Top 90 Scandinavian Last Names or Surnames With Meanings

Top 90 Scandinavian Last Names or Surnames

Choosing a name for your newborn is a very important process. There is, of course, a wide range of names to choose from, but there are also numerous last names that you can opt for. All names are beautiful in their own way, and can pave the way for cool and unique nicknames, too! Here is our list of the top 90 Scandinavian last names or surnames.

90 Popular Scandinavian Surnames or Family Names With Meanings

1. Abel

This name comes from the given name Abel. It means “breath”, and it has roots in Hebrew.

2. Abrahamsson

Abrahamsson is a popular last name that means “son of Abraham”.

3. Aganarsson

The name means “son of Agnar”. The name Agnar comes from the Old Norse Agnarr, made of two words agi and arr meaning terror and warrior, respectively.

4. Akselsen

The name means “son of Aksel”, which is a variant of the name Axel, which in turn comes from Absalom, meaning “my father’s peace”.

5. Alfson

This name is the Anglicized version of Alffson, and means “son of Alf”. Alf, according to Old Norse legends, was the name of a king.

6. Andersen

This is a common last name in the Scandinavian region. It is from Norwegian and Danish roots, and means “son of Anders” which is in turn derived from the Greek name, Andreas.

7. Antonsen

This surname comes from the name Anton. Anton is a variation of the Latin Antonius, which was an old Roman family name. The name has many variations, including Antonio and Antony. The name Anton means “invaluable”.

8. Asmus

This is a shortened version of the name Erasmus, which means “to love”. The name has Germanic, Dutch, and Danish origins.

9. Backe

Backe has Norwegian and Dutch roots. It is a variation of the name Bakke, and comes from the Middle Dutch word bac, which means “bucket”.

10. Beck

Beck is related to the last name Bach. It has multiple roots including Middle English, Low German, and Old Norse. In all the languages, it means “stream”.

11. Berg

The word Berg means “mountain” in Swedish, and therefore is a topographical surname for a person who lived on or near a hill.

12. Bengtsson

Bengtsson means “son of Bengt”, which is a given name used in Sweden. The name is a Swedish variant of the name Benedict.

13. Bille

Bielde used to be a Danish noble name, and Bille is the altered version of it. In Old Norse, it means “axe”, and Bille used to be a personal name.

14. Bjornsen

The common name Bjorn means “bold as a bear”, and Bjornsen means “son of Bjorn”.

15. Carlsen

With roots in Danish, Norwegian, German, and Dutch cultures, the name Carlsen means “son of Carl”.

16. Christiansen

Another patronymic name that means “son of Christian”, it is a common Danish name. The name means “a Christian” or “follower of Jesus Christ”.

17. Clausen

The Greek name Nikolaos, which means “victory of the people”, is the origin story of the name Claus.

18. Clemenson

Danish for “son of Clemens”, the Latin derivation of this name is Clement.

19. Dahl

This is a toponymic surname given to someone who lives in or near a valley, and comes from the Old Norse, dalr, meaning “valley”. The famous author Roald Dahl sports this surname.

20. Dalgaard

It is a combination of the two Old Norse words dalr and garor, meaning, valley and farmstead, respectively.

21. Davidsen

This is a patronymic version of the popular Hebrew name David. Davidsen means “son of David”.

22. Dolph

Although not used popularly, this name comes from the German name Adolf. Adolf comes from Old German, and is a combination of adal and wulf, meaning “noble wolf”.

23. Einarsson

This is one of the more common Scandinavian last names used in Sweden. The name means “son of Einar”. Einar comes from Old Norse, meaning “lone warrior”.

24. Eklund

Eklund is a Swedish last name, and is a combination of the two words ek and lund, meaning oak and “grove respectively.

25. Eriksen

It means “son of Erik”, and is derived from the Old Norse Eirikr, which means “eternal ruler”.

26. Erling

This Scandinavian surname means “the descendant of jarl”. Jarl is Old Norse for “chief” or “nobleman”.

27. Evensen

The last name means “son of Even”. Even is a variant of the Norwegian name Oyvind, meaning “victor of good fortune”.

28. Falkenberg

Falkenberg has both ornamental and toponymic meanings. It is a combination of two words, “falcon” and “mountain”.

29. Farver

This is an occupational surname used by dyers in Denmark. The surname means “color”.

30. Fisker

This surname means “fisherman” in Danish, making it an occupational surname.

31. Fredrickson

Meaning “son of Fredrick”, it has roots in Old German. Fredrick means “peaceful ruler”.

32. Frederiksen

It means “son of Frederik”, and is an alternative way to spell Fredrickson. The meanings, however, are the same.

33. Gerhardsson

The name means “son of Gerhard”.

34. Gram

It has Latin, English and Germanic roots, which means “grain”, “gray home” and “raven”, respectively.

35. Gulbrandsson

Meaning “son of Gudbrandr”, the name is made up of two words that mean “god” and “sword”.

36. Haakonsson

Haakonsson means “son of Hakon”, which is used in Norwegian culture. The name means “high descendant”. It was also the name of the seven kings in Norway.

