Developing Language Skills in Your Baby Made Easy

Developing Language Skills in Your Baby Made Easy

When you hear your baby’s first few words, your happiness is beyond measurable. However, that’s just the beginning! I had started talking to my child since he was in my womb based on all my research. From my observations and learnings, I realized that the more you interact with your child, the earlier they start speaking. Fair warning to all parents, babies catch all the words you say, and then suddenly they would begin to speak any of those any day… That’s remarkable! Isn’t it!!! It’s like mini science experiments with them.
So here are my tips for you:

1. Talk to your child in the language you want them to pick up early in life or be perfect. Alternatively, pick two languages and use the exact phrases or words in languages. Babies are intelligent enough to understand that both terms mean the same, and they would prefer those.

2. Keep repeating the exact words and use pictures if possible or actual examples, like a glass, bottle, or whatever you want to teach them. I taught my kid everything, but I started with animals and body parts.

3. Keep weaving stories around these words to generate more interest and appreciate your kid more often once they start picking words. Do try and understand when they speak in their language; they try to imitate you, especially their mothers.

You can use these techniques to teach the common words and inculcate certain behavioral traits in the baby, like the habit of greeting people, wishing good morning/good night, welcoming guests, saying sorry when you make a mistake, and so on.

Below are some examples:
1. When your baby wakes you in the morning, cuddle him/he, sing a good morning song, and take him outside the room wishing a good morning to everyone, including nature – the sun, trees, flowers, birds, etc.
2. Always say hello, namaste, etc. to people they meet and make them do the same, so they learn it by practice
3. Keep talking about their yesterday’s or day before yesterday’s activities to remind them of the same and the new thing they learned. This helps a lot and goes a long way

Happy teaching, and stay tuned for more!

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