Top 100+ Filipino Boy Names & Their Meanings

100+ Filipino Boy Names & Their Meanings

Welcome to the naming ceremony, one of parenthood’s most endearing and exciting parts! We understand that picking the right name for your baby can be difficult. So to help you with a variety, we have come up with a comprehensive list of Filipino names for boys, which you can consider while selecting the perfect name for your boy! Filipino is a complex language derived from many languages put together, and it’s known for its repeated syllables, which sound melodious to the ears.

Popular Filipino Baby Boy Names

Here’s a list of adorable Filipino boy names for your little one!

1. Alejandro

Spanish touch to the name Alexander makes it Alejandro. An interesting thing to note is that boy names ending with ‘o’ are quite uncommon, but this trendy name is quite popular amongst Filipino boys!

2. Antonio

Again, the magic of the Spanish tongue touches the original English name Anthony to give birth to Antonio! ‘Tonio’ would be a great nickname for Antonio.

3. Arnold

Arnold is a strong and influential name meaning ‘the power of the eagle.’ It’s an ancient name derived from the German language.

4. Benjie

We feel that Benjie is one of the happy-go-lucky and easy-going names of all time! It’s the Tagalog variation of the name Benjamin and calls for a cute nickname of Ben or Benny!

5. Cesar

Inspired after the mouth-watering Caesar salad dressing, Cesar is derived from a Latin name, meaning ‘long-haired.’

6. Carlo

Carlo is a French origin name, which means ‘strong.’ It’s a short, sweet name that doesn’t need a nickname!

7. Crisanto

Crisanto is a spiritual Filipino name meaning Christ. It sounds distinct as compared to Christian or Christopher.

8. Danilo

Danilo is an endearing boy’s name, which means ‘almighty is my judge.’ Danilo is a Tagalog variation of the English name Daniel!

9. Diego

An excellent choice of name for parents looking for a traditional name for their baby boy! It means ‘the one who replaces’ and is also a place in the U.S – San Diego!

10. Eric

Eric is also known as Erik, is a popular name for boys, which means ‘an honorable king’ or ‘an eternal ruler.’

11. Ernesto

The name Ernesto has a Spanish charm to it! An interesting fact about the Filipino language is that it was majorly derived from Spanish, which explains the similarity!

12. Fernandez

Fernandez is the Spanish version of Fernando. A popular name in Filipino surnames, Fernandez, is a great choice for boys’ first name.

13. Gabriel

Gabriel is an adorable Hebrew name meaning ‘Almighty is my strength.’

14. Gregory

The shortened version of gregarious, Gregory means ‘alert.’ Gregory is a common name for saints that originated from Greek mythology.

15. Gilbert

Gilbert was first introduced by Normans and was common in England during the Middle Ages. It was derived from the German meaning ‘bright.’

16. Isaac

Isaac is an ancient Hebrew name, which means ‘laughter.’ According to the old testament, Isaac was the long-awaited son of Sarah and 100-year-old Abraham. The famous bearers of the name include Isaac Newton.

17. Isaiah

A distinct Hebrew name which means ‘Yahweh is salvation.’ Isaiah is a rare and one-of-a-kind Filipino name for baby boys!

18. Jerome

Jerome is a great pick for parents looking for Filipino baby boy names starting with J.

19. Joshua

Joshua is a classic Hebrew name that means ‘Yahweh is salvation.’ Joshua is a strong personality in Israel history who led Canaan’s conquest.

20. Juan

When prim and proper John meets a Spanish melody, Juan was originated! A short and cute name for boys means ‘the almighty is gracious.’

21. Kevin

Kevin is an Irish origin name, which means ‘gentle and handsome.’ Kevin is a widely popular name amongst boys!

22. Kyle

Kyle is an adorable short name for baby boys with Scottish origin. It means ‘narrow, straight.’

23. Lester

A popular Filipino name that has an English origin, meaning ‘a secure place.’

24. Luis

Luis is an eccentric Filipino name of Spanish origin; it means ‘glory and warrior.’

