Abigail Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Abigail Name Meaning and Origin

Abigail is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “my father is joyful.” Derived from the Hebrew name Avigail, it consists of the Hebrew elements ab, meaning “father,” and g-y-l, meaning “to rejoice.” Abigail was the beautiful and prophetic third wife of David in the Old Testament. In the early nineteenth century, Abigail was a term used for a maid. As the Biblical Abigail describes herself as King David’s handmaid, it’s a name bestowed upon ladies’ maids in literature.

What Does Abigail Mean?

Derived from the Hebrew name Avigail, the meaning of Abigail can be understood to be “my father’s joy” or “cause of joy” in Hebrew. It can be interpreted to mean ‘my father is exultation’ or “my father’s joy.” Abigail, as a girls’ name, represents wisdom.


Abigail is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means ‘Joy of The Father.’ With deep biblical ties, Abigail’s history spans back centuries, appearing in the Bible as the wife of Nabal and King David in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Samuel. When her foolish husband offended King David and was about to bring disaster on their household, Abigail acted with sound judgment and diplomacy by approaching King David to prevent bloodshed. She was highly praised for her intelligence and loyalty.




  • Ah-buh-geyl
  • Ah-bih-gail
  • A-bi-gail


 3 syllables


 7 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Abigail name variations are popular among parents who appreciate the cultural differences of other nationalities that have produced names in other forms. Here are a few other spellings for Abigail that offer parents an array of choices in their name selection process.

Name Origin
Abigael Danish
Abihaeli Swahili
Abigaille Italian
Abigel Hungarian
Apikalia Hawaiian
Abby Hebrew
Abba Hebrew
Abbee Hebrew
Gael Gaelic
Gaila Hebrew
Gal Hebrew
Abbie Hebrew
Abbey Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Abigail?

After entering the Social Security List of top 1,000 names in 1901, the Abigail name ranking was 918. However, it fell off the list shortly after, only making a comeback in 1939. The name began to trend by 1970, after which it fell dormant for the next few decades. It was only during the late 1980s and 1990s that the Abigail popularity index made a resurgence in the US Top 100 names for girls. Later, the Abigail baby name ranking reached the Top 10 in 2001 and peaked in popularity, ranking at 4 in 2005 and 13 in 2020. Among the famous Abigails in American history are Abigail Adams, the intelligent and resourceful wife of John Adams, and Abigail Williams, one of the main accusers in the Salem witch trials. Abigail also appears in Arthur Miller’s play ‘The Crucible.’ First ladies Abigail Adams and Abigail Fillmore, along with actress Abigail Breslin have given this name a shot in the arm in terms of its popularity.

Interest in Abigail- Worldwide

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Search trends data reflects an incredible interest in Abigail, recording a popularity score of over 50 for the last ten years and reaching 100 on two instances – November 2015 and December 2015. The lowest value recorded was 41 on the two instances of March 2012 and June 2012.

Interest in Abigail – US

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Search trends for the name Abigail have recorded consistent search popularity of over 30 reaching 100 in October 2021. The lowest value was recorded was at 33 in June 2012.

Popularity of the name Abigail

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Abigail Worldwide

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Search trends for the name Abigail exhibit the highest interest in Ghana over the last decade. As traditional first names of Ghana revolve around the soul and personality of the bearer and are heavily influenced by the Christian religion, Abigail generated the highest interest in Ghana. The United States, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala follow close behind.

Search trends of Abigail in the US

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Massachusetts has led the search trends among the sub-regions of the US for the name Abigail over the last ten years. New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and the District of Columbia have secured a place in the top 5 positions.

Middle Names That Go With Abigail

Here are some of the gorgeous double names with Abigail that might sound fashionable and work well as middle names:

Ava Aryan
Blair Bree
Brooke Brigid
Carrie Charlotte
Chase Faith
Eliza Elena
Iris Georgia
Iris Isadora
Jacklyn Madison
Mairin Mia
Riley Ruby

Famous People Named Abigail

Celebrities often serve as role models who positively inspire the baby-naming trend. Here are some popular personalities called Abigail who have achieved stardom and fame through outstanding achievements.:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Abigail Adams The first Vice Presidential wife of the United States
Abigail Breslin Singer and actress
Abigail Fillmore 13th First Lady of the United States
Abigail Heyman American Photographer
Abigail Van Buren Penname of American advice columnist
Abigail Salmon The mother in the novel “The Lovely Bones
Abigail Binay Filipino Politician
Abigail Thorn British Actress
Abigail Spencer American Actress
Abigail Swann American Atmospheric scientist and Ecologist
Abigail Seldin American Edtech Entrepreneur
Abigail Spears American Tennis Player

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Abigail are classic choices with a modern touch. Family names for Abigail can give clues about the ancestry and enhance the reputation of your child. Here are some of the other names for Abigail that retain the similar feel of the original name.:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Amelia Hart
Anastasia Madden
Eleanor Whitlock
Caroline Gabriel
Esther Gaffner
Adelaide Rabbani
Claire Valerio
Rachel Davis
Hannah Brown
Jessica Miller

Names That Sound Like Abigail

Names that rhyme with Abigail can bring a poetic flair into the mix. A traditional Biblical name like Abigail can be modified in a trendier way to capture its magic:

Abilene Abigayil
Abiela Abigayl
Abira Abida
Abichail Abijah
Abilio Abiela
Abilena Abiona
Abisha Abital
Abida Abiline
Abidemi Abisha
Abimbola Abiona
Abiah Abira

Sibling Names Related to Abigail

You can match delightful sibling names together to establish a pattern and appear as a loving family. Here are some of the best sibling names that go with Abigail to feel like a natural addition to the sib set despite their differences:

Sister Names for Abigail Brother Names for Abigail
Janet Samuel
Vanessa Anthony
Karen Peter
Victoria Patrick
Della Devon
Delaney Samuel
Juliana William
Rose Adam
Lennyx Samson
Josephine Reuben
Natalie Aaron

Nicknames for Abigail

Both common and creative nicknames are a reflection of your relationship with your child. Nicknames for the name Abigail may radiate warmth yet tickle your funny bones with their playful vibes.:

Abbey Abbi
Abbie Abby
Abs Gail
Haye Gayle
Crabby Abby Gigi
Abbz Abba
Ab Ay-Bee
Abyloo A-boo
Abbylicious Babby

With a meaning as exuberant and cheerful as ‘the father is rejoicing,’ there’s no doubt parents that the arrival of little Abigail would bring great joy. Its sensible overtone and air of maturity have made a name like Abigail a favored choice among parents for many decades and years to come.


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