240 Unique Sanskrit Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

260 Sanskrit Baby Names for Girls and Boys

What’s in a name? It is something that distinguishes a person from everyone else and gives one a sense of identity. Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision to make since it defines their identity. Most people name their children based on their culture or the place they come from, and in India, it is not uncommon to find people with Sanskrit names. These are names that have been around for a long time and have been passed down through generations. Even though language has evolved, many people prefer Sanskrit names.

Baby Names In Sanskrit With Meanings

Whether you are looking for names for a boy or a girl, we have got some beautiful Sanskrit names for you to consider along with their meanings.

Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit

Here are some beautiful Sanskrit names for a baby girl:

Name Meaning
Aadya The beginning
Aahana Immortal, morning glory
Aarunya Radiance of the Sun
Agni Fire, flame
Aishwarya Prosperity; rich
Anaya Graceful, inexhaustible, gracious
Aparna Another name for Goddess Parvati
Arati/Arti Hymns sung in honour of God with lamps in hand
Ashwini A star; One of the constellations
Bala Young
Bhanupriya Beloved of the sun
Bhavya Splendid; grand; another name for the goddess Parvati
Chaitra The beginning; the first month of the year as per the Indian calendar
Chakrika One with the divine discus
Charu Attractive; beautiful; pleasing
Daksha Lord Shiva’s wife; Earth
Dhara Earth
Dhruvi Firm
Diya Lamp
Dyuthi Shine
Eesha Another name for Goddess Parvati; pure
Ekaparnika Goddess Durga, Living upon one leaf
Ila Earth
Ishwari Powerful; goddess
Falguni Beautiful
Gargi Scholar
Garima Prowess, warmth, honour, strength
Gauri Another name for Goddess Parvati
Gaurika Pretty young girl
Gunjita Buzzing of bees
Hansa Swan
Harini Deer
Harshada A person who brings happiness
Hema Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
Hemlata Golden creeper
Hima Snow
Himani Another name for Goddess Parvati
Indira Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
Indrani Lord Indira’s wife
Indu Moon
Ira Another name for Goddess Saraswati
Janaki Another name of Lord Ram’s wife; Another name of King Janak’s daughter Sita
Jaya Victory
Jeevika Water
Jyoti Flame
Kali The Divine Mother
Kalika Loud, bud of a flower
Kamal Lotus
Kavita Poetry
Keertana Devotional song
Lakshita Distinguished
Lakshya Destination, aim
Lalita A beautiful woman
Lata Creeper
Lavanthika Name of a Raga
Leela Divine drama
Leena/Lina Devoted
Madhavi Earth; Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Madhu Honey
Madhuri Sweet
Mahima Glory
Maithili Another name of Sita, Lord Ram’s wife
Malvika Lived in Malva
Mamta Love of a mother
Manasi Lady
Manisha Desire
Manishitha A wish
Manju Pleasant
Medha Wit or intelligence
Megha Cloud
Naina Eyes
Nalini Sweet lotus
Namrata Modesty
Neeta Good behaviour, within the rules
Ojasvini Energetic
Omaja Baby from spiritual union
Oma Life-giver
Padma Lotus
Pallavi Lotus
Pakhi A beautiful bird
Parnika A small leaf, another name of Goddess Parvati
Parvati She who lives in the mountains, Lord Shiva’s wife
Poornima Full moon
Prema Love, affection
Priya Beloved, Full of kindness
Priyanka Everyone’s favourite, Beautiful move
Raga Colour or melody
Rama Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Rachana Creation
Radha Lover to Lord Krishna
Rajani Night
Ranjana Entertaining, fun
Rashmi Moonbeam, sunlight, glowing, shining ray of light, radiant
Reva Riverbank, Sacred Narmada, Shore
Rambha Fairy; nymph
Riddhi Successful, to grow, prosperity, to profit
Ritu Season
Ruchira Delicious, saffron
Rupa Silver, beautiful
Sakshi Witness
Sanjana In harmony
Saroj Lotus
Saral Simple, honest, sincere
Seema Wave, Symbol, that which is precious, limit, border
Seeta Wife of Lord Rama
Sejal River water or Pure water
Shaila Living on the mountain
Shambhavi Another name for Goddess Parvati
Shanti Peace
Shila Thunder, rock
Shravani Fifth month as per the Indian calendar
Shreya Prosperity, auspicious
Smita Lady who is always smiling
Sneha Affectionate, friendly, loving
Saumya Soft, faithful, mild, beautiful
Surabhi Fragrance; cow
Swara Another name for Goddess Saraswati
Tara Star, the hill where kings meet
Trisha Thirst
Uma Another name of Goddess Parvati
Urvashi Fairy; Nymph
Varsha Rain
Vaidehi Another name of ‘Sita’
Vandana Prayer
Vasudha Earth
Vasundhara Earth
Vipasha River

Sanskrit Names For Baby Boy

Sanskrit Names For Baby Boy

Here are the top Sanskrit baby boy names:

