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The first gift given by a parent to their child is a name. It comes with their lifetime identity, but one should always know that a name gets its value only by the individual’s hard work. Looking for a baby name, that means hope? We are here to help. Here is a list of names that mean hope.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Hope

Here are some beautiful baby girl names that mean hope:

Names Meaning
Arabella This name comes from the word “orabilis” which has a Latin origin and means obliging or result of prayer.
Faith An English baby girl name which often means hope. Many parents prefer this name because of its simplicity.
Unashe This Georgian name also means hope. Though it is a short name, people having this name generally have a significant impact on others around them.
Nadya This name comes from France and is not very common in the United States. So, it is a unique baby girl name.
Amia It is an Arabic girl name. This name has the power to give your daughter her own identity. The name is growing its popularity these days.
Asha An Indian name which comes from Sanskrit. It means the hope of life and is one of the common names in India.
Vimbo A unique name of South African origin mainly from Zimbabwe. The name comes from Shona, their Bantu language.
Hiwa A Kurdish name which means hope. The name is generally heard within their territory and not outside.
Vida A lovely and adorable name with a Scottish origin. Girls with such name have a strong desire to gain success with the help of their outstanding abilities.
Hope Hope in itself can be a name coming with an English origin. Even this name is quite simple and sophisticated.
Theronda This name sound very heavy but it means being optimistic, noble and also reasonable. It has an English origin, and people with such a name are said to be aware of their surroundings.
Munia It was one of the super hit baby girl name in the 60s. This Arabic name means hope.
Esme This name has a French origin which means love. Recently this name gained massive popularity after being used for a character in Twilight Saga.
Zita This small name comes from Spain and reflects hope. So, an apt name to list it in of baby names that mean new hope.
Tikvah It is a Hebrew name which means hope in their language. People with such name are generous.
Omeedeh The name comes from an Urdu word “ummeed”, it means to hope. This name is famous for its simplicity and decency.
Femi This short name has an Egyptian origin which means love, hope. It is not a common name but sounds very sweet.
Aakansha It is a ray of hope. This name is popular in India.
Violet It is a sweet and attractive name with an English origin. It tells you a story on the language of flowers. This name is used by parents lots of time.
Taraja This name has its origin mainly in Southern Africa. It comes from their language, Kiswahili which is also called as Swahili and is a part of Bantu language.
Tamanna It has both Indian as well as Arabic origin with a meaning ‘hope’. A highly used name in India and is often nicknamed as ‘Tanu’.
Nadia A classy name with Eastern European or Russian origin which means hope. It is also a famous name.
Minerva This Latin name means intellect. Women with this name are said to be a leader towards the bright future of the globe.
Amnati It has its origin in the Arab countries, which means ‘my hope’. It can also be used as a middle name.
Love It has an English origin, and we all believe that wherever there is love, there is hope. Girls with such a name are multi-talented, intuitive and independent.
Laelynn The pronunciation of the name itself shows that it must have a link with flower. Oh yes, you are right; it means ‘flower of hope’ and it has a Canadian origin.
Alima A beautiful name of Arabic origin. An individual with such a name is said to be an expert scholar.
Brayleigh An American baby girl name which symbolizes ‘ray of hope’. It can be shortened as Bray, which is an Irish word and sounds trendy too.
Ailana This name comes from Finland, and it means “light-bearer” which symbolizes hope. An unusual name with a beautiful meaning.
Dove This name comes from a bird which symbolizes both hope and peace.
Monisha It is a commonly used Indian name which means an intelligent woman. Awareness and intelligence can together be a ray of hope for the environment.
Hachilah A beautiful name of Israeli origin. It comes from the name of a hill which states ‘my hope in her’.
Aileen This Irish name means “shining and bright ray of light”.
Nadelle This baby girl name has its origination in France. The name gives hope; people with this name are a sound support system for many.
Chika It is a short and cute Japanese name suitable for women with intellect and wisdom to drive or rule the world.
Nina It is both Indian and Arabic name which commonly means the hope of love. Girls with such name are said to have pretty eyes and are full of grace.
Emela A Bosnian name which means inspiration or hope. People with such a name usually can inspire a lot of people in their life.
Opal It is a baby girl name which originates from English or Sanskrit. It is a type of gem or jewel which can reflect the hope for a better future.
Rajwa This Arabic baby girl name means hope and is not common these days. Therefore, take it quickly to flaunt.
Shitu This Indian name means hope and is unique. As it is uncommon these days, you can take it to flaunt your uniqueness and individuality.
Nadine It is one of the French names, which means hope. It is one of the top listed names chosen by many parents for their sweet and beautiful daughters.
Tiara A popular name these days. It has a Latin origin and means a crown, or we can say a jewelled headdress who can lead the crowd in the right path.
Jobandeep It is an Indian name, primarily used by the Sikh community. The name means ‘young ray of hope’. People with such name generally have a prominent presence among all.
Nassandra A very prominent name and can give an identity to your daughter easily. The name has African origin.
Saki Saki is a Japanese name which means hope or blossom. Personalities with such name shine in their career and glow like a diamond.
Ashia an Arabic name which means the hope of life. The name got very popular during the 80s and 90s and again is back in trend.
Vita One can keep this name for their gorgeous baby girl, which states the ‘hope of life’. It is a short and sophisticated one.
Esperanza The name might sound very heavy, but it means ‘to hope’. It is a Spanish name from the Latin word ‘sperare’. It is a unique and innovative name.
Aamanee It comes in the top listed Arabic baby names meaning hope. More accurately, it means a great desire or a fruitful blessing. People with this name generally spreads positive vibes all around.
Umnia This name comes from the Arabic countries and reflects the hope of desire. The name sounds lovely and is unique.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Hope

