Why Raise a Princess, When You Can Raise a Warrior!

This world is full of surprises and events that make us understand and realise how we wanted to be, what our aspirations were, and where we bowed down and let those aspirations go on a halt. As a mother, today I just want to inculcate in my daughter some thoughts and values to help her realise what her rights are and what is important for her in her life.

1) Be happy. It is the right of every child to be happy and live their childhood the way they want to, and not how we as parents want them to. Let them play, make friends, get dirty in the mud and still smile. It is their right to enjoy this innocence and this time to the fullest. Let them explore things and inculcate a sense of self-dependence in them.
2) They have equal rights as a family member. Let your kids get involved in small family decisions (as per their age). It will help build a sense of confidence, decision-making skills, and develop more understanding and love for the family.
3) Stand by them in their decisions. Kids look up to their parents when they make decisions. As parents, it is our responsibility to guide them to learn what is right and wrong, but more than that, we need to stand behind them and support them.
4) Nobody has the right to pull their morale down. Always teach your kid the importance of values and how he/she can play the important role of uplifting another person. This will help mould children into strong personalities who can, in the future, help those in need and never let anyone affect their confidence.
5) They have dreams and they should fly. I know we have moved to a very progressive time, but still, in many places, a daughter’s upbringing is different from a son’s. I am blessed to be raised by parents who had bestowed equal values on me and my brother. But everyone is not like this (ask yourself if you are, and keep the answer within you!). As a daughter, I want and encourage my daughter to give priority to her dreams, and learn to balance life, but never kill her dreams. As mothers, let’s inculcate in our daughters how important they are for the future of this world, and how they have the capability to achieve everything they aim for. A strong base today will, somewhere in the future, make them stronger women.
As mothers, let’s help shape the future of our daughters in a stronger way.
Stay strong and live your dreams!


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