Names Meaning
Aadi Superior one, firstborn
Aadit Lord of the Sun
Aaditya The sun
Abhay Fearless
Abhinav New
Abhiram Pleasing
Abhishek Religious bath over a deity
Advait Unique
Agrim Leader
Ahan Dawn
Ajey Unconquerable
Ajit Unconquerable
Ajitesh Another name for Lord Vishnu
Akhil Complete, whole, Intelligent, king, sun
Aakrit Art, design, form, shape
Aloka Vision, splendour, lustre, aspect
Amardeep Eternal light
Ambuj Lotus
Amish Honest
Amit Boundless
Anil God of wind
Arjun Bright, Shining
Ashish Blessings
Ashwin Light
Bakul Flower
Balraj Powerful king
Balakrishna Lord Krishna in his youth
Bandhul Pleasing
Bhanu Bright, Sunrise, Light
Bhavin To exist, to live
Bharat Brother of Lord Ram
Bharadwaj One who has strength and vigour
Bhaskar Sun
Bhim Fearful
Bhuvan Earth
Chahel Happiness
Chandra Moon, to shine
Chetan Consciousness
Chitran Clear-minded, light
Chintan Meditation
Daaruk Lord Krishna’s charioteer, a tree
Daivik God’s grace
Daman The controlling one
Darshan Vision, a God in Hindu mythology
Deva Angel, Divine being
Deepak Lamp, brightly shining
Deepesh Glowing moon
Devansh Part of God
Devdas God’s servant
Dhiraj Patient
Dilip An ancestor of Rama
Dinkar Sun
Divakar Sun
Eeshwar God
Ehimay All pervasive
Gagan Heaven, the sky
Gambhir Serious, deep
Garud Bird king, a bird from mythology, falcon
Gaurav Honourable, respectful, pride
Gautam Buddha
Gayan Sky, song
Geet Song
Girish Mountain God
Gopal Protector of cows and cowherds, Lord Krishna
Govind Another name of Lord Krishna
Hanan Compassion
Hrishikesh Lord of sound
Hans God’s gift, swan
Hari Belongs to God, remover of pain
Harshit Filled with happiness
Harsha Joy, delight
Hemant The best season
Hrithik From the heart
Ishaan God
Jagrav Awakened
Jalaj Lotus
Jaiman Victorious one
Kamal Perfection or lotus flower
Kapileshwar One who has a white horse
Karan Pandavas’ eldest brother, instrument
Kaushal Clever
Kartikeya Elder son of Lord Shiva
Kautik Joy
Kiran Ray of light
Keshav Another name of Lord Vishnu
Kshitij Horizon
Kuldeep Family heir
Kunala A bird with beautiful eyes
Kushal Happy, clever, good, perfect
Lakshya Aim
Lalit Beautiful and attractive
Lokesh King of the world
Madhav One of the names of Lord Krishna
Mahesh One of the names of Lord Shiva
Manav Human
Manik Jewel, gem
Manoj Coming forth from the intellect, love
Mohan Wonderful and enchanting
Manish Lord of the mind
Naarayan Lord Vishnu
Nagaraja Mountain king, the serpent king
Nagendra Serpent chief, mountain chief
Naren Superior man
Nayak Guide
Nikhil Victorious, complete, entire, all
Nimish In the flicker of an eye, a moment
Neeraj Water born
Neerav Silent
Nishad Seventh note of the Indian octave
Omprakash Om light
Pandu Pandavas’ father
Paavan Sacred, pure
Paarth King of the Earth, Another name of Arjun
Padman Lotus
Pankaj Lotus
Prarthmesh Lord Ganesha
Paramesh Lord supreme
Prabhakar Sun
Rajeev Blue colour lotus
Rajesh King’s god, the emperor
Raju Prosperity
Ramith Charming
Ratan Precious stone
Raghav Another name of Lord Ram
Rishi Ray of light, sage
Samraj Supreme
Sanjit Victorious
Sarvajit He who has conquered all
Tanay Son
Vasudev Another name of Lord Krishna
Vinay Good manners and humble
Vineet Polite
Vipin Sharp and talented
Virendra Warrior King

Why Are Sanskrit Baby Names Popular?

Here are some reasons why out of all the unique baby names, Sanskrit names are so popular in India:

  • Sanskrit is an ancient language and was one of the first languages to be spoken in India. Most of the Indian languages are derived from it, and this makes Sanskrit name culturally significant all over the country.
  • Parents want to name their children after the gods they worship. They hope that they will be blessed and watched over by the deity.
  • Parents want their children to develop the attributes of the deities or characteristics they are named after.
  • Families that rely heavily on astrology often opt for Sanskrit names as the first letter of the name is often chosen for them based on a ritual called “Janm Nakshatra.”
  • Most Indians name their children after their ancestors, which means that the names go way back in history. Many of the names are so old that they have been around since Sanskrit was still a spoken language.

Every parent desires for their child to have some kind of personality traits and characteristics. It is hard to imagine that once you have a baby, everything about that little human’s life is in your hands, including the name by which he or she will be called for the rest of their lives. This is why it is a good idea to go through baby names before your baby is born. You will have enough time to sit down and go through the meanings and choose a name that both you and your partner like. If you are looking for a Sanskrit name for your baby, we hope you find the perfect name in the lists given above.

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