Top 100 Asian Boy Names With Meanings

100 Cool Asian Baby Boy Names For Your Little One

Names are unique. They create a character and make an impact on the people around them. Choosing a good name matters, and the type of name you pick will depend on the trait you want to exude.

If you are looking for cool or cute names for your newborn, keep reading. We’ve got you covered

100 Popular Asian Baby Names for Boys

Choosing pretty Asian names doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve done the legwork for you by making this list.

Name Meaning


Aiguo is a modern Chinese name for baby boys. Ai means ‘Love’ or ‘Affection’ while Guo translates to ‘Country’ or ‘Nation’


A feminine name with Japanese origins is Aki. It means ‘born in the autumn’ or ‘bright,’ making it ideal for females who are born in the fall.


Akeno is pronounced ah-kay-noh when used as a boy’s name. The name Akeno is Japanese in origin and means ‘bright dazzling field.’


Asnee stands for ‘Lightning’ and is a name of Thai origin. It is given to boys who grow up to be ambitious and possess skills great enough to be leaders


Akito is a masculine name that translates to ‘Bright Person’. Kids who are smart or have genius intellect have this name and it is of Japanese origin.


Aizen is a Buddhist Deity who was known as the God of Love. It is a name of Japanese origin.


The meaning of the name Bae is Inspired, and it is primarily a masculine name of Korean origin.


Bayani is a Filipino name for boys and it stands for ‘The Hero’. This name is ideal for kids with strong but just personalities.


There is no business-like Cho business. The meaning of Cho is ‘Butterfly’.


A male given name having Spanish and English roots is Carlos. This name, a variation of Charles, has the meanings ‘free man’ or ‘valiant


Chongan is a name of Chinese origin and translates to ‘Second Brother Peace’.

Chan Ming- 

Chang Ming is a Chinese boy name which means ‘forever bright’.


Chenglei is a Chinese name for baby boys that translates to ‘Become Great’.


Dewei is a name of Chinese origin and translates to ‘Great Principles.’ It is popularly being used by many Asian parents for naming their baby boys.


Originally from Korea, the name Dae is typically given to males and signifies Greatness.


Dalip is an Indian original name for boys. It means a born king.


Duc is a name meant for baby boys and literally means ‘Moral/Good.’ Children with a strong sense of justice have this name and it is of Vietnamese origin.


Dingbang is a person who protects the country. It is of Chinese origin.


Dechen is a name of Tibetan origin that stands for ‘health and happiness’. Although used by girls mostly, this name is now being used by baby boys as well.


Eun comes from Sino-Korean origins and translates to ‘Kindness, mercy and charity’. Its meaning changes when it is combined with other words using hanja characters and it can be used as a stand-alone name.


Although of Greek origin, Elison is used by many parents for naming their baby boys. The meaning of Elison is ‘My God is the Lord.’


Eric is a name that translates to the ‘Ever Ruler.’ It is often associated with Eirikr inn Rauda who was a 10th-century navigator responsible for discovering Greenland.


Feng is a Chinese name that stands for ‘Maple.’ It also means ‘Phoenix’ or ‘Peak’ and comes from China.


The meaning of Fai is ‘Growth or Beginning’ and it is from China.


Guo Zhi was a politician of the People’s Republic of China. The name Guozhi (one-word) means ‘Fruit Juice’ or ‘Syrup’ and is a really cutesy name for Asian baby boys.


The meaning of Guangli is ‘Making Propriety Bright.’ Not many babies get this name and it is often tied to Li Guangli who was a Chinese General of the Han Dynasty.


Gembira is a word hailing from Malay origins and translates to ‘Big-hearted, happy, excited, and cheerful’. It exudes positive vibes and makes a person look forward to new things.


The name Gary, which has Old English roots and meaning ‘spear,’ can inspire someone to explore their witty side.


Greek ancestry gives the name George to infant boys. This baby name, derived from the Greek georgos and the name Georgios, meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker.’


Harsha translates to ‘Happiness’ in Sanskrit and the name is associated with the 7th-century emperor of Northern Indian.


Hai is a name of Arabic origin and it means ‘Living, Vital.’ It is associated with lucky number 9.


