5 Products You Don’t Need for Your Newborn


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Congratulations! You just welcomed the little one(s) in the world  & you and the little one are flooded with gifts and a long list of items from every one of the things as “must-haves.” However, let’s share something different; here are things that you surely don’t need to waste your money, precious time, and energy on.

1- Mittens
Those cute little ‘gloves’ are labeled as mittens, and they look super adorable on the tiny moving hands. But you won’t find them there for long as they generally fall off often. You and your partner will be on a ‘mitten hunt’ when the baby moves from one arm to another and from one room to another. Instead, get tops/rompers which has inbuild mittens, and they have tucked-in sleeves, and just the hands need to be tucked into them. It’s neat, convenient, and time-saving.
2- Shoes
Again, super cute and yet super expensive, which won’t last over 2-3 months (yes, your baby will outgrow them so fast!). Just socks are good. Stack up on some cotton socks, please.
3- Miniature versions of adult clothes.
Please don’t waste your money on buying fancy pants, skirts, etc. The little one will be in a ‘sleeping position’ all the time; these clothes will roll up and make it uneasy and can even hamper the support. Avoid it!
4- Pillow
It’s completely okay not to be using pillows for head support for the first year. There will be suggestions to use different pillows for better support and head shape. I didn’t find it that useful. You can even make the baby sleep on their tummy side if they are comfortable.
5- Baby Basket
Who came up with that! It’s something you won’t need for over two months, not worth the investment for sure. And aesthetically, it’s great to carry your baby in your hands/pram than a basket!
I hope these helped you save up some time and money!
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