘grandma.’

51. Emmaphrodite

This is a combination of Emma and Aphrodite, who was the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.

52. Ember

Embers are small, glowing pieces of wood or charcoal with the last bit of fire.

53. Emagination

This nickname is a variant of Imagination which in Arabic means ‘imaginative and creative person.’

54. Femmina

A combination of Emma and Femina, which exudes femininity.

55. Emmallion

This nickname is most applicable for a strong girl as it comes from the word stallion meaning ‘male horse.’

56. Emerence

This French nickname means ‘Worthy of Merit.’

57. Enigmma

Enigma is a variant of Enigma that means ‘riddle’ in Latin.

58. Queen Emma The Great

This nickname is best for your beloved child ‘the queen of your heart.’

59. Emmasaurous Rex

A variant of Thesauraus Rex dinosaur, this nickname is applicable for a child fond of this animal.

60. Mimi

Mimi in French means ‘sea of bitterness.’

Popularity of the Name Emma

After its initial popularity in England and Austria in the 11th century, Emma is incredibly popular in the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, France, Germany, and many other countries. According to SSA, it has been within the top 5 names in the US for the last 2 decades. Emma was also used in the famous TV show “Friends,” which propelled this name to the top five names since 2002 and 2nd spot in 2003. 

Famous Celebrities With the Name Emma

Here are some notable personalities with the name Emma:

Name Who She Is
Emma Thompson British Actress
Emma Stone American Film Actress
Emma Watson English Actress
Emma Roberts American Actress
Emma Frost Character in Marvel’s X-Men
Emma Adbage Swedish Illustrator and Children’s Writer
Emma Adler Austrian Journalist
Emma Anderson Swedish TV personality and singer
Emma Ania Track and Field Athlete
Emma Appleton Actress and Model

Variations of Emma

Many variations of Emma have more than one possibly same or different meanings. Here are some variations of Emma:

Emmalyn (English) Ema (Spanish)
Ima (Dutch) Ima (German)
Irma (German) Esme (French)
Ada (German) Thea (Greek)
Eliza (Hebrew) Gemma (Italian)

Though old-fashioned, Emma happens to be a popular name due to its deep history, modern-feel yet distinctly feminine. Unique nicknames for Emma denote not just your love for your child but ensure that all around her love your child.

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