Don’t Stress Your Way to Make a Baby!

The day when you and your partner finally decide that it’s the right time to start a family is most often not the time when you actually end up being able to do so! Every couple wishes to conceive almost as soon as they’re ready to welcome a third person in their life, but that’s not how our bodies work. Like everything else in this world, a baby too happens only when the time is right, and no matter how hard we try, a baby is one thing you cannot force your way to.

Biologically, every woman’s body has the same anatomy; however, the functioning is incredibly unique. Just because a friend or relative conceived the same month they planned to doesn’t make you incapable. It’s just that your body has different requirements and timelines and will eventually find its way of working things out.

Through personal experiences of many women, it is proven that the more you stress about why you’re not pregnant yet, or why is it taking you time, or what will people think about this, not only do you get yourself into a self-blaming mode, but also diminish your chances of achieving your goal. Stress has an impact on you emotionally, physically, and physiologically. It can mess with your hormonal cycle and cause a heavy level of confusion inside your body. The key is to remain calm and keep yourself positive, happy, and keep trying.

The most important thing to keep in mind while you’re trying to have a baby is to stop blaming yourself or your partner for anything that may or may not go your way because, in the end, you need each other to go through this new phase.

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