25. Luntian

Luntian means the color green in ancient Tagalog, the then-official language of Filipino. Luntian is more of a Japanese name, which is quite uncommon!

26. Makisig

Amazed by the beauty and charm of your little boy? Then go with this name -Makisig, which means ‘handsome.’

27. Mauricio

Mauricio means ‘dark-skinned,’ it’s a Spanish variation of the name Maurice.

28. Melchor

Derived from the Tagalog version of the name Melchior, Melchor means ‘a city of the king.’ It’s one of the best picks from old Filipino boy names!

29. Nicholas

One of the most common Filipino name for boys with Greek origin which means ‘victory of the people.’

30. Nimuel

Nimuel means ‘peace,’ an excellent pick for parents looking for a short and unique name for their baby boy!

31. Nelson

A cute Filipino name suitable for baby boys! Another famous bearer of this name is the beloved president of South Africa – Nelson Mandela. It means ‘son of the champion.’

32. Omar

Omar is a Hebrew name, which means ‘someone who is persuasive in nature,’ or ‘eloquent.’ It’s a name everyone looks up to in Hebrew household. Omar is popular in Arab, Muslim, and Spanish speaking people!

33. Patrick

Patrick is a popular name amongst boys, which is derived from Latin origin. The name is common due to Saint Patrick in Irish history

34. Rommel

A cute and melodious name for boys, Rommel means ‘to make a noise.’ A nickname of Romi would go well with this name!

35. Ronald

Ronald is a masculine and confident name for boys! One of the famous bearers of the name was Ronald Macdonald. It means ‘advice’ or ‘ruler.’

36. Steven

Steven can also be made to Stephen is a common name for boys, which means ‘a garland.’ Thinking about a nickname? Stevie or Steve would go well with this one!

37. Vincent

Vincent means ‘to conquer.’ It’s a Latin origin name which was borne by many famous personalities! The name has been eternalized by the lead character in Entourage!

38. Vito

The name Vito was derived from Latin, which means ‘life.’ Life is precious, and so is your son, so what’s better than starting with the name, which means life!

39. Venancio

If you ever go to the Philippines, you’ll realize that Venancio is a common name there! But not in the rest parts of the world! This a perfect name for parents looking for unique, adorable names for their sons!

40. Vergel

Vergel is a rare and classic choice of Filipino name for boys. Be assured of the happiness and positivity your son will spread, as the name itself means ‘good luck.’

41. Wilfred

Wilfred is an ancient English boy name which means ‘desiring peace.’ The name is an excellent choice, as peace and tranquillity will be naturally attached to your boy’s name!

Unique Filipino Baby Boy Names

Gone are the days when you’d want to keep a common name for your baby. Here is a list of the 15 choicest unique Filipino names for your little one:

1. Agapito

Agapito is a masculine name with Filipino, Greek, and Spanish origins and means ‘beloved’.

2. Alab

Alab is a Muslim boy’s name, and its meaning is ‘evening’.

3. Alain

Alain is a male name of French origin and means ‘small rock’.

4. Aldo

Aldo is a masculine name having German roots meaning ‘noble’.

5. Bagwis

This name comes from the Tagalog word ‘Bagwis’ which means ‘wing’. Spiritually, Bagwis is a warrior angel named after the Archangel Michael who has superhuman strength.

6. Banoy

Banoy is a boy’s name of Filipino origin and is derived from an obscure Tagalog word for ‘eagle’.

7. Basilio

Having Ancient Greek roots, Basilio is derived from the word Basiléus and means ‘royal’ and ‘kingly’.

8. Claudio

The name Claudio is a boy’s name of Spanish and Latin origin and means ‘enclosure’.

9. Concordio

Concordia is a girl’s name of Latin origin and means ‘peace, harmony’.

10. Dante

Dante is a name that is derived from Italy, and it means ‘enduring’.

11. Edilberto

Edilberto is a Suriname baby boy’s name and means ‘Nobly Famous / Bright’.