Hieu is the name of Vietnamese origin. It translates to ‘respected, admired’ and has a Hebrew variant known as Hyew as well.


Hayder translates to ‘Brave, Lion.’ It is an Arabic masculine name and according to Islamic traditions, it is often associated with the cousin of Muhammad Ali who had it as a nickname. It can be used as both a surname and first name.


Harold is a name that comes from Old English origins. It literally means ‘Leader of an army’.


A Scandinavian name with the meaning ‘God is generous’ is Han. Nordic nations are where this name is very common.


Hiromi is a Japanese gender-neutral name that essentially means Wide, Broad, Abundant, and Beautiful.


Ichiro, which meaning First Son, is mostly a Japanese male name.


Isamu is predominantly a male Japanese name that signifies ‘courage,’ ‘bravery,’ and ‘accomplishment.’


Ishan is of Sanskrit origin and was a name given to both Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu. It has multiple meanings which are ‘Lord’, ‘Master’, ‘Light’, ‘Wealthy’, and ‘Reigning.’


Jiang means ‘River’ and is a name that comes from China. It is one of the oldest Chinese surnames and has been used by many notable people in the past like the noble of Zhou Dynasty Jiang Ziya and the chancellor of the Tang Dynasty Jiang Gongfu. Additionally, only 0.34% of the Han Chinese population has this name.


Jianguo literally translates to ‘Build the Country’ and is of Chinese origin. This unique name is given to those of who are expected of great things in the future.


Jiro is a Japanese-born boy’s name. Jiro is a lovely and striking name that although it means ‘second son,’ it isn’t always used to refer to the second-born child.


The meanings of the gender-neutral name Jackie are ‘may God protect,’ ‘God is generous,’ ‘keeper of the heel,’ and ‘supplanter.’ It has English origins.


Jerry is a gender-neutral baby name and is of British origin. It is derived from Gerald, Jeremy, and Jerome. Jerry means ‘spear.’


Jun is a unit of currency in Northern Korea and is also a rare Korean family name. In Japanese, Jun means ‘Pure, clean, or simple’


Juro is a Japanese baby boy name and means ‘Best Wishes’. It has two other meanings to it as well which are ‘Longevity’ and ‘The Tenth Son’ and is given to those of high intellect and power.


Kang is a Chinese name that stands for ‘Well-being and health’. It also refers to the brick platforms of Northern China which are built into rooms for warming them up.


Kanji refers to the system of writing in Japanese through the use of Chinese characters.


Kai is a Hawaiian name for baby boys and the meaning of it is ‘Sea’. It is a name used by various cultures and in Basque it means the ‘Pier of a harbour’.


Kaede, a name that means ‘maple tree,’ is used both for boys and girls.


Kanaye is a popular baby boy name among Christians, and its primary place of origin is Japan. The name Kanaye means ‘zealous one.’


Ken is a baby boy name which means ‘handsome, born of fire healthy and strong’. It is of Scottish Gaelic origin and is also a Japanese name which has different meanings based on the kanji characters used to write it.


Keitaro is a masculine Japanese moniker that means ‘blessed.’


Kwan is a Korean baby boy name that means ‘strong.’


Lei is a Gaelic baby boy name and translates to ‘Handsome, near the chapel, strait, and narrow channel.’ It is also used in China and means ‘Flower bud’.


The English word laye, which means’ clearing in the woods’ or ‘meadow,’ is where the name Lee originates. 


Lek is popularly used in Buddhism and translates to ‘Small-built person.’ It is of Thai origin and is also an ancient Scottish name.


Liang is a popular surname and translates to ‘a bridge, elevation, or a mast’. Notable figures with this name are Liang, Cheng Ye (the botanist), and Liang Chen, the professional tennis player.


Liu was a name that was once used by the emperors of Han Dynasty. It is of Chinese origin and means ‘Kill, Destroy.’


The meaning of the Chinese boy’s name Longwei is ‘dragon greatness.’


Makoto is a unisex Japanese name used by baby boys and translates to ‘Sincerity’ or ‘Truth’. It also refers to Makoto Tezuka who is a famous Japanese film and anime director from Tokyo.