37. Hallman

This surname is an occupational variant of the name Hall, which was given to someone who worked in a hall.

38. Hansen

It means “son of Hans”, which has German roots, and means “gift of God”.

39. Isaksen

This last name is Norwegian and Danish for “son of Isak”, which is a variation of Isaac, which in turn means “he will rejoice”, in Hebrew.

40. Jakobsen

The name means “son of Jakob”. It is a variation of the name Jacob, used in many Nordic countries and means “supplanter”.

41. Johansen

The name means “son of Johan”, which in turn means “God is gracious”, and is a common Scandinavian surname.

42. Jensen

Being derived from the given name John, Jensen means “son of Jens”.

43. Jespersen

The name means “son of Jesper”, which is a Danish form of the name Jasper.

44. Junge

This is one of the more popular Scandinavian family names, which comes from an old Danish name Odhinkar. It is made up of two words which mean “God” and “strong”.

45. Klausen

The surname means “son of Klaus”, which is the Danish variant of the name Claus, meaning “victor of the people”.

46. Knudsen

It comes from from Old Norse, and means “knot”.

47. Koppel

From Old German, this surname means “paddock”.

48. Lager

Lager has Swedish roots, and the surname means “laurel”.

49. Lennartsson

Meaning “son of Lennart”, the name is the Swedish rendition of the popular name Leonard.

50. Lundgren

This is a popular Swedish surname and is a combination of two words that mean grove and branch.

51. Lykke

This is a Danish surname meaning “happiness”.

52. Matheison

It is a patronymic name for someone with the name “Matthew”.

53. Mikkelsen

Mikkel is the Danish form of the name Michael. Mikkelsen means “son of Mikkel”.

54. Moller

This is the Low German and Swedish rendition of the surname Muller, which is a German variation of Miller.

55. Mose

It has Hebrew roots, which means “drawn out of the water”.

56. Nielsen

Niels is the Danish version of Nicholas, and this last name means “son of Niels”. Niels Bohr, the famous Danish physicist, bears this name.

57. Norling

It was used originally by a person who came from the North.

58. Nygaard

This is a topographical name made up of two words meaning “new” and “farmstead”.

59. Olander

This is another toponymic name for someone coming from the island of Oland, in Eastern Sweden.

60. Oster

It is Danish, and refers to someone who lives on the Eastern side of a place.

61. Ostergaard

This is a habitational surname that means “east of the farm”.

62. Oveson

It means “son of Ove”, which is probably the modern form of an old Danish name Aghi.

63. Pallesen

Palle is a Danish diminutive of Paul, and this last name means “son of Palle”.

64. Paske

It is a Danish variant of the Latin name Paschalis, and a different spelling of the name Pask.

65. Peersen

This name means “Son of Per”, which is a Scandinavian rendition of the name Peter. The name means “stone”.

66. Pihl

An ornamental name derived from the word pil, it means “arrow”.

67. Ragnvaldsson

It means “son of Ragnvald”.

68. Rasmussen

Rasmus is short for the name Erasmus, and this surname means “song of Rasmus”.

69. Riber

This surname is habitational, and was used by someone who came from the Danish town of Ribe.

70. Rolvsson

It means “son of Rolf”.

71. Sander

This is a Scandinavian way of using the name Alexander.

72. Silje

This name comes from the given name Silje, which is a diminutive of the name Cecelia.

73. Simonsen

Simon means “hearkening” or “listening”, and Simonsen means “son of Simon”.

74. Sorensen

This name means “son of Soren”, which is a Danish form of the name Severinus.

75. Steensen

Steen is the Danish variation of the name Sten, which means “stone” in Old Norse. The name means “son of Steen”.

76. Stendahl

The surname means “stone valley”.

77. Stenberg

Stenberg is a popular Scandinavian surname, and means “stone” and “mountain”.

78. Sunden

It comes from the Swedish word Sund meaning “sound, strait”.

79. Svenson

Meaning “son of Sven”, this name is Old Norse for “boy”.

80. Thomassen

Meaning “son of Thomas”, this name has Greek origins.

81. Tjader

This surname means “wood grouse” in Swedish.

82. Tomasson

Meaning “son of Tomas”, it is an alternative way to spell Thomassen.

83. Troelsen

Troel is the Danish rendition of the given name Porgisl, which means “Thor’s shaft”.

84. Ulfsson

The name means “son of Ulf”, and Ulf is Old Norse for “wolf”.

85. Victorsson

This Swedish surname means “son of Victor”, and has Latin roots.

86. Vang

Wang is Old Norse for “grassy slope”, and Vang is the Danish variant of it.

87. Voll

This name refers to a person who lived in a meadow.

88. Winther

It is the Danish variation of Winter.

89. Westberg

This name means ‘West mountain’ in Scandinavian languages as well as North German.

90. Wilfredsen

The name means “son of Wilfred”.

Scandinavian surnames always sound cool, no matter where they are from! This Scandinavian surnames list should give you more than enough options to help you make your choice. These surnames could also give rise to some epic nicknames. All the best!

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