My Infertility Story - Getting Out of It and Finally Pregnant!

My Infertility Story – Getting Out of It and Finally Pregnant!

It was a few months after my marriage and we were wishing to have a baby as we both loved babies a lot. Hence, we started trying. Every month I felt very disappointed with my negative result, and I felt like blaming myself for it as if it was totally my fault. Whenever I heard about any of my friends getting pregnant, I would feel very depressed and wonder what was wrong with me. I think that stress and depression can also lower the chances of getting pregnant. Even after total treatment for 3 months by our doctor there was no positive result, but the doctors claimed that everything is fine, there was no health issue…

After 2 years of waiting I started doing research on this, and I found TWO points helpful for conceiving.


The best way to try conceiving is by predicting the ovulation cycle. Some signs of ovulation are: light cramps or sharp pain in the abdomen, basal body temperature, and when the cervical fluid is like an egg white, etc. If you are unable to predict, I would suggest to have sex every alternate day from the 10th day of your cycle to the 20th day. However, no one can be 100% sure, but trying is the first step to success.


A healthy diet is really important for conceiving and formation of a healthy egg. You can have some fry fruits like almonds, raisins, walnuts, salad, fresh seasonal fruits (apples, pomegranate, etc) and foods rich in folic acid. Also do some exercise for a good blood flow in your body.

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I followed these simple things for getting pregnant. It took a little bit of time, but one day, finally, I took the test without any hope of a positive result and I did not see it with the fear of disappointment of a negative test result…but I couldn’t believe when I saw those two pink lines, which meant that I was pregnant! Wohoooo!!!

Now I’m proud that God has blessed me with two babies. I also want to tell every woman who is trying conceive – just be relaxed and stress-free and don’t blame yourself when you are facing difficulty in getting pregnant!

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