How to Train Your New Born - A Guide to First Time Mother

How to Train Your New Born – A Guide to First Time Mother

The arrival of a new born is always a blessing. To bring in a new life into this world from the mothers womb is gods best gift. A new born brings in lot of anxiety as to how will the new born be bought up. The new mothers are flooded with thoughts and ideas from all the elderly in the family. But in the end it is the mother who gives herself completely.

I still remember a famous phrase from a well known doctor who had once told me, If you want to bring up your child train the child like you train your pets. I was a bit flabbergasted at this idea but when the doctor explained to me in detail it really sounded sane. When we have pets at home we take them for a walk every morning for their routine potty time. The pets are trained in such a way thay every morning and evening their timings are fixed. They are also shown the placed where they have to do their potty. Once trained the pets are accustomed to the timing and routine. Its the same for kids. As a child is almost 10 months you need to regularly take him to the bathroom and train the child for their bathroom habits. Trust me new mothers once you train your children they will never have the habit of bed wetting. Another issue a new mother faces is how many times do I feed my child.

The doctor advised me on this too. He says If the child is hungry he/she will cry. No child can withstand hunger and sleep peacefully. If the child is sleeping peacefully that means his stomach is full. Sometimes mothers become too worried if the child is sleeping for longer hours. Mothers nothing to worry when the child is sleeping thats the best time you get your rest too.
Similarly in eating habits never make it a habit to feed your child showing TV or getting the child addicted to cartoons. Once you make it a habit tthr child will refuse to eat without seeing the channel. This keeps building in growing years of the children.

Another training to be given to the child is while putting to sleep. As new mothers we get very panicked at the slightest cry of the child and keep the child whole night in the lap thinking we are caring and comforting the baby. The child on the other hand is very smart and learns that a small cryband i will get to sleep in the lap whole night. Once the child completes 90 days make it a habit to put him sleep on the bed or cot. As i said in the beginning as you train that a how they adopt.
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