12. Esteban

Esteban is a unique male name of Spanish origin that means Crown.

13. Isagani

Isagani is a masculine name of Filipino origin that means ‘bountiful harvest’. 

14. Isko

Isko is derived from the Medieval Latin word ‘Francus / Franciscus’, and means ‘Franco’.

15. Joriz

The name Joriz means ‘Buoyant’ and is of Hawaiian origin.

Traditional Filipino Names for Boys

Traditional names found in any culture have their own edge. Here is a list of 10 traditional Filipino names for baby boys:

1. Dakila

Dakila is a distinguished male name of Filipino origin and means great merit. 

2. Datu

Datu is a masculine name of Filipino origin and means ‘chief’.

3. Heherson

Heherson is a boy’s name of Filipino origin. It is derived from the phrase ‘he, her son,’ which relates to Jesus Christ being the son of Mary.

4. Hiram

Hiram is a masculine name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘exalted brother’.

5. Homobono

The name Homobono is primarily a male name of Spanish origin that means ‘good man’.

6. Honesto

This name has Spanish, Latin and Portuguese roots and is derived from the personal name Honesto which means ‘honorable honest’.

7. Jejomar

Jejomar has Filipino origin and means ‘Combination of Joseph and Mary’.

8. Jericho

Jericho is a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin. It translates from Arabic and means ‘city of the moon’.

9. Jonah

Jonah is a gender-neutral girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘dove’.

10. Magtanggol

Magtanggol is a masculine name of Filipino origin, meaning ‘to defend’.

Cool and Modern Filipino Baby Boy Names

For a dashing family like yours, let’s enlist the most trending cool and modern Filipino name for your little boy:

1. Christiano

Christiano means ‘a Christian’ or ‘follower of Christ’. This name has Spanish origins.

2. Edgardo  

Edgardo is a lovely boy’s name and has Old English origin and means ‘a wealthy spear’.

3. Edward  

Edward is an English name. It is derived from the poor Old English words ead, meaning ‘wealth’ and wear meaning ‘guardian’.

4. Efren  

Efren is a bountiful and beautiful boy’s name that means ‘fruitful’. it has Hebrew roots.

5. Genesis  

Genesis is a gender-neutral name with Hebrew and Greek origins which means ‘the beginning’.

6. Horace  

Horace is a boy’s name of Latin origin and means ‘time’ or ‘season’.

7. Inigo  

The name Inigo is a boy’s name of Spanish and Basque origin. It means ‘fiery’. 

8. Jacob  

Jacob is a classic and popular boy’s name. It comes from the Old Testament and means ‘supplanter’.

9. James  

James is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, and it also means ‘supplanter’.

10. Jason  

With old Hebrew origins, Jason is a lovely name for boys and it means ‘healer’ or  ‘the Lord is salvation’.

11. Nathaniel  

Nathanael is a biblical name. It is derived from the Hebrew language. It means ‘God has given’ or ‘Gift of God’.

12. Nino  

Nino is a unique name for boy’s and has Italian origin. This adorable name simply means ‘the little one’.

13. Paolo  

Paolo is a boy’s name and is derived from the Latin name Paul. This name means ‘small’.

14. Ryan

Ryan is a popular and cool-sounding Irish name meaning ‘little king.’ If your little one rules everyone’s hearts like a prince, then this name would suit him perfectly. 

15. Rodrigo  

Rodrigo is a boy’s name of Portuguese and Spanish origin and means ‘famous ruler’.

16. Ricky  

Popularly used as a short form of Richard, this German boy’s name means ‘a powerful leader’.

17. Sherwin

Sherwin is a class-ish name, meaning ‘immortal’ or ‘an eternal soul’. With a nice edge to the name, we believe it’s worthy of making your shortlist.

18. Sofer  

The name Sofer is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin, meaning a writer or author.

19. Zenon  

Zenon is a boy’s name and has roots in ancient Greece. It has a beautiful meaning, ‘gift of Zeus’.

