Better Late than Never! - Kids are Always Listening

Better Late than Never! – Kids are Always Listening

As the saying goes, ‘It’s better late than never!’ It is about my self-realization about how our words affect our children, be it positive or negative. They are always listening, even when stubborn, but they are listening. Our harsh words/pulling them down can affect their health badly, which in turn will lead to poor eating habits, poor concentration and lack of confidence.

Homework should be done in a teacher-student way, where teachers are kids and students are the parents. They must take us through what happened in the class today and what/how the teacher taught them that day.  This will not even be a recap for them but they also they develop speaking skills and confidence.

It so happened that I sometimes used to get very cranky with my son and shout at him. But soon after that, I felt very bad and told him Sorry. And he replied, “It’s ok, amma”. That’s the love and forgiving nature our kids have towards us, but we should not take advantage of it.

Recently he had a high fever and so I took him to the doctor. After his checkup, I raised a concern with the doctor that he does not have anything spicy at all, may be he is weak and anaemic. Also, I mentioned to him about his non-spoken and non-alarming nature to susu-potty while at school. The doctor explained that he must be shy and also gave a few more tips.

After coming back home, my son did mention that he wants to go to the loo. And the next day, he took a packet of spicy namkeen chuvda snacks and was eating it. I could see that tears were rolling from his eyes and his tongue was having blister ulcers. But still, he was having it. When I asked him to stop having it, he replied ”No amma, I love spicy” repeatedly when I tried stopping him. He finally said, “Amma tell doctor uncle that I did susu potty in the washroom and I love spicy food! (KIDS ARE ALWAYS LISTENING)

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