Mutual Trust is the Mantra for a Happily Ever After

Mutual Trust is the Mantra for a Happily Ever After

It’s only normal for couples to argue and disagree with each other, but sometimes, when arguments get bitter and there’s no going back, it might lead to separation and a couple might end up divorcing each other.

But, why does it happen? Do couples try to resolve their issues, keeping their egos aside? Do they try to break the ice? However, we do agree, some couple are not compatible & it’s always better to part ways, rather than living together and living miserably.

The basic fault that leads to separation is trust issues. Mutual trust is important for a happily married life. You can definitely complain or share not-so-important details about your spouse with your close ones, but in the end, you should rely on your partner. It’s a gradual process under which trust builds up slowly and steadily. You should never allow anyone to come in between and break your mutual understanding & trust.

Another thing you need to remember is to share everything with your spouse, from small to big problems. In this fast phase of life, you may forget to inform your partner about various things, but if you cannot call or speak due to lack of time, a simple text would work. Your spouse may not feel good if they come to know of something important from others. On the very first night of our wedding, I shared about my past relationships with my wife and she too spilt the beans about her past. It’s better to be friends first rather than a typical couple for smooth ties. Friends fight, love, trust and care, but most importantly they share small details about each other, which their respective families might not be aware of. Sharing a problem with someone can help you find a solution. So, open your heart and soul to your partner.

Leave no room for distrust as it might lead to misunderstanding. Arguments and disagreements are bound to happen, but if you trust each other, you will be able to solve your problems and issues easily. It is better to discuss the problem and mend ways. Third-person (family or friends) should only be involved, when and if couples are incapable of sorting out the differences mutually.

Remember, relationships should be based on mutual trust, respect, affection, care, and sharing. Furthermore, they should not be risked with egos, distrust, and disagreements. All it takes is a haste decision to end a relationship, but it takes years to build a strong and healthy relationship. Mutual trust is like oxygen for married life, and you need it the most. Make it a point to share some alone moments with your spouse to talk, to clear misunderstandings if any, and have a happily married life.

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