Masao is a Japanese name that stands for ‘Holy’ or ‘Righteous.’ It can have different meanings based on the kanji characters used to write it in Japanese and famous people with this name are Baba Masao, Masao Abe, and Masao Azuma


Mal-chin is a Korean boy name, which means ‘persists to end.’


The meanings of the Japanese baby boy name Norio include beginning, law/rule, and goodness.


– The name Norman is of English origin for infant boys. This baby name, which means ‘man from the North,’ was popularized by the Vikings in the ninth century.


The meaning of Niran is ‘Eternal, everlasting’ and it also means ‘Ploughed field’ based on its Hebrew origin.


Nobu means ‘trust’ in Japanese and has another variant meaning of ‘prolong, stretch’ based on its Kanji characters.


Osama means ‘Discipline, study’ in Japanese. Osamu Tezuka, the creator of the Black Jack manga series was noted for this name.


Park is a common name used in Korea for baby boys. When it comes from the Korean noun Bak, it translates to ‘Gourd’.


In Khmer, Phirun refers to ‘rain’ and references the rain God from the Southeast Asian mythologies.


Ping is a name used by both boys and girls and refers to ‘Even, peaceful’. It is of Chinese origin and it also refers to the Chinese herb duckweed.


– In Chinese, the name Peng translates to ‘name of a grandson of a monarch Zhuan xu.’


Piyush is of Indian origin and a boy name. It means a drink that makes a man immortal; Amrit, Elixir, Nectar.


Qiu is a Chinese name that stands for ‘Hill, mound.’ Children with this name often have clarity and go far ahead in life.


Quon is a baby boy’s name and comes from China. It means ‘bright.’


Qiang is a Chinese baby girl name meaning ‘strong’ or rose’.


A Japanese baby boy’s name with the meanings ‘trust’ and ‘lightning’ or ‘thunder’ is Rai.


Ryota is a name of Japanese origin and it means ‘clear, refreshing, good’.


The name Raiden is of Japanese origin and is gender-neutral. This is the name that the thunder and lightning god Raijin was given in Japanese mythology.


Ryuu refers to Dragon and is used commonly in Japan.


– Originally from Japan, the name Saburo is primarily given to boys and meaning Third-born Son.


The gender-neutral name Shin is primarily of Japanese origin and means Real or True.


Sakda means Power and children with this name often get attention from their peers.


Sam is short for Samuel and translates to ‘God has Heard’ according to its Biblical traces


The name Taran, which is of Gaelic origin and means ‘thunder,’ is gender-neutral.


Thang is a girl name of Vietnamese origin, which means ‘victorious one’.


Takeshi is used amongst common Asian first names and translates to ‘Military’ or ‘Martial’ in Japanese.


Tarun is used in many South Asian boy names and comes from Sanskrit. It means ‘Young male’ and is popularly used by many Hindi cinema actors.


Utsav means ‘festival’ or ‘celebration’ and has its origins in Sanskrit.


Varun is a name with many origins from Bengali, Indian, Oriya, and Tamil. It translates to ‘Lord of the Sea’ and also means ‘Infinite’.


Vishal stands for ‘Great’ and ‘Powerful’. It is a common name given to Hindu baby boys.


Veasna is a boy name of Sanskrit and Cambodian origin, which means one who is lucky and fortunate.


Wing is a name of Chinese origin and means ‘Glory’


Xueyou is a Chinese origin name for boys. It generally means studious and friendly. 


Xiu is a Chinese name that stands for ‘Beautiful, elegant, or outstanding’


Yuan is a Chinese baby boy name that translates to ’round,’ ‘circular,’ or ‘spherical.’

Yukio- Y

Yukio- Yukio is a Japanese-born male given name. ‘Snow boy’ is one of the more common meanings, which is a lovely option if baby is entering your family in the winter.


Chinese baby boy name Zian means ‘Self peace.’


Chinese boy’s name Zongmeng means ‘Mencius as a model’.


Zen is one of the best unique names for baby boys. It means ‘Religious’ or ‘Living’ n Japanese.

First of all, congratulations on your newborn!

Now that you have an idea, refer to this list whenever you need, ask your family for ideas, and go with the one that sounds right. Good luck!

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