One Thing We As Parents Do That Hampers Our Child's Self-Esteem

One Thing We As Parents Do That Hampers Our Child’s Self-Esteem

I have seen people doing this since ages, which is the main reason for your child’s low self esteem. That thing is – “COMPARING YOUR CHILD WITH OTHER CHILDREN”. Yes, you read that right.

Never, ever, do this to your child. We, as parents, think that by doing so, we are motivating our children; we are encouraging them. But, guess what? It never works. You are just adding negativity, hatred, and low self-esteem in your child.

Let’s say, for example, that your child is good at games, and loves to play around. Mr. XYZ’s child, who happens to be your friend, is not keen on games, and studies all the time. Now, you want your child to be just like him. So, you start comparing the two, and you put pressure on him. What is it? Good parenting? No. Not at all!

We, as parents, need to understand that every child is different, and has different areas of interests. They may share the same interests, too, but follow them in different ways. Here, I am not saying that he should not be good at studies. But, for that you need to teach him the other way around, by engaging with him, working with him, and making him understand the importance of studies, such as how it will help him in the future, and how he can be better than himself. Let your child compete with himself, not others.

When we start comparing, it affects our child’s mind, and it deteriorates overall brain development. He starts feeling unwanted and useless, which isn’t true. Right? So, be there for your kids, appreciate them for their good deeds with applause or goodies, and if they don’t follow you or go on a wrong track, make them understand peacefully. I am sure they will learn; if not today, but definitely tomorrow.

I hope this article helps you out in some way. Do share your views, I am eager to know your parenting skills, too!

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