Top 500 Baby Girl Names Starting With A

500 Baby Girl Names That Start with A

Figuring out the name of your baby is one of the most exciting things to do for a parent-to-be. One would always like to give a name which has a beautiful meaning since we all know that our name influences our personalities in subtle ways. A parent wants to give a name which has a great ring to it as well. A name your child would be proud of and has a charm to it, a certain melody. One does find oneself inundated with choices and unable to decide if they want to give a traditional or unique name. The choice totally depends on individual preference of the family but one thing is sure, it would be one of the most important choices an expecting parent would make.

Female names that start with ‘a’ have a powerful effect on the individual who bears that name. ‘A’ is also similar to number 1 and both of them denote confidence. They are supposed to be the leaders and it is believed that they turn out to be strong and brave people. These individuals know who they are and have a strong belief in their skills.

Popular Baby Girl Names that Begin with A

We have compiled a list of lovely American Girl names which are adorable and pleasing to the ear. We also kept in mind the trend and the fact that you would want them to be one in a million.

Aaliyah Alberta Anayeli
Aaminah Albinia Ancelin
Aaroha Alcee Anchoret
Aasia Alda Andi
Abaigael Aldea Andraya
Abbetina Aldith Andrea
Abbey Aldona Andree
Abby Alea Andrina
Abdera Aleah Aneira
Abel Alecia Anela
Abelia Aleela Anemone
Abena Aleena Anessa
Abequa Aleesha Angela
Aberfa Alegra Angelia
Abia Alegria Angelica
Abihail Aleisha Angelina
Abilene Aleka Angeline
Abiona Aleksa Angelique
Abira Alena Angelou
Abital Alera Angelyn
Abitha Aleria Angeni
Abra Alesha Ania
Abree Aleshia Aniceta
Abriana Alessa Aniela
Abrielle Alessia Anika
Abrienne Aleta Anila
Abril Alethea Anima
Acacia Aletta Anisha
Acadia Alexa Anitha
Acantha Alexandra Aniyah
Accalia Alexi Anna
Acelin Alexia Annabelle
Acima Alexie Annaleigh
Ada Alexine Annalise
Adair Alexis Annelouisse
Adairia Alexus Annette
Adalia Aleyah Annie
Adalina Aleyna Annika
Adalind Aleyza Annistyn
Adaline Alfonsine Annmarie
Adaly Alfreda Anona
Adalyn Algiana Antisha
Adama Algoma Antonella
Adanna Alice Antonia
Adanya Alicia Anvi
Adar Alida Anya
Adara Alika Anyla
Adawna Alima Anzu
Addalyn Alina Aoife
Addilyn Alira Aphra
Addison Alisa Apolda
Adela Alise Aponi
Adelaide Alishia Apria
Adele Alison April
Adelinda Alissa Aquan
Adeline Alistrina Aquila
Adelle Alithea Arabella
Adelpha Alivia Araceli
Adelyn Alix Aralyn
Adena Aliza Araya
Adesina Alizabeth Archie
Adhya Alize Ardella
Adiel Alizra Ardis
Adife Alkina Aretha
Adina Alkira Argenta
Adinah Allie Aria
Adine Allira Arianna
Adira Allison Arianne
Adolpha Allium Arianwen
Adonia Allonah Ariel
Adonica Allura Arika
Adora Ally Arleana
Adorlee Alma Arlene
Adrienne Almeta Arlette
Adsila Almira Arley
Aea Almita Arlise
Aeliana Almudena Arlo
Aella Alnaba Armande
Aenea Alodie Armantine
Aenor Aloha Armel
Aeolia Alohi Armida
Aeran Alondra Armina
Aerin Alora Arminda
Aeris Althea Armine
Aerith Altheda Arna
Aerona Althia Arnalda
Aerwyna Alura Arnelle
Aeryn Alva Arnhilda
Aeta Alvar Aroa
Aethelwyne Alvarie Arpina
Afia Alvera Arsenia
Afton Alvina Arsinoe
Afua Alvy Artemesia
Agacia Alyenor Artemis
Agafia Alyona Artha
Agaluros Alysha Arthurina
Agata Alysia Artis
Agatha Alyssa Arva
Agathe Alyssum Arya
Aggie Alzea Ashleigh
Aghadreena Alzina Ashley
Aghamora Alzira Ashlynn
Aghavilla Alzophine Aspen
Aghna Ama Asphodel
Agna Amabella Asteria
Agnek Amabilis Astra
Agrippa Amada Athanasia
Aharona Amadine Athela
Ahava Amai Athena
Aida Amaia Athure
Aidan Amalea Atida
Aideen Amalfi Atira
Aila Amalia Atlantis
Ailani Amalya Atria
Ailany Amanaki Auberte
Aileen Amanda Aubree
Ailis Amani Aubrey
Ailisa Amara Aubri
Ailish Amarachi Aubriana
Ailsa Amari Aubrianne
Aime Amariah Aubrie
Aine Amarie Aubriella
Ainsley Amarilis Auburn
Airlea Amarinda Auden
Airlia Amaris Audra
Aisha Amarissa Audrey
Aisling Amarli Audriana
Aislinn Amaryllis Audris
Aiyana Amata August
Aiyanna Amaya Augusta
Aiza Ambel Augustina
Aizah Ambelin Augustine
Ajei Amber Aulani
Akasma Amberly Aura
Akiva Amberlyn Aurari
Akosua Ambre Aurelia
Akua Ambretta Aurella
Akuba Ambrette Aurora
Alafair Ambrielle Austine
Alaia Ambrosia Autumn
Alaina Amedea Ava
Alair Amelia Avalon
Alala Amelie Avanga
Alamea Amelina Aveline
Alameda Amelinda Avena
Alana Amelithe Avera
Alanah Amena Averie
Alandra Amice Averil
Alani Amitola Avery
Alanis Amorel Aviana
Alanna Amorette Avice
Alannah Amorina Aviva
Alanya Amy Avril
Alaqua Ana Ayita
Alara Anaba Ayla
Alarice Anahi Aylin
Alarna Anaisha Aysel
Alaska Anaiya Ayva
Alasne Analee Azalea
Alastrina Anali Azaria
Alate Analia Azelia
Alathea Analiah Azeneth
Alaw Analisa Azenor
Alayah Analise Azra
Alayna Anastasia Azura
Alayne Anatolia Azure
Alba Anaya

These A letter names for girls that we have selected have beautiful meanings and are some of the most popular ones. Give your baby girl the first pride of her life, which is her name, by choosing from the wide options presented here.

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