Learning while Playing is Beneficial for Kindergarten Children

Learning while Playing is Beneficial for Kindergarten Children

I have a daughter who is now 6.9 years old. When she was born, my husband and I wept as we felt that God gave us such a beautiful child for 27 years maximum..then she will leave us and move to next home. But then we decided to make her the best child. My in-laws never wanted a girl child. So I left my job to take care of our little princess. We started living in a nuclear family, away from in-laws as they were not interested in seeing her.

Then I took care of my princess. She is a very active child. when she completed 1 year, I made her recognize pictures. I bought all the charts of fruits, veggies, animals, shapes, colours and started making her familiar with them using puppets and other fun stuff.

She enjoyed it. This was her first learning phase of Life. After some time I started making her recognize alphabets and numbers. My husband used to play music for her and make her dance. Play nursery rhymes and sing along with her. This way she learned a lot.

But as soon as her school started, we felt that she is not open to all. Then again, we put some extra efforts and made her join dance class..She showed no response there as well. Then one day, her friend came to me as she wanted to join the dance class.. but no one in her family was ready to take her there. I took her there along with my daughter. And saw a big change in my daughter. She started learning dance with her.

Things which we could not do, her friend made it possible. She learned so well in just 2 months, gave stage performance at school and got many prizes. Her fear and shyness were gone. I am a working mother, so could not continue her classes further. She then started learning from YouTube And now she is a very good dancer.

At home, she learned to do small tasks, like washing her handkerchief, folding her clothes, and then gradually some tasks of the kitchen …like serving food, washing glasses.  This all was done as a person of her playing . She is a true blessing for us. Thank you, God for such a wonderful daughter.

In short, I would say make your kids learn as much as possible. They will shine like stars. Don’t think it’s too early or late..but just make learning interesting for them as they are the future of  India.

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