Names Meaning
Amal It is an Arabic baby boy name which means hope and aspirations. People with such a name are generally successful in life.
Raza Rada named itself as Raja. It directly means hope to win and not to fail.
Mahaz This Israeli name pops up because of its spunkiness. It is one of the shorts and to the point name being used.
Baruch It is one of the biblical names meaning hope It is a Hebrew name and is quite fascinating; therefore comes in the top list of names.
Arman It is a Persian name meaning hope or wish. It is a commonly used name in India also.
Kibou It is a short and cute Japanese name which is easy to pronounce. This name is a unique one and thus highly suggested.
Barioc It is a commonly used American name which sounds quite cool. Therefore highly suggested in the list of a baby boys name.
Eleazar This Hebrew name means ‘court of God’. Everyone has hope and trust on the Almighty and thus, it is an impactful name.
Elpidius It is a Greek name; it means to hope. There was a saint who lived twenty years in a cave during the 4th century, and his name was Elpidius.
Chislon Well, this name is one of the popular baby boy names. It has a Hebrew origin and sounds cool enough.
Spiro It is a Latin name for baby boys which states ‘hope of life’.
Uriah This Hebrew name means that ‘God is my hope, light or strength’. People with such a name are often quite ritualistic.
Elpis A Greek name which as per its mythology means hope. It is a unique name and can be taken by parents to flaunt.
Kit This short name still sounds fresh and funky as years back, and, it means to hope. It can also be used as a nickname.
Speranza This name has its origin in Italy. It means ‘ray of hope’ and sounds very sophisticated.
Daisuke It is a name from Japan, and it means ‘a big help’. Therefore people with such a name are expected to be a ray of hope to many people.
Kazuki This Japanese name has different meanings like hope, a tree, brightness and many more names from kanji characters.
Dylan It is a Welsh name and commonly means ‘ray of hope’. It can also be modified as Dillon. Therefore we would suggest you take this name and flaunt it.
Espero This name has its origin at Basque, Spain. It means hope and is a rarely used, unique name.
Haruki One of the popular Japanese names, which means ‘shining ray of hope’.
Omid A name of Persian origin, it means hope. Therefore it is a very impactful name and highly recommended.
Moutaqad This name never betrays its root, Arabic. It means belief, hope and faith. The name has a classy touch and sounds slightly extended but cool.
Espoir This French name carries a sophistication in its pronunciation itself. It means hope and it a lovable name.
Isamu This Japanese name means ‘hope for a better future’. People with such a name can lead the world.
Shpresa It is an Albanian name which states hope. As it is a very unique and cool name, parents should opt for it.
Barloc This American name reflects ‘a strong and brave warrior with lots of hope’. The name is easy to read and write, since not used very commonly is suggested.
Iris A Greek name which means rainbow and its colours reflects ‘hope of life’. One can opt for this short but cool name.
Kazuo The name prominently means ‘a man of hope and harmony’. People with this Japanese name show the world a new dimension.
Von It is a mid-century cool name which means hope. This name can be used both as a nickname as well as a regular name.
Daijon The people from the first generation of America generally had used this name and is not so common now. It means ‘hope, a God’s gift’.
Jesse It is a Hebrew origin name which means ‘a gift of hope’.
Mitsuo A Japanese name which means ‘a shinning hero – hope’. People expect leadership qualities in individuals with such a name.
Amil This Arabic name means hope, and, it gained popularity after the female rapper, Amil Whitehead.
Jahleel It is a Hebrew name which meant ‘hope and faith in Almighty’. It is one of the unique name these days.
Asher It is a lovely Swahili name from the parts of Southern Africa. It means hope and is common among the people using Bantu language.
Kouki This name came from Japan which means ‘a light hope’.
Titus It is an early Christian name, which means hope. A person with such a name is said to be a peace-maker.
Phelipe A Spanish name which means ‘hope origin’. Since the last few years, it is not used much thus you take it and bring it back on-trend.
Aas A Muslim name which means ‘hope’. It is often heard in some part of Asia.
Shuichi This Japanese name reflects the disciplined and attentive nature of a person, who can be a good leader or hope in future.
Toivo This Finnish name means hope, and it is not so common these days. Therefore, we would suggest to go for this name and revive it.
Tumaini It is an Egyptian baby boy name which means hope. Generally, people with such name are classy and robust nature.
Niriksh It is a Hindu name which means ‘hope’. People with such a name are said to be a unique observer.
Yoshikazu In Japan, it is said that boys with this name are ‘a hope of peace and harmony’.
Deene It is the best name for those who don’t like to shorten their name. It has its origination in France. Therefore, hurry up and don’t miss the name.
Thembalwethu The name sound quite heavy. It is one of the most randomly used names in Africa, which symbolizes ‘our hope’.
Raja Al-Karim TA Muslim name which states ‘hope of a kind’. This Asian name is quite common and impactful in itself.
Yuuki This name has its origin in Japan. It means a gentle but superior hope.
Makas People with such a name can be nicknamed as Mak. Parents looking for the unique and less used name should opt for it.
Umit This short, Turkish name can give a different identity to your son. It means ‘hope’ and people with this name are royal, reliable and friendly.

Parenting is a roller coaster ride which has its fair share of joy, happiness, ups and downs. Enjoy the journey as it goes. We wish you and your child a great life ahead!

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