How to Remove the Effects of Evil Eye for Babies and Kids

How to Remove the Effects of Evil Eye for Babies and Kids

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Very often we find that our little ones are getting more cranky than before or falling sick, not having food properly, not sleeping well, etc. All these are the signs of an evil eye.
Newborn babies and toddlers have quick effects of the evil eye. As new moms, we all are very worried about these changes in our babies as we actually don’t know why they are behaving so.

What Is This Evil Eye?

It is nothing but whenever someone admires the babies for example if someone sees your baby and says “oh how cute he/ he is”, “how well they are responding” then the child will have the effects of the evil eye.

So How Do We Remove Such Negative Energies?

Here are some simple techniques which I follow in my home and of course most of India does as well:

1. Crystal Salt Technique

For this method, we will use crystal salt and if you don’t have crystal salt then you can use regular salt as well which we use in our kitchen.
How to do this: Do this when nobody else is around. If doing this for toddlers, ask them to stand quietly, and if doing for babies anyone can hold them. Take some crystal salt/regular salt in your left hand and close your hand. Now rotate your hand in a circular motion around the baby/toddler three times and anti-clockwise three times and say “Thu Thu Thu” to the salt which is closed in your hand. Throw the salt in a sink or anywhere where nobody should stamp it. Wash/wipe baby face and you are done. This is the most simple method and will not take more than five minutes.

2. Red Chillies Technique

For this method, you will need few red chillies. To burn these red chillies after the ritual you can either use coal or you can directly burn it on the stove.
How to do this: You will take few red chillies in your left hand rotate around the baby/toddler seven times both in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, then burn the red chillies either on coal or your stove directly. Wash/wipe your baby’s face.

3. Egg Technique

You will need an egg for this technique.
Take an egg in your left hand and same like the other techniques, rotate it around the baby clockwise and anti-clockwise. After rotating, you should not put it in your house. You have to throw this egg outside the house where nobody will stamp it, the best way is to put it under the tree.
By following these simple techniques, the baby will feel relaxed. The best time to do these techniques is at night time before you put your baby to sleep. However, you can use them whenever you feel that the baby is having an evil eye effect. You can also do it as soon as you come home from a party or function where many eyes were on your baby. Still, if the baby is not feeling well or not having food properly please consult a doctor for proper medication.
These were a few of the home techniques which can easily be followed by everyone. That’s all for today. Lots of love to the little ones! Stay healthy stay happy.

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