The Importance of Siblings When Life Is Restricted Indoors

The Importance of Siblings When Life Is Restricted Indoors

I was also one of those who believed in having a single child, as things are easy with a single child. Somehow, we decided to plan another baby. With God’s grace, I am blessed with two precious little daughters I so wanted. To see them grow together is a delight!

During this pandemic, I learnt the importance of having siblings in life; how two can be good company, especially when life is just restricted indoors. My elder daughter is two and a half years old, and she’s completely an outdoor child. To keep her inside was a great challenge for me, but I was lucky that I was blessed with the younger daughter, who will be a year old soon.

How they take care of each other is the biggest lesson I have learnt from them. They accompany each other, and they play with each other, too. My elder one, who is not so elder, takes care of her younger sister and manages to get along with her quite well.

I would like to thank God for one more thing that seems to be a sigh of relief – that my elder daughter is not jealous of her little sister. Life seems to be totally different and beautiful with two kids.

Seeing them grow together is the biggest gift I’ve ever got. Thank you is not enough for the wonderful gift of having two daughters. When a child gets company at home, he/she doesn’t need anyone else to play with or to share their heart out. Sharing and caring gets developed automatically with just a few little gestures.

Siblings share a magical bond together. I would just like to sum up by saying that no one can take the place of siblings in life. Therefore, please do think about having two kids, so that your child gets company at home.

We never know what life brings next; we never thought we would get restricted to our homes. Children need an emotional touch. They need someone to play with and someone to share with.

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