500 Baby Girl Names That Start with B

Baby Girl Names That Start with B

Unlike the olden days, parents now spend a lot of time deciding their baby’s name. They want their baby to have a unique name along with beautiful meaning. Names do sometimes affect your personality. There is a belief that people do gravitate towards the work area reflected by their name. They pose a significant role in determining an individual’s profession and characteristics.

Some people keep names according to the date and time the baby was born and this suits the most! Some want it according to their wish. Mostly, this generation looks for very quirky and stylish names for their little ones.

Female names that start with B possess great personality traits. They are very brave and determined. They possess enough patience and have a sensitive heart. These people are peace lovers and will do anything to avoid an argument. This amazing quality makes it easy for them to handle people with care and ease.

Popular Baby Girl Names That Begin with B

This place serves right for finding an apt name for your munchkin. All the names are well researched and have deep meanings. Following you will find a list of American girl names starting with letter B.

Baako Bertrun Brayleigh
Bab Bertuska Braylin
Babafunmike Beryan Braylynn
Babara Beryl Brea
Babary Beryle Breawna
Babbette Beryn Breeann
Babbie Bess Breeauna
Babette Bessa Breen
Babs Bessie Breeze
Badriyyah Beta Breezie
Bageshwari Beth Brei
Baha Bethan Breigh
Bahati Bethanie Brekley
Baibin Bethany Brelan
Baila Bethel Brenda
Bailee Bethia Brendalynn
Bailey Bethney Brenna
Baize Bethshaya Brennah
Baja Bethsy Breonda
Baji Bethuel Breonna
Bakana Bethuna Breshay
Bakarne Bethune Breslin
Bakul Bethzy Bret
Bakura Betje Bretta
Bala Betony Brettnie
Balbina Betrys Bria
Baleigh Bets Briaja
Bali Betsey Briand
Ballia Betsie Brianna
Balqees Betsy Briannika
Bambalina Bett Briauna
Bambi Bette Brickley
Banan Bettine Brid
Bangers Betts Bridget
Bao Betty Bridgid
Baojin Bettye Bridgitte
Baptista Bev Bridi
Barakah Bevalee Bridy
Barb Bever-Leigh Brie
Barbara Beverly Briella
Barbel Bevin Brielle
Barbie Bevvy Brieon
Barbora Bexley Briet
Barbro Beyonca Bright
Bardot Beyonce Brighton
Bari Bhuma Brightyn
Barika Bianca Brigid
Barnadine Bianey Brigida
Barunka Bibi Brigitte
Baruska Bibiana Brijit
Basha Bice Brin
Basia Bich Brinja
Basilia Bidon Brinkley
Basima Bijal Brinlee
Basimah Bijou Brinley
Basja Bijoux Brio
Basma Billa Brioni
Bastiana Billi Briony
Bastienne Billie Briott
Bat El Billie Jo Brisa
Bates Billiejo Briseida
Bathilde Billye Briseis
Bathsheba Bina Brisha
Batsheva Binah Brissa
Battina Binda Bristol
Batya Bindi Brita
Baylee Binge Britain
Baylor Binty Britannia
Bayo Birkita Britni
Bayrose Birkitta Brittana
Bea Birte Brittani
Beach Birtha Brittie
Beata Biruta Brittknee
Beate Bisenija Brittney
Beatrice Biserka Brixton
Beatrix Bissan Briza
Beatriz Bit Brody
Beau Bithia Brogan
Beaulah Bithynia Brogann
Bebe Bitya Brogyn
Becca Bixby Bron
Beccalynn Bixenta Brona
Bechet Bizzy Bronach
Bechira Bladeney Bronagh
Beckey Blair Bronia
Beckie Blakelyn Bronislava
Beda Blanch Bronnen
Bedeelia Blanche Bronny
Bedegraine Blanchefleur Bronte
Bedelia Blanda Bronwen
Bee Blandine Bronya
Beeanka Blaque Brook
Beeja Blasia Brooke
Behati Blayke Brookelle
Behira Blaze Brooklan
Beige Blennie Brooksie
Beka Blerte Browyn
Beki Blessing Bruna
Bekka Blessy Brunella
Bel Blima Brunhilde
Belah Blinda Brunnhilda
Belaney Blinn Bryanne
B’Elanna Bliss Brycin
Belen Blithe Brydjitt
Belia Blix Bry’Elle
Beliarosa Blodwyn Brygid
Belicia Blondie Bryher
Belin Bloodrayne Bryn
Belita Bloom Bryndis
Belka Blossom Brynlea
Belkis Blue Brynley
Belkys Bluebelle Brynlie
Bell Bluma Bryony
Bella Bly Brystal
Belladonna Blythe Bua
Bellamy Bo Budur
Bellance Boa Buena
Bellanore Bo-Bae Buffy
Bella-Rose Bobbe Bug
Belle Bobbette Bulah
Bellezza Bobbie Buna
Bellicent Bobbi-Jo Bunme
Bellis Bobby Bunnee
Bellissa Bobbye Bunny
Bellita Bodhi Buona
Bellona Bodil Burcu
Belva Bogdana Burdette
Belvia Bohdana Burgundy
Bena Boheme Burma
Benazir Bojana Burnice
Benedikta Bok Butter
Benicia Bolbe Buttercup
Benita Boleslawa Butterfly
Benja Bolivia Button
Bennett Bona Byhalia
Benquasha Bonelle Byue
Benta Bonfilia Bettylou
Bentley Bonnebell Beulah
Beonca Bonnibel Beverlee
Bep Bonnie Beverley
Beracha Bonnyjean Beverlie
Beranger Bora Beverlyn
Beranyce Borbala Bex
Berengaria Borghild Bexleigh
Berenice Borgny Beyla
Berenis Borka Beyoncé
Beret Borsala Beyza
Beretta Borsca Bhavya
Bergljot Bosede Bia
Beril Bowie Bianka
Berna Braceletto Bianna
Bernadette Bracha Bindu
Berneen Bradli Biola
Bernetta Braelyn Bird
Bernice Braelynn Birdee
Bernina Brage Birdelle
Bernita Brana Birdie
Bernyce Brandace Birgit
Berri Brandeli Birgitta
Berrte Brandie Birgitte
Berrti Brandise Birleana
Berrty Brandy Birna
Berry Branislava Bjørg
Bertha Branka Bjork
Bertille Branwen Blaine
Bertrade Braxton Blaire
Bertrona Braya

This list of B letter names of girls has been put up keeping in mind that your kid needs a name that proves fruitful in life moving forward! Some really great personalities have their names with B namely, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama, Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee etc. Hence, B one’s turn out to be smart. A powerful and commanding syllabic, B names are great for the best baby girls.

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