The Precious and Lovable Bond of a Mother and Her Kids

The Precious and Lovable Bond of a Mother and Her Kids

Being a mother is a great experience. Your baby is from a soul attached to you. I realised this thing after experiencing motherhood. It’s like you get the whole world when you have kids; without them, your life is like a vase without flowers, like a boat without passengers, it’s incomplete. Babies not only feel you by your touch. He can sense your presence around them. So, it’s your responsibility to take care and protect him. First of all, try to keep him away from unusual medicines as this can reduce his immunity. Use more homemade remedies to cure illnesses. The more you become natural, the more your child is internally strong. Most importantly, try to spend time with your kid, don’t miss his childish activities.                                                                                                                                                As your child is a sweet and weak soul and can be infected very easily, so keep him away from ill people, provide him with healthy food which will improve him from inside. Try to keep your child on breast milk for at least for 6 months. Then introduce boiled fruits and veggies, pulses which are going to keep him full and healthy.

A mother is called God on earth for her kids. No one else can take a place of a mother. The bond is unmatchable. The two are real soulmates, we call husband and wife soulmates, but in reality, the truth is that a mother is attached to her kids by her soul; she can feel their pain, happiness, sadness everything. This is the mother who can see your face and explain what has happened. It means she can judge a book by its cover.

So, I would like to say that love and care between child and mother is above all materialistic things. It can not be purchased. We can only experience it from the heart. For all the mothers.

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