Baby Care Post Vaccination


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It is observed that after vaccination, a fever of 99 to 101 Fahrenheit is recorded in some babies as their body produces antibodies after getting vaccinated, so it is evident that fever will occur. But if the fever doesn’t go away after two days or if the temperature crosses 102 Fahrenheit, then we have to think about going to Doctor as the baby doesn’t feel comfortable with a high fever. They stop taking food and will cry continuously after taking the vaccine, consult a doctor for medication if a high fever occurs, and maintain the baby’s body temperature. Monitoring your baby constantly after vaccination for 3-4 days is compulsory.

Try to use loose clothes for babies during fever and continuously check whether their temperature is reducing or not as after giving medication, the fever should reduce after 20 mins. Use clean and hygienic clothes for the baby; always stay with the baby as it needs you. At the time of high fever, your baby will feel very uncomfortable. You should be with your baby always and observe any changes in the baby’s behavior. Generally, doctors will prescribe Paracetamol Drops for babies. These drops will reduce the fever in 15- 20 minutes after feeding them, and slight pain will be there when the vaccine is injected. Sometimes you will see swelling and redness in the area of the vaccination, which is typical. Apply some cold water-absorbed cloth on that specific area, and that will reduce pain. Some people use lukewarm water, which will also reduce pain, but it is expected that pain will occur and it will vanish in one or two days. If the pain or swelling persists even after two days, please consult your doctor and get proper medication. Changes in a baby post getting a vaccination is typical, so don’t get worked up; stay calm and let your baby’s immunity do its job! Happy parenting…

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