Get Your Baby Immunised and Be Free From Diseases

Get Your Baby Immunised and Be Free From Diseases

Hi am new mom and I had many doubts regarding vaccine what is vaccine how to make my child calm and what to do after vaccination and what happens after vaccine and how to take my child for vaccine and  best position for vaccine. It stimulates immune system so it recognises disease & protect from future diseases.

IMMUNISATION : The process of getting vaccination. What to do at the time of vaccination: Comfort child by breastfeeding, swaddling, distract by stories,remind to breathe deeply children often consider parents mood when experiencing world so give them lots of hugs, cuddles, calm by reasurring attitude,soft whispers.

DURING DAY OF VACCINATION : Bring child’s favourite toy or book distract by calling name at time of shot or act plainly silly to drive attention .

WHAT ARE SYMPTOMS AFTER VACCINATION : Fever, pain in muscle, joint ache, swelling, headache.

HOW TO HOLD BABY FOR VACCINATION : Hold child on lap such that child’s arm are under our arm and apply gentle pressure for secure hug like hold use free arm and hand to hold child’s others arm gently but secure anchor child’s feet gently between their thighs..

WHAT TO DO AFTER VACCINATION : Apply cool, wet cloth to ease redness and swelling,fever reduces by sponge bath,give antibiotic and antipyretic prescribed by paediatrician…WHEN TO GET VACCINATED: Follow the IAP IMMUNISATION chart given by hospital and get your baby VACCINATED accordingly.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU MISS VACCINE : Take vaccine within the time u remember which may be a week or 15 days..

I WANT TO GO ABROAD MY BABY VACCINATION IS TOMORROW CAN I TAKE IT TODAY?? : No vaccination should not be taken a day early but it can be taken a day after your schedule.

ARE GOVERNMENT VACCINES AND PRIVATE ARE SAME?? : Yes both are same but government mix the vaccines and give one shot in private different different vaccines are given accordingly.

These were the doubts my mind was going through as a mom I can understand that somebody like me is getting doubts so I felt to post regarding vaccination let people know about vaccination and save our kids from diseases.

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