Review: Babyhug Instant Hand Sanitizer – Hygiene On the Go!

Lately, due to COVID-19, sanitizers have gained mass acceptance as a waterless alternative for disinfecting our hands. I strongly believe that more than adults, our kids, and especially toddlers, are the most vulnerable of the lot, as they come in contact with contaminated surfaces more often than us. Hence, it is of paramount importance that their hands are thoroughly disinfected every now and then.
Recently, one of my acquaintances recommended that I use the Babyhug instant sanitizer for my daughter. I have been using Babyhug premium wipes for a while now, and I’m really satisfied with the product quality, so I decided to give the sanitizer a try. To my surprise, I found that this product has been carefully crafted, keeping our young ones in mind!
To put it in a nutshell, it’s a wonderful product and a must-have for every mom. The viscosity is perfect, as it often happens that if viscosity is high, then the stickiness quotient of the sanitizer increases. However, the Babyhug Instant Sanitizer has managed to address this issue bang on, as it does not leave behind any residue, and the hands feel fresh and moisturized instantly after use.
The fragrance has a mild citrus zest to it, which feels very refreshing. Most of the other sanitizers which are available have either a pungent or a very strong perfumed scent, which acts as an irritant to our senses. Babyhug has once again managed to address this issue well, which I believe will be welcomed by people like me, who are very sensitive to strong fragrances and odours.
However, there is one department that I feel got neglected, which is the product design. A bit of knurling or ribs on both sides of the bottle would have helped my daughter get a firm grip on it. Since the surface is smooth, the bottle might slip through her hands, and the liquid being less viscous will ooze out and get wasted.
To conclude, it’s a good product, and at the same time, very aggressively priced.

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