The Birth of My Second Child : The Quick Labour

The Birth of My Second Child : The Quick Labour

I was pregnant for the second time eight years after my first child was born. My first delivery was on epidural. The labour was almost fourteen hours long, but the epidural was provided relief. I really had no idea what labour pain was. I just remember the doctor asking me to push, and in the third push, my baby was out to see the world.

From the very beginning of my second pregnancy, I was sure to have epidural this time also because last time everything went very smoothly.  Many people told me that epidural is not safe, but I just listened to them and thought they really don’t know how magical epidural is and moreover I could enjoy the whole process of my labour and childbirth just like the previous one. I discussed it with my doctor, and she said everything was fine and they can provide epidural.

But one night, suddenly my water broke. It was around 3:00 am, and I was only 35 weeks 2 days pregnant. We were not ready for it. We knew the baby is going to be preterm. I started feeling light contractions around four in the morning. I told my husband to wait till 5:00 am and pack my essentials.

When we reached the hospital, it was around 6:00 am. The pain grew intense by the time we reached. I never knew I was so brave to bear the pain. As I didn’t have any experience of labour pain in my previous pregnancy, I didn’t know what level of pain it was and how those contractions were working. I was bearing the pain bravely because I thought as soon as I reach the hospital, I will get epidural. I also didn’t want to cry in front of my son.

This time I thought, the labour and delivery will take at least ten hours.
A nurse helped me change my clothes and get me on the bed. By then, the pain was getting unbearable. I asked for epidural, but still, I was not crying. Finally, my doctor came to me and told me they couldn’t give me epidural as it is preterm labour. I was shocked. My pain was getting unbearable, and I really had no idea how long it was going to last because I had just arrived at the hospital. I didn’t know how I would control myself if it is going to last for ten hours. Now, the magical epidural was no more there for me. But still, I kept asking the doctor to give me epidural.

My doctor came to examine me around 6:40 am and said I am seven centimetres dilated. I hoped the doctor’s shift would change around 7:00 am and a new doctor will give me epidural. I was in tears, and within ten minutes, my pain increased a lot. I thought I would dilate 3 centimetres more and it would take at least six hours. By then, I wasn’t only experiencing contraction and pain, but intense pressure as well. I started crying and screaming at the doctor to give me epidural. But it was the final pain. The doctor examined me and said the baby is trying to come out, and my pain will be over in a few minutes. Then, in just two pushes, my baby was out, and all the pain was gone.

I spent only an hour in the labour room, and my tiny premie baby was there lying on my chest around 7:00 am. Of course, she was underweight because she was premature, but she was completely healthy. My labour was progressing very quickly, and I really didn’t have any idea of what the final stage pain felt like. Those two hours of my life really make me smile every time I think about them.

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