Challenges of Breastfeeding Moms and How to Overcome Them

Challenges of Breastfeeding Moms and How to Overcome Them

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Motherhood has never been an easier task for anyone. Every other thing we do for our newborn would be out of guesswork. We never know what they actually want at the beginning of the phase but believe me, as days pass on, you will be able to clearly identify why your baby cries and what she wants.

Coming to my story, breastfeeding was the most challenging thing for me for almost 4 months after my son’s birth. He rejected my breastfeed each and every time. The reason behind it was I had an insufficient milk supply and on the very first day of his birth he couldn’t get sufficient milk from me and he got dehydrated.

Then all I did was pumping milk through a manual breast pump and feeding him so that I could know the quantity of milk he was able to have. I gave formula for alternate feeds to make sure he was not hungry.

People started judging me for not breastfeeding and giving formula, as they always do. I won’t tell I didn’t care about that.How can we not care when people are judging us? I was depressed and as well as overwhelmed by my new motherhood. I surfed so many articles regarding breastfeeding, lactation, formula feeds and so on.The list never ends, not until now.

Gradually, I started to breastfeed him which he refused for a month but I didn’t give up. I would take him to feed for every 2 hours and he literally rejected all feeds. But I knew all I needed was to be strong and follow my mom instincts and that is what I did. All I cared about was my baby only him.

Slowly, it started working out and he started to take my feed gradually and started gaining a healthy weight which felt like a miracle to me.

On the other side, I took lactation supplements also to increase my milk supply and tried many homemade remedies like having meat, roasted garlic, fish, oats, etc. All of them helped, I believe.

The thing beyond everything is never giving up!

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