Lucky Filipino Names for Boy Babies

What’s better than a lucky name for your angelic little boy? Here is an ensemble of some Filipino names that are considered extremely lucky for baby boys:

1. Arnulfo

Arnulfo is a masculine name of Spanish, Filipino, and German origin and means ‘wolf’.

2. Asterio

Asterio is a Greek name that means ‘a mythical figure who was thrown into the sea while he was escaping from Zeus’.

3. Bayani

Bayani, a popular Filipino nickname for Agbayani, is a boy’s name and has the captivating meaning of ‘hero’.

4. Benigno

Benigno is a boy’s name of Latin origin, and means ‘kind of well-born’.

5. Donato

Donato is of Spanish and Italian origin, and means ‘gift from God’.

6. Felix

The name Felix is boy’s name of Latin origin. It means ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate’. 

7. Hilario

Hilario is a boy’s name of Latin origin, and means ‘cheerful’ or ‘happy’.

8. Joselito

In Spanish, the name Joselito means ‘may God give increase’.

9. Liberto

Liberto is a boy’s name of Latin origin, and means ‘a free man’. 

10. Macario

Macario is a boy’s name of multiple origins and means ‘fortunate’ or ‘extremely blessed’

11. Magiting

Magiting is of Filipino origin and derived from the Tagalog word for ‘brave’.

12. Tanashiri

Tanashiri is a feminine name of Filipino origin. It means ‘sacred lotus’.

13. Trevor

Trevor is a boy’s name of Welsh origin and means ‘large settlement’.

14. Umberto

The name Umberto is a boy’s name of Italian origin, meaning ‘renowned warrior’.

Filipino Names for Boys Inspired By Nature

Nature plays a major role in our lives, and how wonderful would it be to have a name which is associated with nature? Here is a list of beautiful Filipino names inspired by nature for your little boy:

1. Adrian

Adrian is a Latin name that means ‘son of Adria’. It also has Greek origins.

2. Akira

Akira is a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that means ‘bright’.

3. Alon

Alon has Celtic, German, and Hebrew origin and means ‘oak tree’.

4. Bulan

The name Bulan is primarily a gender neutral name of Indonesian origin that means ‘moon’.

5. Buwan

Buwan means ‘the ‘Moon’ or ‘month’ in the Tagalog language. It is rooted in the Philippino culture.

6. Kidlat

Kidlat means ‘lightning’ in Tagalog and is of Filipino (Philippines) origin.

7. Pacifico

Pacifico is primarily a male name of Spanish origin that means ‘calm and peaceful’.

8. Ulan

The name Ulan is a gender-neutral name of African origin and means ‘firstborn of twins’.

Filipino Name Inspired By Famous People for Boys

Who doesn’t like names that are after their favourite celebrity or superstar? Here is a list of interesting Filipino names for males:

1. Joaquin

Joaquin is a boy’s name of Spanish origin and means ‘God will judge’. This name is inspired by Joaquin Phoenix, a famous actor famed for his role in the movie Joker.

2. Keanu

You must have known  Keanu Reeves, right? Keanu is a boy’s name of Hawaiian origin and means ‘cool breeze’, and is also a popular name among Philippians.

3. Ramil

Ramil is a boy’s name of Filipino origin that means ‘sand’. Ramil’s name is inspired by the famous Filipino pool player, Ramil Gallego.

4. Jose

Jose is a boy’s name of Spanish origin, meaning ‘who pardons’. The name is inspired by baseball legend, Jose Canseco.

5. Rizalino

Rizalino is a Filipino Boy name and means ‘from Jose Rizal’. This name is inspired by a celebrated entrepreneur Rizalion S. Navarro.

6. Yanni  

Yanni is a masculine name of Greek and Hebrew origins and means ‘God is gracious’. This name is inspired by a famous Greek musician and composer, Yanni.

We hope that the above list of trending common Filipino boy names would help you choose the perfect name for your little one!

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