Home Birth Experience - Taking the Less Travelled Route in This Modern Era

Home Birth Experience – Taking the Less Travelled Route in This Modern Era

I thought of sharing my home birthing experience with other women who see this as a possibility. What’s better than having a natural birth in all possible ways without any chemicals? Our baby is two months old now, and hence I feel it’s a good time to share my holistic experience. In no context am I against the Medical fraternity, just that I have a different perspective of living with due respect to the institutional birth.
After consulting 22 doctors in Goa, Delhi, and Uttarakhand, we took the path of home birthing at our mountain home. I have had such sad experiences with medical personnel that could break anyone’s confidence and heart. Plus, we wanted to make sure about normal delivery, which none of the doctors gave assurance of; in fact, they tried to put a lot of pressure through fear about which I will talk about in my next post.
One of the doctors rudely said if you are here for normal delivery, you can consider some other doctor.
Others added – you have thyroid (although the fluctuation is normal in pregnancy which, by the way, after a week came to normal with natural diet), so the baby will surely have brain issues since you have not started your thyroid medicines yet, which you have to take till the ninth month and mind you she had 35 years experience of delivering.
One doctor wrote nearly ten medicines to be taken throughout the pregnancy.
Another doc said you are so slim; the baby seems to be weak.
Well, well, well, we were tired of all this. Shayad bad luck hi kharab tha, or nature wanted something else that all 22 experiences were horrendous. During the pregnancy stage, you are very sensitive, and so were we. There were days I have cried so much after meeting these doctors. After such experiences, we came to a breaking point and started considering other options, and we chose home birth in the lap of nature.
Now since nobody in both our families had given birth at home, forget about friends and circle, taking the call of home birth was surely a challenging one.
We both self-educated ourselves regarding all the techniques of natural home birth, natural diet, way of living, and also all the possibilities of any mishap.
By God’s grace, I delivered a healthy baby boy without taking any medicine throughout my pregnancy. Just in the first month, when a doctor in Goa suggested taking folic tablets, I have taken those. Till that time, we were not educated much on a natural diet. Apart from that, my iron, calcium, vitamins, minerals all were taken care of by a normal homemade diet.

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