5 Amazing Benefits of Cursive Writing for Kids

5 Amazing Benefits of Cursive Writing for Kids

When it comes to stimulating the brain, there is nothing better than putting pen on paper. According to research, it is believed that cursive writing is vital for cognitive development. As parents, everyone wants their child to be sharper and brighter. Apart from brain development, cursive writing provides children with many other perks.

Reasons Why Children Should Learn Cursive Writing

1. Strengthens the Process of Learning

When children learn a language, they usually learn in one form. By learning to write in a cursive way, they can get one more opportunity to learn the alphabets, words, and sentences. Ultimately, it helps them better understand and remember the English language.

2. Encourages Motor Skills Development

Cursive writing is a form of creative writing that requires more focus, practice, and discipline than a regular way of writing. While practising it, the hand muscles of children are used differently and stimulate the part of the brain which sharpens their motor skills. This is the reason cursive writing is recommended for children aged five years and above.

3. Makes Children More Intelligent

According to memory experts and researchers, cursive writing can help a child to become more intelligent. Writing with hands propels your brain to integrate different inputs such as tactile and visual information simultaneously while using fine motor skills. Memory medic, Dr. Klemm says, cursive offers the same benefits to your brain as you learn to play a musical instrument or use any tool.

4. Helps Children With Learning Disabilities

Children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities find it difficult to write in print format as they perceive many letters as being similar. Cursive letters look way different from print letters. They open up another option for children with disabilities. It ultimately helps them overcome their disability and feel more confident.

5. Encourages Faster Speed of Writing

Writing with a good speed means finishing exams within the required timeframe while covering all the possible questions. Cursive writing style helps children to write faster than the regular style of print writing as it requires you to lift your pen less often. It’s been observed that people with faster writing speed have a better attention span while writing.

So aren’t these five reasons enough to convey the importance of learning cursive writing? Well, there are many more reasons to teach your child cursive writing. To know them, encourage your child to take his cursive writing lessons from today!

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