How to Create the Best Environment for Your Fetus during Pregnancy

How to Create the Best Environment for Your Fetus during Pregnancy

If you’re reading this article, I assume you are already pregnant with a wonderful baby in your belly.
Being a mom is such a wonderful privilege.
Pregnancy is one of the most unforgettable moments in a woman’s life.
I am sure you miss a heartbeat when you realised you are pregnant. Your little bundle of joy is
growing within you (the changes are less visible in your first trimester.).
 The pregnant woman is not alone; she is breathing for two hearts, hence it’s important to create and provide a safe and nurturing environment for your fetus.
Let me note down the most important aspects to provide a safe and healthy environment for your baby.

1.Surrounding Atmosphere

As much as the mom and dad are important for your fetus the atmosphere of the house and surrounding environment affect the baby as well. So it’s obligatory to keep the environment appropriate for your baby.
The atmosphere of the household should be positive and free from
You can light dhoop or fragrance sticks daily.
Even family members should ensure there are no fights and arguments in front of a pregnant woman and should also ensure there is no bad language or bitter words used in the house.
The house should have fresh air and proper sunlight.
The environment should be happy, enthusiastic and loving as much as possible. 

2. Communication with the fetus

The first voice the baby hears is his mom’ s voiceIt’s necessary that the mother should
always stay happy and use appropriate language.
 Talk, read, sing to your
 Read books such as the biography of legends such as Shiv Charitra, Chava(Shivaji Maharaj’s biography) etc, mythological books such as Bhagvat
Gita, Panipath , Ramayan, etc, and books including ethics and morals.
 This will help
improve baby’s mind and personality.

3. Music

Basic definition of music is vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a form as to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion.
Music is the best way to sculpture your baby’s mind. Babies’ ability to hear develops in 9th
week of pregnancy; the fetus can recognise voice in the 18th week of pregnancy and your
fetus will respond to the voices in 25-26th week of pregnancy.
 Music is the best way to connect with your fetus, make sure you listen to positive music, instrumental music, soft music which will soothe your fetus.

4. Meditation

Normally when we want peace of mind, we try to meditate; meditation brings peace and calm’s our mind.
 A pregnant woman should always meditate to reduce the tension and pressureWith all the changes happening in your body and mind( yes,
 I’m talking about Hormones!!!)it’s necessary that one should be calm and adapt the
changes in positivity.
 Try to meditate early morning as possible.
 Just sit in a comfortable position, put you hands on your belly and just inhale and exhale, you can imagine how your baby looks (baby’s eyes, nose, face, lips, hair, etc.).
This will help you relax and develop your baby’s mind as well. 

5. Diet

Diet is an essential aspect during pregnancy. What you eat helps your baby grow in your
 Everyone will recommend you should eat healthily.
Try avoiding junk/fast food. Increase your intake of ghee, milk, dry fruits in your diet.
Drink one-two glass of milk daily and eat at least one type of dry fruit daily. Avoid eating food which is heavy or generates heat in your stomach.
Try and eat as healthy as possible and don’t forget to fulfil your (baby’s)cravings.

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